When To Do Pest Control For Your Home


When do you need to do pest control for your home?

  1. When your home is newly built
  2. Once every quarter for prevention 
  3. When you see signs of infestation


If you’re wondering when to do pest control for your home, we’re here to tell you all about it. Pest prevention is often neglected, which only means that an infestation can happen again and again. But, it’s important to remember that there are certain scenarios when pest control should be the priority to avoid diseases from spreading and costly home repairs. Read on to learn more about these! 


When Your Home is Newly Built

When Your Home is Newly Built

You just moved into your newly erected home. You might be wondering if you really need pest control services since everything is still new. But, homeowners should understand that even newly built homes can have pests.


How? Your home was open to everything during the construction period, so rodents can easily get in and build their nest. Plenty of building materials are also often stored in open and damp conditions. Sometimes, pests are already in the building materials prior to being delivered. Any leftover wood can attract termites. 


During the construction period, it might have also rained several times. Water puddles might have built up. Remember that several pests, like mosquitoes and termites, are attracted to moisture. 


If the area nearby where your new house stands has just been cleared prior to construction, the area can be disturbed, along with the pests that live in them. These pests will look for shelter, which can be your new home. In some newly built homes, pests can also squeeze their way through cracks along the foundation and nest. 


Once Every Quarter for Prevention

While most people generally consider pest control services to remedy an ongoing infestation, having regular pest control treatments throughout the year can go a long way when it comes to protecting your home and your loved ones’ health. Preventive pest control eliminates the overwhelming stress and saves you from headaches in the long run. 


The general recommendation when it comes to routine pest control is to do it once every quarter. General pest control can become ineffective after a few months, so it should be repeated. 


Note that there are some things that affect the frequency of the pest control treatments. The first one is location. For example, homes in pest-prone regions may need more frequent inspections and treatments. Other than that, the age and history of the property should also be considered. Older homes and properties that have been vulnerable to pest infestations in the past might need more frequent treatments too. 


When You See Signs of Infestation

When You See Signs of InfestationIf you see signs of infestations, it’s obvious that will need immediate and frequent pest control treatments. A serious pest infestation is not treated in just one visit. Through several appointments, an expert pest control team will find ways to eliminate the root cause of the infestation, stop pests from coming back, and prevent damage to your home in the long run.  


The number of appointments and duration of a pest control treatment will depend on your infestation case. Some pests take longer to deal with compared to others. The three most difficult pests to exterminate are termites, cockroaches, and bed bugs. For homes that suffered from an infestation in the past, regular pest control treatments can also be helpful in ensuring that the pests don’t find their way back into the home. 


So, make sure to choose a pest control service provider that uses effective treatments for different types of pests. 


Key Takeaway

It’s a good idea to have pest control treatments even if you don’t have an infestation, as this can help protect your home in the long run! 


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