Pest Repellents You Should Try Out

Pest Repellents You Should Try Out

What are some examples of pest repellents that you should try out?

  1. Sentricon
  2. Ceptiva Powder Application
  3. PestWest
  4. Chameleon Uplight
  5. Klerat


Termite control would not be possible without the proper pest repellents to help you achieve it. Aside from termites, other pests would also be included in the long roster of elimination caused by these products in the pest control industry today. With the help of the best pest control experts, the task of pest extermination can become a breeze. Get to know some of the best pest repellents that you should try today, read more below!



Homeowners and business owners alike who are looking for effective termite control would greatly benefit from the innovations found in Sentricon. This innovation in pest control technology is a groundbreaking option that eliminates the need for digging and drilling.

With Sentricon, pest control experts no longer need to resort to the use of injection of chemicals to ward off termites. Sentricon is a sustainable product that uses lesser amounts of chemicals so it would be a safe application for your family, pets, and even the environment.

Eradicating termite colonies with efficiency has never been the easier with the application of Sentricon to millions of properties in the U.S. and here in the Philippines. In order to maximize the benefits of this termite repellent, you would need a team of Certified Sentricon Specialists (CSS) to help you.


Ceptiva Powder Application


The powder application of Ceptiva is one of the most effective termite control products in the market today. This repellent is not just a basic product in the market because it was created through extensive data gathering and it went through a decade of scientific research and experiments. Ceptiva was made possible by Baden Aniline and Soda Factory (BASF).

Ceptiva delivers on its promise to eliminate termite colonies in just a span of a few weeks. Upon closer inspection, you will find that one of Ceptiva’s main ingredients is its patented microcrystalline cellulose matrix which would be termite’s worst nightmare once ingested.

Ceptiva works by spreading from one termite to the other just through mere body contact — the ultimate downfall of termite colonies. You can use Ceptiva with ease and expect astounding results. This is a powerful termite repellent that you should not dare miss out on because it can clearly eradicate termite colonies in a snap.



Flying insects can range from ones that are simply a bother to ones that can pose a risk to you and your family’s health. For instance, pests such as flies can spread diseases and be an agent of food contamination. Because of this, PestWest has come up with high-quality pest control solutions that aim to solve the problem of winged pests.

PestWest Sticky Traps are equipped with advanced glue board technology with slim-line designs for the effective capture of flying insects. Discreet and hygienic, PestWest products allows for better elimination of pests such as Fruit Flies. In addition, this brand of pest repellent holds the achievement of being an award-winning and highly reliable pest control measure. They also have innovative products such as Electronic Fly Killers (EFKs) that you can use for your home.


Chameleon Uplight

Chameleon Uplight

If you are irritated by all those flies and other flying insects that invade your home, then the Chameleon Uplight should be up to the task of eliminating them. This repellent works by attracting flying pests with its ultraviolet light daily and without pause. Having the Chameleon Uplight 24/7 would allow you to capture and get rid of all those nasty pests flying about in your space.

The pests are trapped by sticky papers which you or pest control professionals can easily get rid of and replace. The Chameleon Uplight is usually situated five or six feet from the ground which makes its presence stand out to insects but still be subtle enough that it doesn’t distract from the facade of your home. It is the safest and most unobtrusive way to take care of your pest problems especially those who are not afraid to spread their wings.



Klerat Waxblocks are ideal for baiting in rodent burrows, buildings, grain and food stores, and wet environments. If you suspect a possible rodent infestation in your pipes or drainage, Klearat is your best bet for the job.

Each block of Klerat can be easily secured in baiting areas, reducing the chances of rodents carrying it away. Its key features include resistance breaking, single-feed rodent control, single-feed kills, proven control of resistant strains, extended durability, fine particle matrix, and a high versatility, perfect for rodent control.


Key Takeaway

These are some examples of the most efficient pest repellents available today. If you are planning to conduct your own pest control efforts, ask your local pest control experts about these products right away. With the best termite, rodent, and pest control provider, you no longer have to worry whether your endeavors against these invaders are successful or not.

Positive Impacts of Pest Control and Termite Detection

Positive Impacts of Pest Control and Termite Detection


What are the positive impacts of pest control and termite detection?

