6 Things That Attract Flies to Your Home

6 Things That Attract Flies to Your Home

What are the things that attract flies to your home?

  1. Animal carcasses and manure
  2. Rotting fruits and vegetables
  3. Sweet and fermented liquids
  4. Exposed garbage cans
  5. Dirty drains
  6. Other flies


Flies are a big problem for most homeowners. Other than the buzzing sounds they produce, they can also cause the spread of viruses and bacteria in your residence. This could cause food poisoning, diarrhea, typhoid fever, and more. To prevent these problems, you should know the things that attract flies to your home. Keep on reading!


Animal Carcasses and Manure

Flies love animals—their carcasses and waste specifically. If you have dead rats and mice in your walls, they might attract a horde of blowflies into your home. These pests love to lay eggs in decomposing animals and rotten meat. If you see them in one area, it might be a sign that it’s time to clean up a dead animal’s body.

If you have pets such as cats and dogs, be sure to clean after them. Neglected animal feces left for long periods can attract flies. Aside from this, droppings from critters, rodents, and birds could also add to the problem.


Rotting Fruits and Vegetables

Rotting Fruits and Vegetables

Most flies are attracted to moist and organic matter—such as rotting fruits and vegetables! If you accidentally left produce out in the open for some time, it could trigger fruit fly infestation into your home. After preparing your dishes, make sure to clean up and refrigerate any leftovers. Cover any gap in your doors and windows where flies could enter or else you can also contact experts to avail window services. Denver window installation can also help you out in preventing flies that could enter home. If you have compost, make sure that all your ingredients are covered with a top layer of soil to prevent flies from getting to the decaying materials.

Aside from rotting produce, fruit flies are also attracted to ripened fruit. So if you’re waiting for your mangoes to reach the ripe stage, it’s better to keep them in the fridge. Fruit flies can puncture the skin of overripe fruit to feed and lay their eggs.


Sweet and Fermented Liquids

Aside from rotting fruits and vegetables, fruit flies are attracted to sweet and fermented liquids. If you have spilled liquids from cola, syrup, liquor, vinegar, and more—you might see these pests in the area. They favor almost anything that goes through the process of fermentation.

As always, clean up any spills after you consume and prepare foods and drinks with fermented liquids on them.


Exposed Garbage Cans

Exposed Garbage Cans

One of the most common causes of flies in your home is garbage. They can easily access all of their favorite foods in one place—such as animal carcasses, manure, rotting fruits, vegetables, and more! Most flies lay eggs in moist and decaying organic material so they can propagate. For houseflies, eggs can hatch between eight to 20 hours.

To prevent flies from infesting your home, make sure that all garbage cans are tightly covered. Empty these frequently to prevent the trash from piling—which creates gaps in the lid for flies to penetrate.


Dirty Drains

Now that you know that flies are attracted to organic matter, you might understand why they still frequent your home even if you have a clean kitchen. This is because some flies like the bacteria and organic material in dirty drains. This problem can occur if you have a leaky pipe.

To solve this issue, have a professional plumber fix the leak on your drains. Clean these pipes properly to prevent a recurring infestation in the future.


Other Flies

Other Flies

Other than the food that attracts flies, you also need to get rid of the infestation immediately to prevent more of them from coming into your home. Flies rest on walls, floors, and ceilings near their sources of food. Sometimes, you might also see flyspecks on these places—which are the stains from their excrement. Flies and their waste attract nearby flies into your home.

If you want to remove flyspecks on your walls, you can combine borax and a water solution to wash the stains off.


Key Takeaway

A clean and hygienic home is key to preventing a fly infestation. Cover all the garbage cans, get rid of pet feces immediately, remove traces of food and drinks from surfaces, and clean up the drains regularly.

Now that you know the things that attract flies to your home, you can address an infestation by targeting the root causes! If you have a persistent pest problem, you can contact Topbest—a professional pest control team in the Philippines. You can schedule a free consultation with us by clicking here!