WARNING: Summer Pests this Season are Dangerous to Your Health

bug summer


Summer, for many of us, means vacation! Because of the heat accompanying this season, not to mention the time off those of use who are still studying get, we tend to leave our houses and go on memorable trips with our families and friends.

Unfortunately for us, the pests are out on vacation too, and we and our homes are the popular tourist attractions. Many pests decide that summer time is a great time to get more food and inflict more damage to everything we hold dear.



This is one of the reasons why pest control are on call 24/7 year-long – mosquitoes. Even though they are infamous for multiplying during the rainy season, there are even more reports of mosquito-related diseases such as malaria and dengue during summer.

Why is that? Most people stay outdoors during summer because of the heat in their own homes. Others go trekking or mountain climbing, which is also teeming with mosquitoes. Because people prefer staying outdoors during summer, these insects have a feast that they surely enjoy. Another reason why mosquitoes are so prevalent during the dry season is because most people reserve water for later use. Unfortunately, some people fail to cover their water reserves, allowing the mosquitoes to multiply in these places. To avoid this, remove water or cover reserves to avoid mosquitoes from creating breeding grounds in your home.


Have you watched the animation film The Bugs’ Life? If yes, you’ll have an idea why swarms of ants infest your house, just waiting for you to leave your food unattended for a few seconds before they attack, this summer season. However, ants raid different food sources, not because they are terrorized by horrible grasshoppers, but because they are preparing for the rainy season. They have to have a lot of food to provide for the whole colony, especially for their queen, throughout the whole rainy season. As much as we understand these small workers’ preparation for the rainy season, it’s not an actual excuse for them to raid our food. They’re not exactly dangerous to us per se, but they’re still pretty annoying.


We’ve talked about them before – and bats, though they can be pests to us, play essential roles in the ecosystem. Bats’ primary diet includes fruits and insects which are most abundant during summer. Unfortunately, because most bats are nocturnal and have this impressive auditory ability, they end up making a lot of noise at night – disturbing us while we have our much-awaited more-than-5-hours-of sleep. Not only that, bats’ dung (also known as guano) smell really bad – another reason why it’s bad thing if they live near or in our homes. But look on the brighter side, they predate on other pests. At least.


For some reason, flies seem to be greater in number during summer – maybe it’s because most wastes and carcasses decay faster in higher temperature, giving maggots more food. All we know is that flies are pests. These pests, because of their habit of flying and buzzing from one place to another, can potentially carry deadly diseases (including deadly parasites that can live in our bodies).


We can enjoy our summer vacation, but never forget to remain vigilant and take necessary actions to prevent pest infestation. Never forget that there are awesome pest control services that we can rely on even during this hot season to take care of the pests for us.