Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From

Where do bed bugs come from?

  1. Hotel Rooms
  2. Mass Transportation
  3. Shared Public Places
  4. A Friend’s House
  5. Used Furniture
  6. Personal Belongings


Bed bugs are pesky pests that can spread easily in your home. They are red in color, and are small and flat when unfed and become darker in color and swollen when given access to a food source. What do they eat? You. Specifically, human blood. They are attracted to warm-blooded creatures so your pets could also be a target. Bed bugs can reproduce quickly, laying up to 3 eggs per day that can hatch in 21 days. But where do bed bugs come from? We listed down below popular places where they can be found. Be observant when on these locations!


Hotel Rooms

This place frequently accommodates a nonstop amount of tourists. The continuous coming and going of people can increase the possibilities of someone carrying a bed bug. These pests are known to latch on to people’s clothes and belongings and travel far places. A traveler will visit many other places before returning to his hotel room, so who knows where these people sat? Even 5-star hotels can be infested with bed bugs.

These bugs can hide not just on the bed but also on the walls and mattresses. If you are using a hotel room be careful when placing your bags near beds, walls, or even on the floor. Bed bugs can live anywhere, but they seek warm hiding places more. With this in mind, there may be less chance of bugs on metal surfaces.


Mass Transportation

People inside metro train.

Just like hotels, buses, taxis, and even airplanes can become homes for bedbugs. Be careful especially when you have to sit on cushioned and upholstered seats which are attractive hiding places for these pests. If you can opt to stand in the bus or seat on plastic or metal seats. Always check your clothes and belongings after coming home. If possible, put your clothes in a hot wash immediately.


Shared Public Places

Public places are hot spots for bed bugs too. Be observant with the seating in cinemas, waiting rooms, restaurants, and even offices. These places are frequently populated with many people all the time, which leads to more food sources for these pests. These indoor settings are usually air-conditioned, which means that bed bugs are not exposed to high temperatures which can kill them. Be careful around these places as these bugs could also be latching onto your clothes.


A Friend’s House

Young girl sleeping in living room on sofa

A friend may be someone you trust, which makes you more inattentive when coming back from their place. They may not tell you even if they know that an infestation is going in their home, so treat their place like a hotel room. Check your clothes and belongings after coming home.


Used Furniture

Avoid taking home used furniture with you. You may be taking an infested object unknowingly. Signs of a bed bug infestation include dried blood spots, molten skin, white eggs, and fecal stains that look like marker stains.

If you like to collect vintage items, make sure to thoroughly inspect every crack and crevice before putting these inside your home. Prevention is better than suffering from a surprise infestation later on. Contact a professional pest control company to get rid of bed bugs in your home.


Personal Belongings

bags and accessories on wooden

Aside from your clothes, these pests can also hide in the personal items that you bring with you everywhere. This includes bags and hats that you place on random surfaces when outside. Your child’s stuffed toy can also be a hiding place for these bugs! Even the cleanest belongings can attract bed bugs. They do not seek dirty places in particular.


Key Takeaway

Before you even experience an infestation in your home, it is important to know where do bed bugs come from. Through this, you can be more careful in bringing them home with you. It is a common mistake to think that these pests choose to hide in dirty places. This only happens by chance as some second-hand furniture where they stay are old and dirty. They like warm places and will seek homes in cracks, holes, ad crevices in furniture, walls, floors, and even personal belongings.

If you have a bed bug infestation in your home consult a professional pest control service to solve your problem once and for all. Home remedies may be effective for some time but bed bugs can hide in hard to reach places and can reproduce quickly. If you’re interested in a free inspection, click here!