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What do ants, termites, houseflies, mosquitoes, and rodents all have in common? They’re pests. They’re called such because they are nuisances to homeowners. How? These animals and insects cause damage your property and your health as well. Rodents are well-known transmitters of diseases such as the plague, lassa fever, viral hemorrhagic fever, Q fever, and Weil’s disease. Mosquitoes are carriers of dengue fever, yellow fever, malaria, and filareasis. Termites can cause a hefty amount of property damage by burrowing through your wooden furniture. Flies can transmit worms, shigellosis, and other eye diseases. Ant bites cause unsightly welts on one’s skin. If fire ants bite you, you might contract painful blisters and other allergies to the fire ant venom such as difficulty breathing, rapid heart rate, and throat swelling.Now that you know how hazardous it is to have these pests in and around your home, it’s time to contact pest control services to deal with them. It’s never a good idea to go do-it-yourself with pests. Here’s how experts will handle particular pests in your home:


First, exterminators will survey your home for cracks in walls, corners, and other openings around your home where ants can possibly enter. They may opt to spray an insecticide in these areas to immediately eliminate/prevent ants from entering. Additionally, insecticide will be sprayed around the perimeter of your home. This insecticide acts as a defense to make sure that any ants in the vicinity stay away from your home. One of the most effective methods of getting rid of ants is to go directly to the source: their nests. Exterminators place chemical insecticides (notably boric acid) through the openings so it effectively rids the ant problem. Boric acid powder may not kill them immediately, but when ants come across it, they bring the solution back to their colony and spread it, certainly eliminating the ant infestation. Pest control experts will also advise you to trim branches close to your home, since ants can access your house through these. Wires connected to any part of your home should have their openings sealed against pest entry. Be sure to store food and drinks in the refrigerator or in airtight containers so that ants are not attracted by their smell, and thus pay a visit to your home.


The way to eliminate termites from your home is very similar to how are ants are treated. Exterminators first conduct an inspection in and around your home. This is to see whether termites have taken shelter in your wood furniture or not. If they’re large pieces, a solution called Cryonite can be sprayed in the affected area. This mix changes liquid CO2 into freezing, dry ice snow, killing them. The best part about this is it is not poisonous and can be applied virtually anywhere in your home. To get to the heart of the matter, however, is to again target the insect’s subterranean colony. Sentricon’s termite elimination baiting system is a termiticide specifically designed to poison the colony and eradicate the termite colony. A perimeter is first secured around your house. Holes are then drilled where the system is installed. It dispenses harmful chemicals that termites bring to their colony. Regular inspection of the system is done to determine if the termite colony has been dealt with.

Houseflies & Mosquitoes

Dealing with houseflies is a much easier task. After thorough inspection of the home where there are possible entry points for the pests, exterminators may apply traps, baits, or insecticides around your home to get rid of the flying pest problem. If eggs or larvae are found, Cryonite can again be use to stop them dead in their tracks. Since mosquito larvae are laid in places with water, insecticide may be placed there to control their growth. As a precaution, be sure to place covers on containers with water or empty them altogether.


Rodenticides, such as Klerat wax blocks, are implemented to get rid of rats and mice in your home. For an all-encompassing pest solution for your home targeting ants, termites, flying pests, and rodents, a house fogging session may be necessary. Topbest makes sure that non-toxic and safe solutions are used in order to boost the protection and health of your family. Truly, the world is full of sneaky little critters that can decay our home and impair our health. This is why the first-rate pest control services of TOPBEST is essential for the betterment of every house and the family that lives in it. Call us for a FREE Inspection and we’ll show you what we can do.

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