Tips for Successful Termite Control

How Fast Can Termites Destroy A House?

What are some successful termite control tips?

  1. Understand termite behavior
  2. Inspect every corner of your house
  3. Maintain your house’s seals
  4. Keep wood away from your house
  5. Trim plants around your house


These subterranean demolishers can potentially do more damage to homes than natural calamities. Weakening the foundation of your house and destroying precious materials in your humble abode. Pest control operators in the Philippines will always be there to totally eliminate any termite problem, but when you start to notice any termite activity, chances are that they’ve already done a substantial amount of damage. It’s best to prevent their invasion. Here are some tips for successful termite control:

Understand Termite Behavior

Understand Termite Behavior

You can’t effectively get rid of these pests if you don’t know what you’re up against. If you notice any unwanted insect activity, it’s essential to determine whether your home is infested with termites or ants. Many confuse the two as both insects look very similar.

Once you have confirmed that your house is under the attack of termites, you then need to understand the behavior of these pests. Knowing the species of termite that is invading your home is important as distinct pesticides are made for different species. You don’t have to know each and every species, all you have to know are these three groups they are divided to: Dampwood, Drywood, and Subterranean.

Termites work within a caste system that divides the labor of each termite class. This system in a colony includes only one king and one queen. Their role is to produce eggs, over a thousand per year. Then there are the solider termites that have large heads which have strong pincers. They’re tasked to defend the colony. Lastly, the workers are in charge of feeding other termites and to create homes for the colony.

Keep Wood Away from Your House

Wood will always be the primary target of termites. If your house is made up of wooden materials, you can’t simply replace them with other alternatives as this would deem costly. What you can do to your home is to have it regularly maintained and have termite control services inspect your home.

Any kind of wood lying around your home could draw these pests within the perimeter of your home, potentially posing a threat to your home. We suggest that you clean your down-spouts and gutters, avoid excess mulch near the foundation of your house, keep any form of wood or paper away from your house’s foundation, and get rid of any stumps within proximity of your home. If there are any nearby trees, find the time to sweep away the sticks and twigs.

Inspect Every Corner of Your House

Inspect Every Corner of Your House

Constantly checking every corner of your house and look for any signs of damage. Take note of these damages and call your local pest control operator. In the Philippines, termite damage is actually more common than floods. Even if your home is mostly made of concrete, you should still consider the possibility of your house being invaded by termites.

If you notice any vein-like mud tube structures running across the foundation of your house, then don’t hesitate to make some termite control measures. This is a sign that termites are venturing up from the ground in search for some tasty wood. If you have some wooden materials in your house, inspect them and check if the wood still looks healthy. Any signs of cracks or damage should lead you to assume that there might be some pest activity going on.


Maintain Your House’s Seals

Never think that the seals in your house will last forever. Yes, they will last long but there may be some factors that could shorten their effectivity. If you have any worn seals, replace them right away as broken seals could lead to condensation build up.

This build up could seep into the wooden parts of your house which can accelerate the process of wood rot, a perfect target for termites. Any form of damaged food is a delicacy for termites. To avoid the spread of these pests into your home, quickly replace worn seals, damaged wood, and cracked walls.


Trim Plants Around Your House

Trim Plants Around Your House

Dead wood and plants aren’t the only things that could lead these pesky pests into your home. Living and healthy greens and vegetation around your home could draw termites into the premises of your home. If you have any small trees, plants, or shrubs in your garden, keep them neatly trimmed and don’t push any mulch up against the foundation of your house. If you notice any dead leaves piling up under your plants, dispose of them right away.


Key Takeaway

Just follow these steps in order to keep termites away from your home and successfully control every situation wherein termites could invade your humble abode. These silent destroyers need food, warmth, and moisture in order to thrive.

Without you knowing, your house could already have been the perfect meal and home for them. Cutting them of any supply will force their colony to crumble. Just follow these tips and you can keep your home termite free.