Major Mosquito Diseases You Can Prevent

The technological advances of today in the field of medicine and health has allowed us to eradicate most causes for disease in the environment. Unfortunately, our methods aren’t foolproof; some carriers such as mosquitoes still roam freely.

With that, mosquito prevention should be high up on everyone’s priority list as it could potentially save you and your loved ones from bouts of malaise such as dengue, yellow fever, malaria, and more.

What are Mosquito Related Diseases?

1) Malaria – This is a fatal disease that is caused when an infected female Anopheles mosquito lands and bites anyone. Once it does, it transmits a parasite named Plasmodium Falciparum to its victim. These parasites act by getting into your system then attack your liver. They will then start reproducing at a very rapid rate and will then attack your red blood cells, disrupting its flow throughout your body. These actions will cause you to develop chills, flu-like symptoms and severe headaches.

2) Dengue Fever – Still common even today, Dengue is a deadly disease that can be found throughout the Earth’s tropical belt. Caused by the Aedes mosquito, its symptoms include high fevers, severe headaches, dry rashes, and joint pain.

3) West Nile Virus – Like the dengue virus, the west Nile virus is also common in tropical countries. The virus is transmitted when a mosquito bites an infected bird which may then come in contact with a human being. It is highly contagious, being able to spread via bodily fluids such as saliva, phlegm, and even breast milk. Mild infections shouldn’t be too worrying, though sufferers should take care not to let it fester for too long as it could get worse.

4) Yellow Fever – This is also caused by Aedes mosquitoes, typically areas in Africa and South America. The problem with disease is that it has an incubation period of about a week and you’ll only notice you have it once it matures. The symptoms include nausea, fever and headaches and there is no cure for this as well. If this disease blossoms fully and symptoms persist it could lead to more serious effects such as death.possibly lead to death, so be careful.

How do I Control Mosquito Related Diseases?

Most of the aforementioned diseases have on one-all cure. Luckily, most of the time our immune systems can do the job on its own all right.

Despite that though, preventive measures should always be taken to ensure that you don’t have to deal with any of these diseases at all.

Mosquito control isn’t at all hard to do; all it takes is a level of cleanliness and some maintenance of your living environment to ensure that mosquitoes aren’t allowed a safe place to grow or fester.

For one, you should take advantage of the availability of vaccines whenever you can. By teaching your body to resist some of these diseases, you’re preparing yourself to be tougher against them should you encounter them again.

Secondly, you should optimize your environment for cleanliness. Never leave stagnant water for long periods of time out in the open, and this goes double for dirty water. If you have to, then make sure to cover your containers and keep it as air tight as possible to keep any unwanted critters out. Flower pots, old tires, puddles, and various outdoor containers are common culprits; check these often for possible infestations.

Thirdly, you should install and use preventive equipment such as screens on your doors and windows to minimize the chance of any mosquitoes coming in to invade your home. You could also periodically spray your home with chemical repellants. Better yet, you could make your own – plants like citronella are amazing at naturally keeping insects away.

Lastly, don’t forget to take care of your trash, too. Always cover your bins and bag all your trash, especially organic material as these are the most prone to attracting insects and the like.

You never know when these mosquitoes will strike or if any of them are carriers of deadly diseases. But, if all else fails, approaching a professional such as Topbest is the best preventive measure. You can visit the website at to see what services are offered and testimonials on these services.