Why Get Pest Control?

It’s an accepted fact that sooner or later, pests always make themselves a part of any unprotected environment. In their pursuit of survival, they tend to invade every nook and cranny of every available place; slowly destroying it and converting it into what they believe to be comfortable living. Unfortunately, this means that their changes make it less hospitable for humans, and that simply won’t do.

Luckily, pest control services can help. We can help.

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Why Hire Professional Pest Control Services?

Professional pest control services have specially trained technicians to be able to prevent and eradicate infestations. This means that they can tackle the problem much faster than what you would have done, if you were to do it on your own. Of course, there are other reasons why you should consider hiring a professional; here are some of them:

  • 1. Smart Treatment: All infestations are unique; no two are the same. Pest control companies are able to analyze and diagnose any situation and give the proper treatment to your home or office; no more and no less.

    The factors that come into creating a special treatment plan are the size of the home/office, the level of infestation, the types of pests, and long-term prevention.

    Pest control services also offer pre-treatments to buildings that are still under construction so that the structure will not be an attractive destination for pests from the very beginning.

    Other services include perimeter treatment, hive and nest treatment, and continuous monitoring.

  • 2. Cost Efficiency: The lack of knowledge regarding the presence of hidden pests, such as carpenter ants or termites, could damage the foundation of your home which will require extensive repairs. The amount that you have to pay in order to avail of such services is huge.

    However, with the help of proper pest control services, you can be informed of any hidden pests and avail of the necessary extermination and preventive measures. This will prevent the foundation of your home/office from getting damaged, thus, avoiding the high cost of repairs. The cost, which one will spend for pest control, is a mere fraction of the cost of a major building repair.

  • 3. Knowledge on Hazardous Chemicals: The use of pesticides has a negative reputation due to the sicknesses that humans have derived from it. It is important to note, however, that this is due to the irresponsible use of said chemicals.

    Unbeknownst to the general public, multiple pest control companies have actually been making the effort to go green by using eco-friendly products. The majority of these products and equipment that they use are no longer harmful to the home, commercial space, and environment.

    When the need to use hazardous chemicals arises, pest professionals know how to regulate their use to make sure that your family and co-workers are still safe after treatment. Their expertise ensures that they know exactly how to handle all their products; where and when to properly use them.

  • 4. Flexibility: Most pest control companies know that their services take long amounts of time and this could require inhabitants and workers of a building to temporarily vacate in order for them to complete their tasks. Because of this, pest control services are usually available even after regular working hours and even on weekends – to be able to work on the hours at which the home/office is the least used.

    Flexibility is also important because the correct treatment of a building depends heavily on the time the chemicals take to sit and take effect. Too little time means the chemicals will be inefficiently used while too much time in a space is hazardous to those who inhabit it. The knowledge of time regarding chemicals is within the expertise of pest control professionals.

    They also know how long the chemicals will need to sit to be able to prevent future infestations from happening. They also know how and when to apply retreatment once the preventive effects wear off.

  • 5. Risks: Not only do pest control companies understand the signs of infection and the effects of chemicals, but also the behavior of animals/insects, themselves. It is for this reason that it is not recommended to fight off pests on your own; doing so may bring unknown dangers to you and the people around you. For example, killing one killer bee can actually attract the whole hive to attack. Also, when you disturb the home of mice, they can scatter which is deadly when they carry diseases such as hantavirus. Experts have been trained to know and contain such dangers when removing infestations.

    While repellent sprays can kill such disease-carrying pests, it is only a matter of time before more can come in their place because they can only kill but not prevent. This is another reason for you to consider hiring pest control services, so that you can ensure that your home/office will have a full extermination of these pests and prevent any more of their kind from coming back. Essentially, this will give you peace of mind that deadly diseases will be far away from your home and office.

When Should You Call Professional Services?

The best skill you can learn in managing any infrastructure is knowing what can be fixed with your current resources and which ones will need a professional. In the world of pest control, this is important in order to immediately identify when hidden infestations are ruining the foundation of your home. As stated above, doing this will save you huge amounts of money. Here are the signs you need to find to know if and when you need pest control services:

  • 1. Property Damage: The specific signs you have to look for in your home or office is the presence of mud tunnels, chewed wires, and gnawing on items and furniture. These are signs that you have a termite, carpenter ant, and/or rodent problem. Such infestations are dangerous because the very structure is compromised when the foundation becomes weak.

    Also, chewed wires are a fire hazard to your home.

  • 2. Feces and Urine: Droppings and urine can be signs of pest infestation. You can identify the specific type of pests that are invading your space with these wastes.

    Rats have droppings that look like small, elongated pellets and they leave behind small puddles of urine usually in the kitchen or pantry. Cockroaches, on the other hand, are smaller and circular. All of these wastes are deadly to human health because they carry the hantavirus disease. It is for this reason that you will want to be able to deal with a rat or cockroach infestation as soon as possible. If you see excessive amounts of pest waste, then it is time to call in the experts.

