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Termite infestation

In the Philippines, Sentricon is one of the most effective ways to get rid of your termite problem.  Most of the time, termites, sometimes misleadingly known as “white ants”, are insects well known for their insatiable appetite. This is especially true when it comes to their consumption of wood. With colonies that can range between hundreds to even thousands of members, it comes as no surprise that they go through a lot on a daily basis. Left unchecked, they can easily devour wooden pillars, walls, or even furniture – all of which are integral parts of any residential home.

This makes termite control incredibly important when it comes to home maintenance.

While there are many ways to keep your home free from the scourge of termites, the best way is always the professional way – and that means contacting expertly trained professionals to execute pest control on your home. These people are the best option when it comes to identifying, preventing, and fixing any pest related problem you may have.

On the other hand, they don’t do it alone – competent experts employ the use of the most trusted brand in pest control – Sentricon Philippines.

What is Sentricon?

Manufactured by Dow AgroSciences, the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System is an underground trap that was introduced in 1995 as a safer alternative to liquid termiticide soil barriers. Its main function is to inhibit any colony’s growth and wipe them out soon after.

All this is only possible with the help of a Certified Sentricon Specialist (CSS). They are the ones who will install the Philippine Sentricon bait stations around the home perimeter and they will also be the ones to maintain it even after the termite colonies have died out; reinfestation is a very real threat, after all.

The traps themselves are a marvel of pest control technology. They act as bait and draw the termites to feed on them – they are fitted with a cellulose material containing noviflumuron which prevents termites from any further synthesis. As time goes on and the termites continue to feed on the bait as if it were normal fare, they slowly start to die out. This process takes about 3 to 6 months in total. In that time the bait will not need switching out as only one is enough to kill off millions of termites.

Why choose Sentricon Philippines?

Sentricon Philippines is an award winning technology that acts as a permanent solution to any pest control issue. As stated before, its main focus is to eradicate entire colonies of termites as opposed to simply preventing them from entering homes. Its method of elimination “cleaner” than its competitors’ as it takes advantage of termite biology to achieve its goals.

Liquid barrier treatment, on the other hand, is more of a temporary solution. It only acts as a defence as the pests and will only be able to deal with the problem should it make contact with it. Yes, for these kinds of treatments to kill, the termites must first come into close contact with it.

This is where the main difference lies: Sentricon Philippines is created to kill, while liquid barriers are made to simply safeguard. The latter is not the best option for those looking to stay long term in any given home, and the effort it takes to simply set the latter up is monumental. It requires drilling holes in uncomfortable spaces, whilst Sentricon Philippines can be placed in numbered stations wherever it is most convenient.

The Sentricon termite system’s best advantage is that it kills termites efficiently while also takes the humans who live near it into consideration. Since the technology is based on traps, there’s no chance of it ever seeping into the soil and ultimately, into your gardens. Also they’re made to be affordable!

So if you’re looking for the best pest control and  termite control method, choose Sentricon Philippines now. We at Topbest utilize this technology and should you be interested in giving it a go, don’t hesitate to contact us today!