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Tried and Tested Pest Control Methods

A Close View of Termites

As a descendant of the extremely versatile cockroaches of old, it’s no wonder that the termites of today are so resilient.  So much so, in fact, that they are present and thriving on every continent on the Earth except for Antartica.

They are able to do so by living as coordinated social colonies in any relatively warm or moist space – preferably on the ground or in wood. They live in numbers that can range from the hundreds up to the thousands, and they enact their own sense of order by implementing a sort of a caste system amongst its population.

The third tier is comprised of the worker class – they are those in charge of providing for the colony’s basic needs. Foraging, food, and shelter are among their top priorities.

The second tier is made of the soldier class whose main duty it is to defend the colony. They are anatomically different from their peers in the sense that they have evolved dangerous jaws for this function; a side effect of that is that they are unable to feed themselves. The worker class is in charge of their nutrition.

The third and last tier is comprised of the colony’s breeders – a fertile couple, often called the king and the queen. They remain mates for a long time, and depending on when they initiate, a certain type of termite will be born.

Termite Control

Termites normally thrive in tropical soil, such as the kind found in the Philippines. In fact, of the 54 species of termites, six of them are commonly found in homes and other structures in the country.

In the rain forest ecosystem, termites normally play an important part by recycling wood and decaying plants.

Unfortunately, they become economic pests when their appetite for wood extends to the home, commercial establishments and agricultural crops.

Termites also have an appetite for cloth, paper, and other cellulosic materials, causing billions of pesos worth of damage annually.

Topbest offers several options for termite pest control in the Philippines such as the sentricon Colony Elimination System, repellent liquid treatments as well as non-repellent liquid treatments.

Termite pest control can be done prior to construction to prevent infestation as well as post construction to control or eliminate the termite colonies.

Topbest also offers professional pest control solutions for mosquito control and rat control.

Baiting System

Sentricon® colony elimination system is an innovation in termite colony control from DowAgroSciences, U.S.A. It is a ground breaking alternative that eliminates the need for digging, drilling as well as for the injection of chemicals.

Sentricon uses very little chemicals so it’s safe for you, your family, pets, and the environment.

This has been applied to more than a million properties and homes in the U.S. and in the Philippines. sentricon is the termite colony system currently protecting the White House and Statue of Liberty from these worker termites. sentricon is also the winner of the prestigious U.S. Presidential Green Chemistry Award.

Liquid Chemical

Premise® is the first non-repellent liquid termiticide from Bayer Environmental Science and has a unique mode of action that can control even the toughest subterranean termite infestations.

Using a method called Lateral Soil Movement, PREMISE is evenly spread on the soil, creating a complete treated zone around your house that would protect it from intruding termites.

Premise is an odorless chemical, so it is safe for you or your family to stay at home during the entire application.

Powder Application

Ceptiva® powder is a termiticide produced by Baden Aniline and Soda Factory (BASF), the largest chemical company in the world.

It is designed to eliminate subterranean termite species in the span of 2 to 4 weeks.

First introduced in the Philippines on March 2010 by Upgreen Corporation, ceptiva is an odorless, low-toxic product that’s safe for humans, animals, and the environment.

Termite Detection

Topbest pest professionals use T3i, the latest technology from termatrac®. T3i can detect, confirm, and trace termites by combining termatrac®’s patented Termite Detection Radar, Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide, and an advanced Moisture Sensor. This 3-in-1 functionality enables topbest experts to precisely locate nests, identify entry points, and mud-tunnels without drilling holes or taking down walls.

It can even be used in dark, confined areas for a more comprehensive diagnosis. Data from T3i is connected to a PDA, which displays and stores information for review and reference. It’s a quick and efficient way to find out exactly where your termite problem is for targeted treatment.