The Usual Places: 4 Places You Should Watch Out For Termite Infestation

Termite King

Just like humans, termites love to hang out! And of course, they will choose your home as their favorite place to chill. Why not? It’s an all in one facility for them: shelter, a food source, and a water spring. Living inside your home is really a practical move for those termites.

In nature, termites feed on fallen trees, old tree roots and other cellulose food source healthy enough for them.

But once they got inside your house, they’re IN – forever. Unless an effective and efficient termite control does the magic.

To achieve an effective and efficient termite control method which will safeguard your house from those nasty pests, consider checking the following areas:


Don’t leave those woodpiles on the ground. Keep them away from your house as well as those dead trees and twigs. Termites can easily move from those woods to your home if you are not careful enough.

Aside from that, overflowing gutters and downspouts outside your home can cause excessive water near the foundation. You know very well how water always means moisture. Oh, how termites love moisture! It allows them to chew the wood easier like gnawing on a soft chocolate cookie.

The best way to minimize the chances of termite infestation is by reducing excessive moisture in your home. Clean your gutters to have a clean, termite-free home.

In the Attic

Are you keeping your attic dusty and old? That’s good – for the termites. The attic is typically framed with woods, so it’s an ideal place where termites can build their colonies. Make your attic more than an attic by remodeling it into a game room or even a reading nook. The fun you’ll have inside this cozy, small space is limitless. So don’t just feed it to termites.

If you don’t have an attic, check your storage room or the basement. Basically any room you leave dusty and old and of course, with some woods.

In the Utility Pipes

You know how they work. Termites damage structural materials. Each year hundreds of thousands of structures require treatment for the management of termites, including utility structures like pipes.

Utility pipes that run through a foundation wall or floor are prone to termite access. You know the next thing after a leaking plumbing pipe – moisture in your home. Again, moisture in woods is the greatest attraction for termites. Check your air conditioning pipes, gas and electric services for termite infestation or wood decay.

Do you check these areas regularly? Or do you wait until the infestation is so blatantly obvious before springing into action? Let us know in the comments section below!

All over your House

Termites can wreak havoc for a long time before they get discovered. The trick is to be mindful of all the wooden materials in your house. Get those woods treated, or paint them to prevent termite infestation. You can visit online sites like to opt with your paint needs as to your termite concerns.

Infestations are commonly found in earth-to-wood contact house part like the fence and stair carriages. Another part to probe are the porches, doors, window panes, and even hardwood flooring. You should also observe roof eaves and guttering for defects that causes leakage and wood rot.

Outside, inspect shrubs or trees closely planted to your home. You don’t want those greeneries to be a direct way for termites to your home. You might want to see here to learn more on what you can do to those.

Home is where the heart is. And if your home is filled with termites, who knows what’s in your heart? Nah, we’re just kidding. But do take good care of your home (as well as your heart) or termites will gladly love it for you.