You can’t simply shoo lamok away. You have to efficiently eliminate these biting insects from the confines of your home and workplace before they transmit deadly diseases like malaria, dengue, and encephalitis, including heartworm, which can be lethal to your pets.

Learn more about TOPBEST’s effective mosquito control treatment, including customized pest solutions to eliminate anay sa bahay, daga, ipis, and surot.

In2Care® Mosquito Trap

In2Care® is a mosquito trap with a floater containing water and organic mist. This is attractive to egg-laying Aedes and Culex mosquitoes looking for a place to lay their eggs. All larvae and pupae die in the trap.

The adult mosquitoes, contaminated with the organic mist, fly off carrying the bioactives on their bodies.

The contaminated mosquitoes infect other mosquitoes they come into contact with, even as far as 400 meters from the In2Care® floater.

All contaminated mosquitoes die within a few days before they can transmit any disease.


The insecticide used in fogging is designed to kill adult airborne mosquitoes. Fogging regularly in homes and neighborhoods helps control the population of mosquitoes.


The mist that’s released into the air can kill and prevent mosquitoes from breeding. This control method is used to reduce the population of mosquitoes. It can be used in both closed and open spaces, even in hard-to-reach areas.

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