5 Ways to Remove a Termite Problem in the Philippines

5 Ways to Remove a Termite Problem in the Philippines

What are the ways to remove a termite problem in the Philippines?

  1. Cardboard trap
  2. Diatomaceous earth
  3. Sentricon Bait System
  4. Imidacloprid
  5. Ceptiva Powder


If you have wooden walls, ceilings, and furniture, you might have noticed discolorations, peeling paint, and pinpoint holes in the surface. The wood can buckle or crumble by itself, revealing all the damage that termites have done to your building. Before the infestation continues to worsen, you need to know the different ways to remove a termite problem in the Philippines. Keep on reading!


Cardboard Trap

One of the home remedies that can help remove termites is a cardboard trap. To do this, wet several flat strips of cardboard and stack them on top of each other. Place your DIY trap near the termite infestation and wait. These pests are attracted to moisture and the cellulose in the cardboard so there’s a high chance that they will move from their current home to feed on the trap.

When the cardboard is heavily infested by termites, you can take it outside and burn it. While effective, this trap is a temporary fix and is best combined with other methods to eliminate a larger termite problem.


Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is one of the popular ways to get rid of pests with exoskeletons such as termites. It is made of fossilized remains of aquatic organisms also known as diatoms. The powder might look ordinary but on a microscopic level, the particles are sharp enough to penetrate a termite’s body, dehydrate them, and eventually causing death.

To use diatomaceous earth, sprinkle the powder around the areas where there is a termite infestation and wait for the pests to crawl through the powder. This is an effective remedy when targeting small colonies of termites. For long-term pest problems, you might need stronger solutions.


Sentricon Bait System

One of the best termite solutions that a pest control professional can offer you is termite bait such as Sentricon. This is environmentally friendly and requires no drilling around your home. The bait will be placed around the perimeter of your building to attract the termites. These pests will ingest the bait and share it with their colony members—which ultimately eradicates all of them.

You might need to wait for a few weeks for the colony to be fully eradicated but it’s one of the most effective long-term solutions for a termite infestation. Other than getting rid of termites, the Sentricon system is perfect for preventing these pests from coming back for years to come.


Ceptiva Powder


When it comes to eliminating termites, another popular solution is Ceptiva Powder. The active ingredient, Fipronil, is also effective in eliminating other pests such as cockroaches, fleas, ants, and the like. It is applied by a pest professional near termite nests in ready-to-use vials. After that, all that’s left is to wait for the pests to eat the product.

When termites ingest the powder, it disrupts their central nervous system and affects their nerves and muscles—which eventually causes their death. The chemical can be spread to the others by the termites which helps speed up the fatality of the colony.


Premise Termiticide

Imidacloprid, which is the main ingredient found in Premise, is an effective termiticide used for pest control in the Philippines. This is because it has low-level toxicity to other types of living organisms. It is also odorless, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Premise is typically used on subterranean termite infestations. To use this, a pest control professional will spread the substance on the soil around your building’s perimeter. When a termite tries to go through this treated soil, it would slowly die. By returning to their home, they bring the chemicals with them and pass them onto others to speed up the eradication of the colony.


Key Takeaway

There are numerous ways to remove a termite problem in the Philippines, but the most effective ones for long-term results are performed by a pest control professional. That’s why if home remedies are not proving to be effective, you can contact our skilled pest control team here at Topbest!

We are an authorized applicator of Sentricon, Premise, and Ceptiva Powder which are all effective against severe termite problems. Other than treating your termite infestation, our treatments can also prevent their return in the long run. Click here if you’re interested in a free consultation!