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9 Tips To Keep Your House Termite Free

Pest Control - Termite Free

What must you do to avoid termite infestation in your own home?

1. Avoid buying any wooden furniture as much as possible
2. Keep wood away from moisture
3. Get a regular termite check-up
4. Store wooden items and cardboard boxes properly
5. Correct cracks
6. Get your garden re-treated
7. Use non-cellulose material as much as possible
8. Use boric acid on furniture
9. Clean your home on a regular basis


Pests are big inconveniences to a home. They pose health risks (spreading unwanted diseases), safety hazards (causing property damage), and also bank account damage (you have to spend for repairs and control services).

One such pest commonly found in homes is the termite. Colonies of termites invade wooden structures, burrow through them in order to build a new nest, as well as use it for their food source. Unlike rodents, whose damages can be easily repaired, dealing with termites can be a difficult ordeal as they cause destruction from the inside out. Only when you suddenly see holes in wooden structures with creepy crawlies coming and going can you prove you have a termite infestation.

If you’ve tackled a termite problem before and it left you tired, here are 7 termite control tips to keep your house termite free.


Avoid buying any wooden furniture

Tip #1: Avoid Buying Any Wooden Furniture as Much as Possible

Termites reside in or near anything wooden. Some species burrow inside them and create nests there and also use it as their food source. Lessen the number of wooden furniture you have. Get metal or plastic chairs, tables, and other furnishings as much as possible to prevent termite invasions.

If you already have wooden furniture, use a hammer to tap the surface. If it sounds hollow, it might have termites already. Immediately call your pest control service for termite control. They might have spread to your other furniture already.


Keep wood away from moisture


Tip #2: Keep Wood Away From Moisture

If you can’t totally eliminate wood from your household, then make sure you keep it 6 inches from the ground, says Richard Gilbride of the 23rd Civil Engineering Squadron. “Termites are attracted to moisture in wood structures,” Gilbride adds. “If you keep them dry, you’ll lessen the risk of termite attacks in your home.”


Get a regular termite check up


Tip #3: Get a Regular Termite Check-up

Sources from Exopest, a pest control service provider, recommend regular inspection for termites, “At least once a year.” The group Brisbane Pest Controllers adds that inspection, “Prevents further property damage from happening or worsening.”


Store wooden items properly


Tip #4: Store Wooden Items and Cardboard Boxes Properly

Gilbride continues to say that wooden items improperly stored near wall cracks attract termites. The same goes for disposed cardboard boxes. He says that these “…are tasty havens for termites.” The engineer prescribes creating storage spaces for them in garage cabinets to keep them out of reach.


Correct cracks


Tip #5: Correct Cracks

Cracks or small openings anywhere in your home are pathways for termites to enter. When you see these, immediately seal them, don’t give pests an opportunity build a nesting ground in your house.


Get your garden retreated


Tip #6: Get Your Garden Re-treated

A newly landscaped home has lost its chemical protection. It is important to get it re-treated, says Gilbride, or else your home will be left vulnerable to infestation.


Use non cellulose material


Tip #7: Use Non-cellulose Material as Much as Possible

Professional pest exterminators give this advice, as cellulose is part of a termite’s diet. The less cellulose items in your home, the fewer chances you’ll have a termite infection.

Tip #8: Use Boric Acid on Furniture


When dealing with termites that are already in your home, there are a variety of pesticides you can use for your extermination project. One concoction that is certain to kill these pests is none other than Boric Acid.

Spraying this substance over anything with a wooden surface can certainly get rid of these tiny creatures in due time. Just be sure to know where exactly you’re spraying on and how much of the substance you plan on using.

Tip #9: Clean Your Home on a Regular Basis

This tip is one of the easiest ones to accomplish. As with other pests, they are usually attracted towards an area with a certain amount dirt around. The more dirt around an area in your home, the more your home is prone to infestations of termites and other pests.

By cleaning your home regularly, you’ll be able to keep these critters at bay for as long as you can. After all, cleanliness will always remain a key virtue in keeping your home as safe and secure as possible.

Key Takeaway

Termites, no matter how hard they may be noticed, will always fall prey to any tactic you choose in getting rid of them. As long as you put any of these tips into action, you’ll never have to worry about any pest around.

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