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Pest Control Philippines

Pests are some of the many threats our homes face today. We never know where they may be lurking, what they may be doing or even the significance of the damage they’ve done. Thankfully, pest control services in Manila, Philippines is the best way to go—and who better to trust with pest control than Topbest?

The folks from Topbest are definitely the ones who would go high and low to eliminate the threats that pervade, or in this case, infest your home.

For those of you unaware, Topbest is among the Philippines’ most recognizable and popular pest control services around. With a number of pest management services under our belt, your pest problem will for sure dealt with—properly, of course.

Established in 1997 by Filipino entrepreneur, Florentino A. Lazaro, Topbest has aimed to provide comfort for customers to ensure that any threat of pests of any size is dealt with accordingly and swiftly.

Topbest has unparalleled expertise in the pest control industry. We provide pest control services in Manila, Philippines that ensure secure and effective pest control solutions for homes and businesses alike. Here are the services we are offering:

Termite Prevention and Control

If there’s one pest that’s difficult to detect and deal with, it would be none other than termites. Being able to thrive under any wooden surface (and being able to feed on them as well), termites can be a handful. You need to have a good eye on spotting signs that they are already in your home.

Nonetheless, termites can easily be dealt with, particularly with pest control services such as termite control in the Philippines. Once we deal with your termite control problem, you won’t have to worry about termites in residing in the wooden crevices inside your house.


As discussed in the previous item, termites can be a handful to deal with. However, we have a number of ways in dealing with them—one of which is Sentricon in the Philippines.

The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System was manufactured by Dow AgroSciences. It is an underground trap that will bait and draw termites to feed on them. This pest control method is very effective as it not only get rid of some of the termites in your home, but the entire colony residing in your place.

Cockroach Prevention and Control

Unfortunately, cockroaches are quite common in most Filipino households. This means that almost all of them know exactly how to experience the pain of dealing with this particular critter. Not only are they able to spread diseases in and around your homes, but they are also very difficult to deal with (considering they could live quite a long life even without food and water).

But not to worry, professionals in our Topbest team will be able to handle these little critters. You will finally have a home safe from this pest and safe from the diseases they bring to your family with pest control services in Manila, Philippines.

Mosquito Prevention and Control

Mosquitos are another example of pests that can really irritate a number of people, especially in swarms. In any case, this type of service provided by experts in Topbest is a great way to handle this problem. Not only will you be able to prevent any mosquitos from invading or infesting your home, but you’ll also be able to protect yourself from the effects of a mosquito infestation in general.

Rodent Prevention and Control

Of course, there are pests of unusual and large sizes. Enter the rat, which is actually the most common form of rodent there is that can invade any household in the neighborhood. Not only can they be a nuisance to deal with, they are also some of the riskiest jobs to handle as rats can carry a number of illnesses that can infect your family.

Through the help of pest control services such as our Rodent Prevention and Control Service in the Philippines, those pesky rats crawling in your abode will be gone in just a number of days. There’s no need for you to worry about frayed wires, chewed-up bits of wood, and rat droppings littering your place.

Pest Prevention and Control

Aside from the aforementioned pests above, Filipinos also deal with other kinds of insects and animals that can be considered a nuisance, especially if they are unknowingly invading homes.

A few examples of them are bees and cats. Bees can really get territorial and could harm those people that are nearby. We at Topbest with our pest control services in Manila, Philippines will ensure your safety from these flying insects by setting up CHAMELEON UPLIGHT, which is an attractive, unobtrusive, and safe way to take care of the problem.

On the other hand, we also offer Cat Control Services; it will take care of stray and feral cats that are causing issues in your neighborhood. You can be assured that we will deal with them in a humane way. In fact, we take them to our partner animal shelter after taking them out of your place.

If you are interested in availing any of these services, you can click here for a free inspection.

Pest Control Services in Manila, Philippines

As you know now, people deal with various kinds of pests (can be classified as insects or animals) in the Philippines; and as one of the top pest control services in the country, it is our job to be aware of all the pests that we will be dealing with. By being so, our clients will have peace of mind, knowing that we know what the issue is and how to properly manage it.

To give you a clue on what we have to tackle as pest control in the Philippines, we listed down the most common pests found in the Philippines. Below you will learn about these critters, their behavior, and some DIY (do-it-yourself) solutions that you can do to deal with them.


For those who have a tendency to leave their food unchecked, then you better beware of this pest in your home. Ants can come in two multiple types, or better yet two colors: black or red. Black ants are the most common ‘household’ types and they can usually be found through tiny cracks and holes in your home, especially if your doors or windows are left open. For red ants, however, these are the ones that can actually leave an itching sting on you when threatened and can usually be found outdoors, whether it be in your garden or backyard.

The most recognizable thing about them is that finding them alone would be rare as ants of all types are usually found in lines and groups. After all, ants are one of the several species of that have an unusual, yet iconic pattern of behavior.

If you’re wondering just how bad the damage can be done by these tiny little creatures, you’d be surprised on how much it can be. First off, they can cause a general nuisance for people that encounter ants; secondly, they can ruin your food and other sources of sugar, if the food you keep isn’t properly sealed; and lastly, there are several instances where plant life can be at risk with ants all around as they have the ability to invade pretty much anything they can get their hands on and feast on it from the inside.

Luckily for you, dealing with ants is easier in its own right as there are numerous DIY approaches to how to rectify ant-related catastrophes. For example, mixing boric acid with sugar can lure them to eat the concoction, which in turn kills them. Or, you can use a good dosage of insecticide for a more direct approach. Either way, there are limitless possibilities you can take to solve any ant-related issue.

