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A Brief History of Pest Control

The rise of pest control’s use worldwide has given all of us the opportunity to dedicate more time to doing other, more productive things other than picking off pests bit by bit from our precious homes, our important places of business, and our favorite personal locations. It has helped us boundlessly in our endeavor to sanitize the places we inhabit and keep away nasty things such as illnesses and general discomfort. But, one has to wonder about its inception – how, and when, did pest control begin?

A History on General Sanitation

Even in 2500 B.C., – also known as the Babylonian Era – pests were already a nuisance. Flies were known to transmit disease, although admittedly the information was insufficient. The Bible shed some light on it though, as in the Old Testament there are mentions of anthropoid insects that bring about various kinds of doom – mosquitoes brought the plague, insects in general caused infestations and disease, and lice were horrible creatures that were to be avoided at all costs.

Luckily for us, as they pestered us more, our knowledge of them grew. Jump to Galen’s medical writings in the Roman era which were used as primary references for Arabic and late-medieval medicines, and other aspects of general sanitation such as the construction of waste handling facilities in Rome to keep the city safe were huge steps in creating a more sustainable environment. (There was a strange trend then wherein clean people were viewed to be actually dirty – needless to say, those who shared this view suffered the consequence of their decision.)

Fast forward to England in 1297 – every man was required to have a clean house. By 1357 a “sanitary police” had been established. In 1491, living a healthy lifestyle became a necessity by practicing daily bathing, changing clothes regularly, and using lice deterrent. Eating healthier and exercising also became a major lifestyle point.

During the 1500s until around 1682, the fact that pests were attracted to exposed filth become common knowledge. Then they realized that once it was washed away or exposed to fresh air, they would disperse. This simple fact bolstered sanitation practices, further enforcing and building on the “clean” lifestyle they were trying so hard to maintain.

Origins of pest control

Pest Control

The practice of using pest control already existed during the Middle Ages (500-1100 A.D.) where they used plant extracts or chemicals in order to exterminate rats. The Europeans came up with a lot of methods to kill them; in a section in Chaucer’s Pardner’s Tale, there was a purchase from an apothecary for “Rattons Quell” which meant “rats kill” that was used by numerous people during that era just to do as its name said – terminate rats. Barbers and vendors during the 14th century were also bothered by the rodents, so they came up with a “rat catcher” which comprised of rodent traps and chemicals that were so potent and popular that they even became part of a circus act. Eventually, during the 18th century, its popularity cemented it as a recognized pest control product bought and used by many citizens. For those who preferred a more natural method, dogs were also trained to hunt down rats.

The Legalities of Pesticide

Due to the nature of its job, pesticides have earned itself a bad rep. Some people mistakenly believe that it is hazardous for one’s health even though simple exposure is all others experience. However, these protesters were shut down in 2012 by both local and international government units – including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S.’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – for their misdirected beliefs. Both major institutions have approved – and promoted – the use of pest control in order to promote a clean environment. Besides, pest control items are no longer limited to possibly dangerous chemical compounds. There now exist “friendlier” versions of the product. Of course, the assistance of a professional is still sometimes required.

Pest Control Today

Pest Control Much like any other invention in human history, pest control has come a long way since its inception. The mere fact that it is still a contraption that is used today stands as a testament to how innovative and helpful it truly is. However, a tool is only as good as the one wielding it. For those who need a pest problem taken care of, contact us today and we’ll help you with whatever you need.