7 Ways To Protect Your House From Mosquitoes

7 Ways To Protect Your House From Mosquitoes

How can you protect your home from mosquitoes?

  1. Keep your surroundings clean
  2. Remove stagnant water
  3. Install screens on your doors and windows
  4. Use insect sprays or repellents
  5. Maintain your hedges and lawns
  6. Hire professional pest control services


Mosquitoes are known for their tendency to bite people and animals, suck blood, and carry diseases. Unfortunately, this combination of factors can sometimes have fatal consequences when the diseases they carry are deadly. Protecting ourselves from mosquitoes is a must, and it starts at home. In this article, we will discuss some ways to protect your house from mosquitoes.


Why Do We Need to Protect Ourselves from Mosquitoes?

Why Do We Need to Protect Ourselves from Mosquitoes?

There are over 3,000 species of mosquitoes in the world. Many of them can be found in tropical countries like the Philippines, where the weather and humidity are optimal for insect growth and proliferation. 

Mosquitoes are flying insects that usually thrive on a diet of nectar, but during reproduction, female mosquitoes drink human and animal blood for protein to lay their eggs. Mosquitoes are also disease carriers, and when they bite people or animals, they transfer these diseases – some of which can be fatal – to the hosts. Among the worst diseases mosquitoes carry are dengue fever, malaria, West Nile fever, Zika virus, Yellow fever, and Chikungunya. You can read more about each of these diseases here.

Because these and other mosquito-carried illnesses can be irritating at best and deadly at worst, we have to protect ourselves from mosquitoes both within and outside of our homes. It’s important to avoid mosquito infestations. Read on to learn how.


Keep your surroundings clean 

Mosquitoes commonly breed in moist, dirty, or unsanitized places. Because of this, you need to keep all areas of your home clean. Practice good hygiene, dust regularly, and mop up spills as soon as they collect. 


Remove stagnant water

The best way to protect yourself from mosquitoes is by keeping them away in the first place. The first step to doing so is not giving them a place to breed or lay their eggs.

Mosquitoes breed in still water. From puddles to pools, mosquitoes can lay their eggs in just about any body of water as long as it is stagnant. So, make sure there are no open containers lying around and collecting liquids, especially dirty ones. Mop up all puddles, treat pools with chlorine or similar agents, and cover or dispose of vessels where water can collect.


Install screens on your doors and windows

Install screens on your doors and windows

Another way to stop the spread of mosquitoes is by preventing their entry into your house. While closing doors and windows will work, you still want ventilation and breezes to be able to enter your home.

Instead, opt for screens on your doors, windows, and other entryways. This way, mosquitoes will not be able to get in, but fresh air can still flow through your house.


Use insect sprays or repellents

There are pesticides that kill mosquitoes, but very often these are full of harmful chemicals that, when inhaled too often, can affect your lungs and body systems.

If you have an infestation in your home, these sprays might not be avoidable. But if you can use repellents instead, there is a wide range of repellents available in the market that are all-natural or otherwise safe for humans (and even pets) to inhale. Remember, though, those repellents will only make your home less attractive to mosquitoes, not remove them from your premises or eliminate them completely.


Maintain your hedges and lawns 

Maintain your hedges and lawns 

Mosquitoes often rest in the shade of leaves and unkempt shrubbery, so make sure you trim and maintain your plants. Not only will it keep you safe, but it will also have the added bonus of improving the appearance of your home.


Hire professional pest control services

Finally, one of the most effective ways to protect your home from the threat of mosquitoes is to hire pest control services. Pest control experts know all about mosquitoes’ breeding, resting, and feeding patterns, so they know where and how to target populations to avoid or deter infestation.

If you’ve decided on this final step, make sure you choose the best pest control service in the business. Unprofessional or makeshift pest control services may cause more damage than benefit in the long run if their methods don’t work or if the pesticides they use turn out to be dangerous for your health.


Key Takeaway

In this article, we discussed a number of ways to protect your house from mosquitoes. We believe these are the basic steps toward preventing mosquito infestation and the risk of disease that comes with it, and they’re steps that can be easily applied in any home. 

If you’re concerned about a mosquito infestation in your home or are at risk of any of the diseases they carry, you will benefit from pest control services in Manila from Topbest. Contact us today, or call (632) 8647-7777, (632) 8681-1921, (632) 8681-1593, or (632) 8681-1947 for a free inspection and consultation.