Bait and Luring Methods for Termite Control

Bait and Luring Methods for Termite Control

What are bait and luring methods for termite control?

  1. Termite traps
  2. Boric acid
  3. Chitin Inhibitors
  4. Sentricon Pest Technology
  5. Toxicants


Termite control is the most viable solution for the eradication of termites. Putting an end to their presence will all be made possible through the best practices in termite treatment – including bait and lure methods. What you should know about these solutions is that most of the time, they have been proven themselves to be more than capable to get the job done. Get to know what they are here in this article. Read below to know more!


Termite Traps

The simplest method that you can do as termite treatment is to create termite traps. If you have confirmed your suspicions and termites have found their way into your home, termite traps are the most viable solution. Remember, the most important thing about termite traps is that you use moisture as a lure for those pesky insects.

Making your own termite trap requires materials that are easily found in your home like cardboard boxes or pieces of paper that you have lying around. The next step would be to spray or soak them in water in order to create a moist environment. Termites will be drawn in to the combination of moisture and cellulose which they need in order to survive. Once you see that they have taken the bait, you should cover up the cardboard bait and carry it outdoors so you can proceed to burn it. This is one of the most effective bait and luring methods that you can carry out in order to eliminate termites because it only requires items easily found in almost any home.


Boric Acid

Boric Acid

If you are looking for a chemical solution to use in order to lure termites into their impending demise, you should consider using Boric acid to kill them at the onset. Boric acid is a very poisonous chemical that is also useful in eliminating insects.

Always be cautious when you are using Boric acid because getting into contact with it can also harmful to humans. Use gloves to mix the boric acid powder with propylene glycol in order to create the solution that you are going to use for termites. Once you have thoroughly mixed the substances, apply it to areas in your home where wood is present so you can get rid of termites that have invaded your space.


Chitin Inhibitors

Chitin Inhibitors are a class of chemicals that are responsible for the effectiveness of products such as Sentricon, Shatter, or Diflubenzuron. This can help in termite treatment because it targets immature termites so it loses the ability to multiply further. These chemicals do not allow the young termite to molt, leaving these insects to die prematurely.

Chitin is a hormone that worker termites secrete which allow them to shed their outer body covering or their exoskeleton — also known as their process of molting. Using chitin inhibitors can stop the production of this hormone, ultimately proving fatal to termites since they become constricted in their exoskeletons as they grow. This luring substance can disrupt termite lifestyle, and they will be unable to reproduce because of their inability to molt.


Sentricon Pest Technology

Speaking of a chitin inhibitor, you should know all about Sentricon. It is a great innovation in pest control since it can effectively eliminate termites in a snap. This substance can act as a bait to termites because it attracts them the same way food does. Sentricon includes a cellulose material which contains Noviflumuron which can prevent the termites’ further synthesis. As a result, termites will continuously feast on the Sentricon-filled material leading to their death. Do take note that this process can take about 3 to 6 months, so always be consistent with applications.

This is a useful trap and one that you should look into if ever you are feeling very annoyed with termites. This will not be a harmful application for people in your household since it will only be dangerous to the termites.




One bait and luring method that you should also consider are toxicants or growth hormones. This treatment is carried out by inserting these toxicants into the usual feeding space of the termites. You have to carefully measure the amount of hormone you are going to use in accordance to the termite population, types of termite, and the size of the colony. It is also important to note that the length of the feeding cycle should also correlate with these factors. Once you have mastered this, termites would not dare invade your property!


Key Takeaway

These are just some methods that you can use in order to draw termites to their own eradication. Keep in mind that although DIY methods can work, it is still better to contact a trusted pest control expert to help you get rid of termites. They are the authority when it comes to termite control and other insect elimination practices so you can learn a lot from them!