“SQUISH!” Top 7 Weapons to Use for Killing Cockroaches


Cockroaches are among the most annoyingly persistent pests you’re likely to meet in this life. They crawl. They fly. Heck, they even swim! Even if you somehow manage to kill one, two or more would easily take its place. You can hire the best pest control Philippines has to offer but if you’re not careful, they can still keep on coming. Like it or not, your war against these creepy crawlers will stretch on for a very long time. Once pest control has got the infestation under control, all you need now to maintain the peace in your home is the perfect weapon and a plan.

Here are the top 7 arsenals you can use, from the least lethal to the most potent:

Fly Swatter (Ranking: 1/5 Star)

This is the least dangerous weapon you can use against cockroaches. Seriously, instead of scaring them, you’ll just make them laugh. Or worse, you’d piss them off. Sure, there’s an electric-powered fly-and-mosquito swatter these days. You know the one that looks like a tennis racket. The problem with that is that while it can kill cockroaches, you might not like the smell of the cockroach being roasted alive.

Light Flip-Flops (Ranking: 1/5 Star)

This is another weapon that can’t really kill cockroaches, even if you repeatedly use it. However, it can stun the pest long enough for you to get a broom and dust pan and simply throw it out of the house.


Insecticide Spray (Ranking: 2/5 Stars)

The concoction of household insecticides now-a-days is not as potent as those used by professional pest control people, mainly to make it harmless to children and pets. But that does not mean that it can’t kill cockroaches and other small pests. Insecticide spray is best for flying cockroaches and for those hiding under the dark spaces of your bed, table, and closet. Warning: Keep out of reach of children.

Broom (Ranking: 2.5/5 Stars)

The broom is also a good weapon against cockroaches. Easy to handle and use, it can kill the roach with a well-placed and firm hit. Afterwards, you can use it to sweep the dead pest out of your house.

Cat (Ranking: 3/5 Stars)

Your feline companion is the best sidekick you’ll ever have in your crusade against cockroaches. Quick of eye and foot, equipped with sharp claws and teeth, and extremely quick and deft, your house will be cockroach-free in no time. The only thing annoying about cats is that they always play with their food first before eating it, which isn’t really something you like seeing.


Shoes (Ranking: 4/5 Stars)

Shoes are the best arsenal you can use to kill cockroaches on a daily basis. You can use it with your hand. You can use it with your foot. You can even throw it at the pests, although we’re not sure that’ll work.

Muriatic Acid (Ranking 5/5 Stars)

This is the most lethal weapon available. It’s so deadly to cockroaches that a few drops take barely more than 2 seconds to snuff out the roach’s life. Warning: Use only when you’re in the bathroom.

These seven are the tried-and-tested weapons used by cockroach so keep them in hand. The enemy is probably hatching up some evil scheme to keep these things away from us even as you’re reading this! Constant vigilance!!!