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Termite Control Philippines: Keeping the Termite Pests Away


The Termite Lifestyle

Notorious for their extreme adaptability and proficiency in the art of survival, termites are pests in the Philippines that are a strong example of a well-formed society grounded on the concept of working as one to achieve a common goal. They are resilient in their ways, able to withstand most of the world’s environments bar the arctic regions.  This type of versatility is not easy to achieve, and yet their high numbers stand as a testament to their mastery of their own lives.

They are able to live as they do through the implementation of a structured social system wherein every colonist has a designated role. The workers, who’re in charge of basic necessities such as food and shelter; the soldiers, whose job it is to defend; and the ruling class – aptly made up of kings and queens – whose job it is to breed and keep the colony strong in terms of numbers; work together to keep the colony running as it should.

Despite their lifestyle being sustainable for them, the same cannot be said for its effect on the human environment. Termites who make their way into populated dwellings may find themselves in the tough position of either adapting to the markedly harsher environment or leaving their space altogether. The latter option is rarely chosen, though, which is why the help of professional pest controllers is required.

Termite Control Philippines

Termites are definitely one of the most aggravating pests that can infest your home. Just like any ordinary insect or vermin, they can be attracted to your house by food or drinks you leave outside. But one surprising fact about these wood-eating insects is that the terrible damage they cause is not that obvious…at first, which is why homeowners call termite control when it’s too late. Termites tunnel through anything made from wood. The substance acts as one of their food sources and their shelter. It isn’t noticeable at the onset because they burrow from the bottom, working their way up.

Eventually, small holes and tunnels inside the wood become visible. When it is perceived, the damage is usually serious, with the integrity of the structure being compromised. One of the ways you can check if termites have made their way in your home is with a hammer. If you have any wooden furniture or a pile of wood in your garage/garden, lightly tap the surface with the hammer. Make your way through the whole slab of wood. If any portion sounds hollow, then that means termites have made that piece of wood their home.

Another way you can determine if termites have burrowed into wood is by looking for holes that look like these:

termite inspection

Seeing these entry points should alert you to termite presence in your home. There are two ways you can go about termite control: Do-it-yourself (D-I-Y) or professional means. For those who are familiar with D-I-Y methods, here are some ways on how you can eliminate termites:

  • No wood/cellulose materials – If possible, eliminate the following from your home: wooden furniture, wood planks, cardboard boxes, and other cellulose-based materials. This greatly reduces the risk of termites from infesting your home. Also, if you any of these materials in your garage, do not leave them outside. Be sure to store them in cabinets.
  • Have no moisture – If you do have wooden furniture, be sure to keep them away from moisture or soil. Aside from wood, damp places attract termites, as they need this kind of atmosphere to survive. They cannot live under extreme heat, which is why they crate mud tunnels when traveling to keep their surrounding temperature humid.
  • Create termite traps – One method you can use to verify if termites have made their way in your home is to set traps for them using the pile of cardboard boxes and pieces of paper you have stored. First, spray them with water in order to create a moist atmosphere. As mentioned earlier, termites need both cellulose and moisture to survive. Place them in an area where you found the termites and leave it for 2 days. Then, check if termites have taken the bait. If you do see them there, carry the trap outside your house with a trolley and burn the trap. You can repeat this as desired to see if you can fully eliminate the termites from your home.
  • Boric acid – The solution is an effective means of killing termites at the onset. It is a very poisonous chemical to the wood-burrowing insects. With gloves, mix boric acid powder with propylene glycol to create the solution. If you introduce this to certain areas of the wood or inside the tunnels, it will get rid of the termites.

But if you’re not the D-I-Y kind of person when it comes to pest problems, it is highly recommendable that you contact a professional termite control service provider. They investigate and come up with safe and effective solutions on how to treat the termite infestation. Some of these include:

  • Repellants – This mixture keeps termites and other insects at bay, preventing them from entering your home.
  • Termiticides – When a termite colony is found in your soil, termiticides, like Sentricon’s Termite Colony Elimination system, are needed. Prior to installation, termite exterminators first drill a hole into the earth where the termites come from. Then, these devices are planted. A safe volume of chemicals is pumped into the bait stations installed around the house, securing the entire perimeter of your home. When subterranean termites pass through the trap, they bring with them the harmful chemicals to the colony, effectively killing it over time.

Your home is your most valuable piece of property, and when it comes to protecting it from the destructive nature of termites,  there is no argument that you should hire the best in the business. This is where TOPBEST steps in. Call us for a FREE Inspection and we’ll do the rest.