There’s no stopping unwanted pests from creeping into your home, causing costly structural damage to your most important investment.

Termites are the most common problem for residences.

TOPBEST offers Xterm® Baiting System for total termite colony elimination.

Pest technician inspecting possible termite infestation within the wall cavity

1. Inspection

Our technician will identify the specific termite species and locate the exact site of infestation.

Pest technician installing bait cartrige and base on wall

2. Treatment

He will securely attach the bait cartridge to the base. The severity of the termite problem will determine the number of baits to be installed.

Pest technician with scanner and cellphone checking the status of the installed bait and cartridge

3. Monitoring

Our technician will conduct periodic visits to evaluate the progress of the installed Xterm® Baiting System.

Xterm cartridge installed on the wall

4. Follow Up

He will replenish the cartridges until complete termite elimination is achieved.

Other household pests include:

  1. Rats & Mice
  2. Mosquitoes
  3. Cockroaches
  4. Bedbugs

What’s precious to you, TOPBEST protects from pests.