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3 Reasons why DIY Termite Control won’t Work


3 Reasons Why DIY Termite Control Won't Work - Pest

Most of us love to save money by fixing our household problems on our own. In other words, Do-It-Yourself (DIY). Fixing our broken faucets, doors and windows are some of the things we try to do ourselves. Some of us even try fixing more complicated household problems that may involve the use of chemicals. Dealing with pest problem is a great example. However, we don’t advise that you do DIY termite control. Here’s why:

1. Health Risks.

Termite control involves the use of chemicals. We all know chemicals are harmful to our health, and we wouldn’t want to risk it. The dangers of these chemicals include rashes, food poison, and the smell is harmful to our lungs. None of us want to get these things and be held back on doing things we want/have to do. Having knowledge about the chemicals won’t prevent the risks either, because our family members may not be as knowledgeable as you. That is why I suggest hiring exterminators who know how to handle the chemicals, and use it properly and in a cautious way.

2. It can be more time consuming and can cost you more.

Time and money are two things we really value. They are even the main reasons why we DIY. But think about it, when it comes to pest problems, there is only a small chance that we will solve it by doing it ourselves. If buying pest repellents don’t work we tend to buy more, and we end up spending more time and money in the long run. Letting the experts handle it may cost you a lot, but once you hire them, the results are instant and pests won’t bother you anymore for a long time – depending on your post-treatment maintenance of course. It will be less time consuming too on your part, because the exterminators will do all the work while you just sit there and do whatever you want.

3. Termite control methods are just too complicated.

Termite control is more than just killing the termites you see and then that’s it. In almost every home, a colony of termites exists, and you will not stop seeing them crawling around your house unless you destroy that colony and make a way to stop them from building another colony.

To kill the colony, you have to use bait that the worker termites will bring to the colony. The bait will not kill the adult termites; it will only disrupt the growth of the immature termites. Once the adults die of whatever reason, there will be no young termites to take their place and the colony will start getting smaller and eventually disappear. The bait that I am talking about is not available for us to purchase. They are only sold by suppliers directly to pest control professionals.

To stop termites from forming another colony, you have to create a chemical barrier around your house. This is done by injecting insecticide into the soil but it has to be at least four feet deep. So, you have to have the right equipment to do this properly. You wouldn’t happen to have concrete drills in your home, do you? If you do, well lucky you! But I’m afraid that’s not the only thing you’ll need, and I’m sure the other equipment will be expensive, so you might as well hire the experts who have the right equipment, and knows what they’re doing

Moreover, there are many different bugs out there, and each is approached differently when it comes to eliminating them. What is effective for eliminating a type of bug may not be effective to the other. So, if you want to eliminate a certain type of pest without worrying if you will mess it up, or if it will work, then call those people who knows how to eliminate every type of bug.

With all the reasons mentioned above, would you still do termite control on your own? Would you risk your time, money, and health on DIY methods when we know somewhere in the process of doing it we just manage to mess up and end up making things worse? Some things are just not meant to DIY, and termite control is not one of them.

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