4 Reasons why DIY Termite Control Won’t Work

  • Lack of knowledge regarding the safe use of chemicals and pest control methods can cause harm to humans.
  • Errors in the pest control process can be costly.
  • Termite control is a complicated process that most properly done by the experts
  • There is a possibility that other infestations will be discovered during termite control and these need to be dealt with immediately by experts.

Most people love DIY because of cost efficiency; especially for expert services like termite control. While pulling off pest control on your own can save you a lot of money, there is a reason why it’s called an expert service; an expert is meant to do it. So while the benefits of doing it yourself is obvious financially, you have to know the dangers of doing so to be fully aware of what you will be getting yourself into. Below are the reasons why DIY termite control may not work so well for you.

Termite control involves the use of many chemicals; pesticides in particular. Most of these are actually very harmful. If not to you, then maybe to your beloved pets and plants. The dangers that these chemicals pose to humans include rashes, food poisoning, and the harm lungs (due to the foul smell). Some effects even shave off a few years of your life and contribute to the development of cancer. Yikes! You don’t want to contract any of these and receive the negative effect.

Experts in termite control know exactly how to deal with these chemicals. They even know which ones can be used safely; or at least how to minimize the harm. You may be able to take a crash course about regarding these but you have to make sure that your family members are as knowledgeable as you. Given that it may take a lot of time to learn and teach these, it is highly recommended to hire termite control professionals instead. That way, you can be absolutely sure of your safety.

Time and money are two things that man really values. Saving up on both are the main reasons why many people choose to use DIY methods for big projects such as termite control. But think about it; the whole trial and error nature of DIY will actually cost people more money, especially on the buying of supplies. If certain pest repellents don’t work, then there will be a need to buy more. Instead of saving time and money in the long run, more is spent. After all, termite control, isn’t done so often. Trial and error makes more sense to do in everyday matters such as buying clothes or toiletries. But for termite control, making a mistake can be very costly.

Letting the experts handle it may cost you a lot, but once you hire them, sure-fire results are instant. Also, the techniques used are very effective and will last longer than many DIY methods. Thus, hiring profession termite control will keep the pests away for a very long time; depending on your post-treatment maintenance of course. It will be less time-consuming too on your part, because the exterminators will do all the work while you just sit there and do whatever you want.

Termite control is more than just killing the termites you see. In almost every home, a colony of termites exists. These are underground and you won’t see them until you dig them up. So, until the colony is eradicated, you will not stop seeing termites crawling around your house even after killing those visible to you. Even when the colony is dealt with, there must also be counter measures taken to make sure that a new one won’t be swiftly formed afterwards.

To kill the colony, termite control experts use a pesticide bait that the worker termites will bring to the colony. The bait will not kill the adult termites; it will only disrupt the growth of the immature ones. Once the adults die of whatever reason, there will be no young termites to take their place and the colony will start getting smaller and eventually disappear. This bait is not available for the general public to purchase. They are only sold by suppliers directly to pest and termite control professionals. How will you kill the colony on your own without access to this?

Regardless of your method to kill the colony, there is a need to stop new termites from forming another colony in your purged soil. To do this you have to create a chemical barrier around your house and lot. This is done by injecting insecticide into the soil. The catch is it has to be at least four feet deep. To do this properly, you have to have the right equipment. You wouldn’t happen to have concrete drills in your home, do you? If you do, well lucky you! If not, then good luck trying to find the cheapest prices for this as well as the other tools you will need; these will be very expensive. You might as well hire termite control experts who have the right equipment and knowledge

Moreover, there are many different bugs out there and who knows what other infestation may be uncovered while trying to eradicate termites. Each of these bugs are dealt with in different ways. What is effective for eliminating one type of bug may not be effective to the other. So, if you want to eliminate termites and have found a way to do so, then by all means go ahead. But if you encounter another infestation, what will you do then? That why it’s really best to call termite control. They deal with all sorts of bugs; not just termites. So when they dig up the soil to look for termites and find something else, they can give you proper suggestion with what to do next for that infestation.

With all the reasons mentioned above, would you still do termite control on your own? Would you risk your time, money, and health on DIY methods when there’s a high chance that errors will be made in the process? The truth is, DIY methods are highly ineffective and even counterproductive are errors may make things worse for you and your home. Some things are just not meant to be done DIY and termite control is one of them.

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