“What’s that Scratching?” Ways to Ensure Your Walls are not Harboring Pests


You can’t help but love your perfect home, the Venetian interior and well-maintained spic-and-span rooms and furniture are its best assets. And in owning the best, this means you will not settle for less—or even let it fall under the sinister claws of the most dreaded fiends: pests.

You’ve heard it, the dins of the hardwood walls as they’re slowly being mutilated from their other side which faces the shadows. They’re calling for your help; they need to be saved. It’s a horror flick, and your walls are the victim! And who is the hero? Pest or Termite control.

But are there really pests living in your walls, or are you overthinking it? Let’s see if you’ve done these recently.

Listen to your walls

Have you been listening, and not just hearing, as well as keeping tabs on what your walls say? Is that a rat or a raccoon scratching? Are you a hundred percent sure it’s within your walls? How long have you been noticing the scratching? How often does it come? Now the final question is: how many of these questions were you able to answer? Five out of five says you have a reason to be concerned. Just to be sure, if you answered less than five, still have pest control take a look anyway.

Plug walls and crawl space

If your wooden walls are free of any holes, you are most likely free of pests breeding in them. If your home is simply irresistible to pests, however, chances are they get in through crawl spaces that lead to the outside. It may be out of your sight, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening: your furry or creepy neighbors have entered your warm humble home to live with you.

Check for holes and bite marks

Now that they’re in, your little critter friends want out—of your walls. And they’ll do everything just to break free. At the top of their mind is the idea to munch on your walls; it’s all to feel the warmth of your fluorescent bulbs. You’re smarter now that you’re in their head. So check every nook, cranny, and surface for holes and bite marks. If you’re sure they’re not your doing, they must be your pests’.

Prevent moisture in walls

Moisture attracts roaches. Remember roaches? They’re the non-lusty fast breeders you would want to have in your home the least. So you won’t be calling them to live in your home, you have to make sure that you have no dark, damp wall in-between that they can squeeze in. If you can’t do with a completely solid concrete wall, go for one that you’re sure you can always maintain hot. Yes, hot, so condensation doesn’t happen, which ultimately leads to moisture. If you can’t, you can just stick to the wall. You know you’re hot!

Schedule regular inspections

Ask for someone to come and check your walls. It’s a simple precaution that’s sure to save you from a lot of trouble and damage in the future.

If it’s not your dog scratching the wall, and you’re sure it’s not you either, then it’s definitely a pest in there. Call pest or termite control now!