If you are interested in learning more—particularly how to get rid of them, you can click here.


As previously mentioned, termites can be a bit difficult to detect. For those of you that don’t know, these pests are tiny ant-like insects that feast on wood and other materials, though their almost-translucent appearance make it hard to detect with the naked eye. Another thing that makes termites significant is that the damage they can inflict can be massive in proportion, yet subtle in appearance—making it an arduous task to deal with.

Luckily, while they may be difficult to detect, there are several indicators that can help with dealing with termites. For instance, you can simply look for any traces of dirt in your home that they left behind, or you can check for any mounds of dirt that form a makeshift tunnel that leads into your home. With those signs in play, dealing with them yourself can be easy enough to manage, with several methods such as using insecticides, or using sunlight, or making makeshift traps out of cardboard.

You can check out various ways on how to get rid of this pest without a pest control service in the Philippines by reading this post.


These are pests, as mentioned before, of massive size. They can come and cause just as much havoc in your homes. Rodents can usually be in the form of rats or mice, both of which can be a nuisance to encounter, and particularly difficult to deal with.

The simplest way to deal with rodents like these is by luring them, either out of your home or to kill them. Since rats and mice are common in almost any household, exposing traces of food next to a trap of your making can be an effective way of driving them out of your home. In fact, traps such as mice/rat traps, sticky pads, and even something more technological-driven, such as ultrasonic signals, can be the best tools you can use for dealing with rodents like these.

Learn more about why rats like staying in your house by reading this blog post.


Cockroaches are six-legged insects that can cause so much fear and annoyance. Whether they fly or not, feeling those six legs walk across your skin can be one of the most cringeworthy sensations to ever be felt.

Cockroaches can be usually found in dark areas, especially when it’s littered with dirt, mess, or moisture. Plus, food left in the open can be a huge factor in attracting cockroaches in your home. Luckily, with the help of pesticides such Ceptiva powder application, sugar and boric acid, and a good, old-fashioned flip flop, dealing with cockroaches is easier than ever.

Want to learn more ways on how to deal with them? Just click here!


Mosquitoes are flying insects that suck on your blood every chance they get, especially at night or when you are outdoors. Not only do they leave an itching sensation on your skin when you are stung by them, they also have the potential to carry diseases with them, such as dengue and malaria—both of which could be fatal.

Mosquitoes can be found near canals or anywhere that has a decent amount of water. So, with that, the best way to deal with mosquitoes is to block off any access they have to water, or simply use anti-mosquito products as they can easily repel mosquitoes from your home.

Aside from that, you can keep them away by following these tips.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs in the Philippines are kind of a rare sight as there have only been several cases of bed bugs infesting households. Well, either way, getting rid of them is still a definite priority with pest control in the Philippines.

While they may be hard to detect because of their size, bed bugs can be usually found in bedsprings, mattresses, under carpets, and others of the sort. Once found, getting rid of them can be simple as can be, as all you’ll need to do is clean your beddings, mattresses, and other surrounding areas that involve textiles of any sort.

For more information on how you can get rid of them, you can read this post.


Lastly, lice are another example of bloodsucking pests that can pervade the place no other pest would: our own body. Lice can be found on the top of our heads, attracted by any trace of dirt. In fact, both humans and animals are at risk of lice, as the amount of time we spend outdoors is indicator enough of why they exist.

Thankfully, a regular shower or using lice/flea powder can get rid of these insects in a flash. You can also scrape them off your head with a custom comb that’s used for that very purpose.

Now, that you know the most common pests in the Philippines, it’s now time to give a brief history lesson on how pest control methods started in the country.

A History of Pest Control in the Philippines

Rodent Problem: Pest Control in the Philippines

Pest control in the Philippines has been around for generations. This is thanks to the ancient civilizations’ knowledge of the subject. Greece and Babylon are some of the forerunners of pest control methods, considering they had to deal with a number of diseases that is ever growing back in the days. These methods are as simple as keeping their bodies and homes clean, so they won’t attract the ungodly critters. Over time, they were able to share their knowledge when their people migrated to other places.

Once the need for pest control services become apparent, the industry has risen and has started to provide many households the solutions to their pest problems. In the past, you would notice that the methods were all about exterminating the problems. But in recent times, pest control methods have become more humane and eco-friendly.

How to Prevent Further Pest Infestations

Prevent Pest Infestation With Pest Control in the Philippines

When it comes to preventing further infestations of pests of any kind, the main thing to consider is none other than cleanliness. In fact, cleanliness is more than just a cause, it’s also one of the most important virtues to be upheld by many.

With that said, regular cleanliness of your home can definitely decrease the chances of any pests infesting your home. Also, don’t forget to take other measures such as sealing any sewage in your neighborhood, not leaving stagnant water exposed for too long, and making sure that there are no cracks or tiny holes in your home.

In the event of any pest infestations happening, simply take the measures mentioned in the previous points to heart and, once they’ve been dealt with accordingly, do whatever it takes to keep them off your home for a long, long time.

If you were unsuccessful in fighting off another pest infestation, then it’s time to call professional pest control in the Philippines.

Looking For Pest Control Services in Manila, Philippines? Choose Topbest!

When it comes to the game of pest control and management, experts from Topbest are definitely your best players. We offer pest control services in Manila, Philippines handled by seasons professionals armed with the right tools and knowledge. Any pest would best beware of us and get out of sight fast!

If you happen to be struggling with pests in your home or establishment, don’t hesitate to give Topbest a call! You can contact us or simply consult with us by clicking here!