Legacy in Service: Insights from Our Board of Directors

TOPBEST Corporate Values

Legacy in Service: Insights from Our Board of Directors

TOPBEST Corporate Values

Mr. Florentino A. Lazaro

Founder, TOPBEST Pest Services, Inc.

In the history of TOPBEST Pest Services, Inc., one name stands as the beacon of unwavering dedication to excellence – Florentino A. Lazaro, our Founder.

As we continue our journey, we invite you to experience the Malasakit spirit that has defined our company – a firm commitment to provide heartfelt care to clients in protecting what is precious to them.

Juan Carlo M. Lazaro

President / CEO


I grew up hearing that word often from Dad. It shaped TOPBEST, the company he built in September 1997.

I watched Dad live his life with Malasakit everyday… with the way he interacted with our employees. No grand acts, just simple gestures… like turning off the light when there’s no one in the room… “kumain na ba kayo?” and “Ingat sa pag uwi, ha?”

Concerned for his clients, he would share his thoughts: ”You spent a fortune to buy your house. Pero tinitipid mo ang pest control.”

When Dad passed, I took over the company to honor him. TOPBEST is Dad’s legacy … born from Malasakit.

It lives in my heart. It’s precious.

Divina Lupe M. Lazaro, MD


I would say that Compassion is my trait.  As an Obstetrician-Gynecologist,  I look after patients who are in pain during childbirth. I try to reassure them that the pain will go away as soon as the baby comes out. As I hold their hands, pressing hard at the height of pain, and by being there by their side, I see signs of relief on their faces.

FAL, as my husband is fondly and respectfully referred to, showed his malasakit /compassion in the way he interacted with our clients and employees.

FAL’s malasakit can be felt that I myself made it my trademark as I deal with new clients.

I learned his technique in conversing with clients, and his way of delegating assignments to his technicians, who will go out to provide service to clients.

After their service calls, the technicians return with happy faces, bringing news that they got referrals from friends or neighbors of current clients.

FAL possesses a contagious smile that friends, relatives, and colleagues find endearing, so it was easy to invite clients to avail of our company’s services.

Compassion has become a trait of our family, and this will continue as long as we live. In our business, it is important that the clients believe that our capacity to protect their properties can be trusted.

Our employees, both technicians and office staff, must show malasakit, the way FAL showed his malasakit to all clients, regardless of whether they are big or small accounts. 

We want to make sure the clients are happy with our pest control services, which are at reasonable rates.

We strive to give our employees and technicians good salaries and benefits, with some earnings for the company.

We exert effort to make sure that TOPBEST gives the best service to keep our clients satisfied. Perhaps, in return, this will bring recommendations to friends, relatives, and acquaintances.  

I can say that when we started the business, social media was not as popular. Somehow, TOPBEST got advertised through word of mouth.   

Paul Anthony M. Lazaro


I remember back as a Senior in High School. We had a subject called Tulong Dunong. It’s a project of Ateneo, where we teach graduating elementary school students (Grade 6 back then). For some of my classmates, their aspiration was to simply get a good grade and move on. While there was a limit on the exposure you have with these students, I did try my best to establish a good relation with them.

A year later, when I was heading home but needed to pass by Ateneo High for something, I was greeted by someone from afar. It was an excited call and he was running towards me. He was one of my “kids”. He told me that all four of them managed to get scholarships (2 boys to Ateneo and 2 girls to St. Scholastica). To this day, I still consider this as one of my best memories/accomplishments. 

On a personal level, I can see that in anything that you do, especially when it comes to your own family business, there will be no one else who will care more for it than yourself. People, in general, in any endeavor, will simply check out once they can do so, unless they are truly invested in it.

As part of Topbest, I can see that us, family members are truly invested in it. This means that we truly have the desire to be able to give the client that best possible service they can have. Sometimes, this is done even at a loss because at the end of the day, our reputation is more important than simply making a quick buck.

Well, simply put, my father always preached this concept as a kid. It’s one of the core principles he used in building this business and any other pursuits he made. Now, that he’s gone, keeping this concept alive makes his presence felt and as such, it will continue to live on through us.

Diana Marie M. Lazaro-Nisce, MD


For me, Malasakit is concern for another person and putting extra effort to show it; like helping a stranger get immediate medical attention; like indulging the whims of a sick child with no appetite to eat; like staying up late at night to watch over a daughter, and wishing she can take on her pain.

In my line of work as a doctor, I see indigent patients regularly. I realized that sometimes what they need most is not medical advice, but comforting words, a smile … just someone who will care enough to listen to their worries.

I can also define Malasakit as a trait that Mom embodies. I guess that’s what Mom and Dad had in common.

Malasakit is their bond, as well as my family’s. It’s something precious we keep in our hearts. 

Frances Grace M. Lazaro


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