  1. Top-of-the-line pest eradication
  2. Specialized equipment
  3. Preparation of a variety of treatments
  4. Knowledge of different pests


The benefits of termite control have already been illustrated by many, but have you ever stopped to wonder what the positive impacts made possible by the experts in the first place are? The process of this type of pest control all begins with termite detection and everything else just follows from there.

Every homeowner fears the risk of a termite infestation in their home so the demand for pest control steadily increases over time. With the damages that these pests can incur for homes, it is no wonder that pest professionals have been constantly on the lookout for more innovation in their practices.

Get to know more about the reasons behind the positive impacts of termite control which would greatly help you as you deal with these types of pests. Here they are:


Top-of-the-line Pest Eradication

Female gardener with knapsack garden spray

Pest control teams do not stop until they achieve the goal of eliminating any possible presence of termites. While you may think that it’s just as easy as using ordinary pesticide to kill those intruders, experts know that correct techniques and proper measures should be observed in order to do so.

The fact of the matter is, not all pests can be extracted easily, especially termites. Termite experts are relentless when it comes to top-of-the-line pest eradication because they know that these creatures hold the ability to damage properties severely. Even professional attempts for extermination can cause drastic impact to your home if not done right.

This is one of the reasons why the positive impacts of pest control are present when dealt with professionally. It’s their commitment to making your household free from these pesky insects that bring about a wide array of advantages and sustainable efforts.


Specialized Equipment

Termite damage will cost you a lot of money in the form of property damages if you are not aware of their presence in your home. A successful and effective treatment is the reason behind it. In the event that termites plague your home, concrete drills and injection rods would be added to the equation in order to treat the foundation of the building.

A serious infestation would be easy to deal with if protective equipment is used — for instance, a fumigation machine. The typical situations that termite experts go through are made simpler and more efficient with the help of specialized equipment. This makes all the difference in extermination.

Do not underestimate their effort to make your household stray from the damage caused by termites. There is a common misconception that extermination treatments would just revolve around the simple effort of spraying insecticide in the affected area, but it is more than that. For others, this means significant impacts on household maintenance and preservation of investments.


Preparation of a Variety of Treatments

Backyard Garden Pest Control Spraying. Small Tree Spraying in the Garden.

The primary benefit of hiring a professional is that they are equipped with the know-how necessary in termite treatment. They will rarely fall back on simple methods to allow your home to exist without the presence of termites. The variety of solutions at their arsenal are all essential to resolving pest control problems which are comprehensive and precise to get the job done.


Trained experts make use of the following strategies in termite elimination:


Soil Treatment

Termite treatments applied to areas surrounded by soil are done for the purpose of enacting a barrier. Starting with digging a trench around the foundation, the soil is then treated with a termiticide. This trench is continuously refilled, which ten helps in the prevention of future termite infestations. This would be the reason for extreme termite elimination because they will return to the soil to nest.


Wood Treatment

Pest control professionals use wood treatments by way of surface applications and wood injections. This type of treatment comes in a variety of methods that are all helpful in eradicating existing termite colonies and prevent future infestations from happening. Wood treatments consist of surface sprays, injected sprays, and foams, and even Borate treated wood.


Bait Systems

One thing that’s very true about termites is that they will munch on anything and everything. That is why experts use bait termite treatments as an effective way of destroying termite colonies. Pest control professionals install bait stations around the perimeter of the home and this will make way for close monitoring of the stations. Bait systems will ensure that a home is protected from future and current termite invasions.


Knowledgeable about different pests

Being knowledgeable about the different kinds of pests would be an easy feat especially if the pest control experts are keen to do their research. Dry wood and subterranean termites require different treatments for their presence in your home. Termite control professionals hold a broad scope of knowledge about the pests themselves and their services are built to cater each one of them. Experienced extermination services would be the best in dealing with all kinds of pest control situations including termite infestations. Their knowledge is the foundation of the positive impacts of pest control and termite detection.


Key Takeaway

When it comes to pests, professionals would know what to expect and how to act accordingly. As tempting as it is to do DIY pest extermination, better leave it up to professionals to get the job done. Call a pest control expert near you today!