  • 3. Scratching and Rustling Sounds: Stay alert for scratching and rustling noises within the walls. This means that there are rodents, termites, or carpenter ants infesting your space – not ghosts. They usually move during the night because this is when there is the least activity and it is safe for them to move. The next step for you to take is to call a termite control service, of course.

    At home, try to observe this before you sleep. At the office, you can ask the night shift guards to keep an ear out for this.

  • 4. Sightings: The most obvious sign of an infestation is if you can visually see the pests roaming around your space. However, this is also the most dangerous sign of infestation.

    Generally, pests want to hide from you. Thus, if you see them roaming about open space in your office or home, then that means that the space they occupy within their walls is starting to become crowded, meaning infestation has already started. Either the walls or the nest is starting to overflow which is why they have to resort to surviving out in the open.

    If pests roaming around the open space in your home or office are a common occurrence, then most likely there are swarms of them within your walls.

  • 5. Large Rodents: When the larger members of the rodent family, such as squirrels, find their way into your home, professionals must immediately be called. Even though a home invasion from such rodents are rare, these animals can prove to be dangerous when they are frightened. The unknown environment of the inside of an office or home can make them feel panicked and threatened. When they are in this state, they will become violent, which results to them damaging items and even attacking humans. Hiring pest control services will ensure that you have people, who have been trained to deal with these situations.

General Pest Control

TOPBEST PEST SERVICES, INC., provides a variety of pest control services for your home and for your business, allowing you to protect your investments.

General Pest Control Services

There are several services that we offer our customers. They are the following:

  • 1.Gel Baiting: This is a highly effective insecticide for ants and cockroaches because it is disguised as a food source. It is made of a carbohydrate-high formula that is attractive to these pests. For ants, this could kill an entire colony once they successfully harvest enough amounts of gel back to their home; there is a high chance for the entire colony to consume it. Roaches are also a possible victim of this because when a dead roach ingested this gel, others that will feed on its carcass will, then, get infected by the insecticide and die. This method will be more devastating, if the insecticide infected roach makes it back to the nest.

  • 2. Misting: This is ideal to be used in a small enclosed area, but also effective in open spaces. It usually involves a machine that uses a water-based treatment to spray water droplets with insecticides that kills flying insects upon contact.

  • 3. Rat Baiting: This is a service that involves the experts in rodent knowledge. They will be using various kinds of baits. After all, different types of rats are attracted to different kinds of baits.

  • 4. Spraying: This is the standard method of pest control. It involves spraying chemicals or pesticides in a water or oil-based carrier. Sprays are applied to plants, animals, soil, and other products that need treatment.

  • 5. Fogging: This is basically the same as spraying, but the air is finer and it is applied by a blower. Hot vapor can be used for this to stay in the air for longer periods of time.

Pest Control in Different Scenarios

TOPBEST PEST SERVICES, INC., recognizes that there are various scenarios wherein the Filipino people might want to avail our services. To further learn other services we offer, look into the information provided below:


1. Household

Leave your home pest problems behind with TOPBEST’S HOUSEHOLD PEST CONTROL SERVICE. Let our experts take care of ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rodents, and other unwelcome guests.

Our Household Pest Control Service is available on either a One Time/On Call, Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly basis, depending on your preference and requirements. The service includes the following:

  • A range of comprehensive treatments for household pests such as cockroaches, ants, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, and rodents.
  • A customized, pest prevention program specially designed for your property.
  • A detailed report on the types of pests found as well as recommended treatments and prevention.
  • Convenient scheduling to suit your needs.

“Since I am particular about the quality of the product and the performance of the technicians, I have entrusted my home to Sentricon and Topbest.”

Corazon Fernando

Housewife and Businesswoman

“Unlike liquid chemicals, Sentricon is hassle-free because it does not involve any drilling and mess. It’s very safe too because you and your family aren’t exposed to hazardous chemicals.”

Carrie Co


“Aside from their professional sales staff and technicians, I am happy that TOPBEST is flexible with their payment terms.”

Mariamita Reyes

Vista Real, Quezon City

2. Commercial

Protect your profits by creating a safe, clean, pest-free environment for your employees and for your business. TOPBEST offers COMMERCIAL PEST CONTROL SERVICES in either a One Time/On Call, Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly basis, depending on your needs. The service includes the following:

  • A range of comprehensive treatments for household pests such as cockroaches, ants, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, and rodents.
  • A customized, pest prevention program specially designed for your property.
  • A detailed report on the types of pests found as well as recommended treatments and prevention tips.
  • Convenient scheduling to suit your needs.
flying insect

3. Flying Insect Control

Disguised as a decorative light fixture, the CHAMELEON UPLIGHT attracts flies and other flying insects through ultraviolet light 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Flying pests are captured on sticky paper, which will be periodically replaced by TOPBEST professionals. Situated five or six feet from the ground, the CHAMELEON UPLIGHT is an attractive, safe, and unobtrusive way to take care of your flying pest problems.

Are you interested in availing any of our services listed above? Contact us and schedule a free consultation now. Click on this link to connect with us!