“We quickly called our regular pest control for a liquid termiticide treatment. Three months later, the pesky termites were back… I had the house treated with the same chemical solution again but it was not enough to keep the termites from coming back. We finally decided on trying Sentricon System to prevent further damage.”

Eileen Macapagal

Housewife & Entrepreneur

“I first heard about Sentricon whenever we watched movies in malls which showed commercials of the product… Topbest came here, did a survey mostly at the garden area where there’s plenty of wood. They advised the use of Sentricon and came back periodically to check the whole house.”

Beth Tamayo-Wong

TV personality and Family Woman

”The high-tech stations are just above the ground, so I really appreciate that there’s no damage to the structure of the house.The house you built out of blood, sweat and tears is really an investment and a testament to your hard work. I will recommend Sentricon and Topbest to my friends. We feel very safe now because the house is in good hands.”

Tin-Tin Bersola-Babao

TV personality and Family Woman

“It’s effective; the maintenance people report that there aren’t termite mud tunnels in the area anymore. The attacks lessened significantly after the installation of Sentricon.”

Gloria “Baba” Ora’a, Administrator

Sta. Maria della Strada Parish

“Since I am particular about the quality of the product and the performance of the technicians, I have entrusted my home to Sentricon and Topbest.”

Corazon Fernando

Housewife & Businesswoman

Compared to other pest control companies, TOPBEST trains their employees well. Their Operations Supervisor Bebot Cabe has extensive knowledge and passion for his job.”

Tita Cua

Greenhills West, San Juan

“Aside from their professional sales staff and technicians, I am happy that TOPBEST is flexible with their payment terms.”

Mariamita Reyes

Vista Real, Quezon City

“Your exceptional service reflects your company name. That is why you are called TOPBEST.”

Atty. Marlon Fajardo

Evergreen Executive Village, Antipolo

“We are very impressed that the Sentricon System has been so effective but so unobtrusive.”

Kenneth Eley

Surigao City, Surigao Del Norte

“I renewed my contract with TOPBEST because their service has been great.”

Werner Hauschild

Alaminos, Pangasinan

“Fast response time.”

Bobby Del Rosario

Corinthian Gardens, Quezon City

“Very effective treatments.”

Lexus Manila

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

“The Sentricon system works superbly because of the regular and comprehensive monitoring of the baits by Topbest technicians. They are very knowledgeable and can explain clearly to the client about the situation of the house. They not only regularly check the baits but also the whole house.”

Vivien Salazar


“Unlike liquid chemicals, Sentricon is hassle-free because it does not involve any drilling and mess. It’s very safe too because you and your family aren’t exposed to hazardous chemicals.”

Carrie Co



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