Can Termites Make You Sick?


Termites are considered as some of the most destructive pests. They often feed on wooden furniture, floors, and ceilings, as well as other items made of wood, compromising the structure of your home. Since they are ultimately a small type of insect, it is hard for people to see and get rid of them right away. This is why people often call termite control companies once the damage has been already done.

Aside from damaging your home, do you ever wonder if termites also affect your health? Can they make you sick? To help you understand how termites affect the dwellers of an infested home, this article will discuss the safety and health issues that termites pose.

What are the Safety Issues?

Termites are after the cellulose that wood is made of. That is why they feed on various wooden objects found in residential and even commercial establishments. This means that any building that are mostly made out of wood is a candidate for termite infestation. Once termites start to eat away the structure of a house or building, the foundation will weaken and it will be unsafe to occupy. After all, a fragile structure can collapse anytime and hurt the people inside it.


Apart from wooden items, termites can also damage the electrical wiring of a building. They accidentally feed and destroy a house’s electrical wiring in search for food. This can cause a short circuit, which may lead to fire or other electrical accidents.

What are the Health Issues?

Termites primarily feed on wooden materials and damage a building but they do not directly affect a person’s health. However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot indirectly cause illnesses to spread and affect the residents of a building or even their pets.

This type of pest can spread molds since they prefer dark and moist areas where molds are often found. Mold is a microorganism that can cause various diseases such as fungal infections and skin allergies. In addition, various types of skin diseases may also be triggered with the presence of molds, which begin to multiply once termite colonies start to expand.

Moreover, the presence of termites can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks too. In rare cases, they can also sneak into ears and cause infections.


Although their primary food are wooden objects, termites might also bite you or your pets. And although they do not necessarily carry diseases, their bite will still leave a sting on your skin.

There is no doubt that termites affect people in various ways. Aside from making houses and buildings unsafe, they also pose a threat to your health. Although they do not directly spread diseases, termites can still make you sick and cause infections. To avoid the damage and health risks that they present, remember that prevention is always better than cure. How can you prevent termite infestation? Start by avoiding acquiring too much wooden items in your home. Also, you should constantly clean your place to avoid attracting this type of pest. However, if in the end you still encounter termites at your home, don’t hesitate to call your trusted termite control service provider right away. They will help you eliminate the pest and restore your house into a safe environment.