Tawa Tawa Leaves and Other Natural Cures for Dengue

Natural Cures for Dengue

With a horrible sewage system in the Philippines, prevention and control of the mosquito population are difficult. This is why dengue fever is so common here; maybe you or your friends have already experienced how painful it is. It can also lead to death if it isn’t taken seriously and given the proper treatment. There are several ways to treat symptoms naturally, such as the following:


Tulsi (Basil) Leaves and Black Pepper can help strengthen the immune system and act as antibacterial elements if combined into a tea. You can do this by boiling the tulsi leaves and adding 2 grams of black pepper.

Giloy is an  Ayurvedic herb known as the ‘Root of Immortality’ due to its abundant medicinal properties. Both anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation) and antipyretic (reduces fever), the herb also helps maintain the metabolic rate and strengthen the immune system to fight off infections. Boil the stems of giloy to serve it as an herbal drink.

Papaya Leaves and Goldenseal Roots can help increase platelet count (which dengue causes the decrease of) and reduce fever. Using this on a patient with dengue can help quickly flush out the infection from their system. You can crush the leaves or roots and chew them, or get your hands on the juice.

Turmeric has been known to boost metabolism and allows a person to heal from dengue faster. Mix this ingredient with milk to consume it.

Tawa-tawa Leaves are found locally and have been known to treat dengue. It does this by increasing cell production and preventing platelets from getting destroyed. Pre-packed tawa-tawa tea can be purchased at certain pharmacies and grocery stores, or you can make your own by boiling the roots in water and letting the dengue fever victim drink it after it cools.

Fenugreek Leaves is also a pain reliever so it can help people with dengue to rest easy. It is also known to reduce fever. To use this, soak the leaves in water and drink it. Alternatively, you can drink water mixed with methi powder.

Barley Grass can also increase the platelet count but it does so by telling the body to make more blood cells. It is available in powder form and is a healthy addition to your diet as well.

Neem Leaves is common in medicine and is used to treat many ailments, including dengue. It does this by helping increase white blood cells and platelets. Similar to Fenugreek leaves, simply soak the leaves in water and drink that water.

Orange Juice is full of antioxidants and vitamins ideal for eliminating the dengue infections and its secondary symptoms. It does this by helping promote antibodies and the release of toxins. The loads of vitamin C in orange juice is also useful because it encourages the body to create collagen which is needed for cellular repair. Just make sure you’re actually drinking juice from an orange and not those artificially flavored ones!

Water is an obvious need when you’re dehydrated but is it most especially needed for people with dengue since excessive sweating and body exertion which causes extreme dehydration. Water can also prevent muscle cramps and headaches and eliminate toxins caused by dengue.


While going to the hospital is the most ideal action to cure dengue, it is comforting to know that there are ways treat and prevent dengue naturally. This is useful in the Philippines where a lot of people don’t have the finances to be treated at a hospital. You must also take the necessary precautions to avoid dengue.