Importance Of Rodent Control During Rainy Season

Importance Of Rodent Control During Rainy Season

What is the importance of rodent control during the rainy season?

  1. Rodents will seek shelter when it rains
  2. Rodents can easily get inside through small holes
  3. Rodents can reproduce quickly
  4. Rodents can cause damage to your property and spread diseases 
  5. Rodents can be hard to control and manage


Rodents, specifically rats and mice, are pests that can cause health problems and property damage. While rodents can cause an infestation all year round, there are certain reasons why you pay more close attention to them during the rainy season. When it rains, rodents will find shelter where they can keep themselves dry and have access to the things they need for survival, such as food. Before you have a serious infestation, you might want to consider rodent control services from pest control experts.


Rodents Will Seek Shelter When It Rains

Rodents Will Seek Shelter When It Rains

During the rainy season, temperatures drop, especially during the evenings. As the rain accumulates water on the ground, rodents will seek shelter. Unfortunately, rodents are attracted to warmth. The warmth your home offers during the rainy season is like an invitation for mice and rats to get in through small openings. For this reason, you’d want to consider rodent control during the rainy season. 


You can find rodents nesting in wall voids, storage boxes, attics, crawl spaces, cabinets, and behind or under home appliances. Look for attractive nesting material that can provide warmth, such as shredded newspaper, fabric, or cardboard. Schedule a pest control inspection if you suspect you have a rodent infestation and can’t find their nesting area! 


Rodents Can Easily Get Inside Through Small Holes

Due to their small size, rats and mice can get into your home, even when you think you’ve closed all entryways. Because of their body shape, rodents can fit in a hole one-fourth of an inch or larger. They can enter through gaps in your windows, ceilings, bathroom drains, drain pipes, holes in piping, and even sewer lines.


Aside from that, rats will do anything to survive, including treading water for days. They will also survive after being flushed down a toilet. 


You need to understand rat entry points to avoid infestations. Fortunately, expert rodent control teams know the entry points of these destructive pests and apply the necessary preventive methods to keep them away from your home for good. 


Rodents Can Reproduce Quickly

Rodents Can Reproduce Quickly

Once rodents have established a nest in your home, they can be extremely challenging and exhausting to get rid of. Your home can provide them with everything they need, such as food, water, and warm shelter. They need all these to reproduce and survive. Once rodents start reproducing, the numbers can go up fast.


Rats can reproduce very quickly. The typical gestation for a rat is only 21 to 24 days and they can reach their breeding age in 8 to 12 weeks. 


The same also goes for mice. They will breed continually, regardless of the season or climate. A mouse can reach sexual maturity in just 35 days after birth. A female mouse will produce 5 to 8 offspring. Don’t let your home get invaded by hordes of rodents by seeking the help of pest control services. 


Rodents Can Cause Damage to Your Property and Spread Diseases 

The top reason why you will need rodent control services during the rainy season is that rats and mice are notorious for causing damage to properties and spreading diseases.  


Rats and mice can cause considerable structural damage to your property. For example, mice will chew on anything that they think will be useful in building their nest. They can gnaw and burrow into furniture to create a snug nest. Wiring, car engines, and insulation are also not safe from their gnawing. In addition, rodents carry many diseases such as hantavirus, leptospirosis, tularemia, salmonella, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV). 


Protect your loved ones’ health and yourself from major repair costs by seeking rodent control help, especially during the rainy season when rodents seek shelter in your home.  


Rodents Can Be Hard To Control And Manage

There are things that you can do to prevent rats from seeking shelter in your home during the rainy season. This includes closing and sealing any gaps that they can enter. Cutting off their food supply, cleaning up clutter and garbage, and getting rid of any potential hiding places can also help. 


While the above tips can be helpful, however, it is still possible for rats and mice to get into your home during the rainy season. If you see any signs of infestation, it’s beneficial to choose professional rodent control services over DIY pest control. The wrong usage of products can put you at risk. The wrong solution can also worsen the rodent infestation you are dealing with.


Pest control teams are the ones that are trained and experienced in eliminating rodents. They won’t leave any inch of your home unchecked and will apply safe yet effective rodent control methods. With their expertise, you can completely get rid of your rodent infestation, even during the rainy season.  


Key Takeaway

You may need rodent control because rats and mice can seek shelter in your home during the rainy season. They can get in cracks and gaps in your property. Once they’ve established their nesting place, they will reproduce and cause a problematic infestation. The problem is that rodent infestation can cause health problems and costly property damage. 


Now that you know the importance of rodent control during the rainy season, don’t hesitate to avail our professional pest control services here at Topbest! 


At Topbest, we have been providing pest control services since 1997 and we only use proven pest control techniques to help clients across Metro Manila and provincial areas in the Philippines eliminate their rodent problems. We also only use non-toxic and environmentally friendly methods to ensure all your loved ones’ safety. If you need help, you can contact us here today. We also offer free pest consultations! 

Pest Control Philippines: Home Protection Against Rodents

Pest Control Philippines: Home Protection Against Rodents

What are the steps to establish a good home protection against rodents?

  1. Inspect possible entry points
  2. Store food in sealed containers
  3. Observe proper sanitation
  4. Pay attention to specific items in the house
  5. Invest in traps
  6. Contact a licensed pest control team


Pest control in the Philippines, as with other countries in the world, is pretty straightforward. When it comes to eliminating these creepy crawlies from homes, a reliable pest control company is the solution, especially when it comes to rodents.


There are many types of diseases that you can contract when you are in proximity to rodents. This is why you need to deal with the problem at the first sign of trouble. Knowing how to identify a rodent infestation and how to prevent their prolonged presence in your home is the best way to keep you and your family safe. Here are the essential tips to establish home protection against rodents:


Inspect Possible Entry Points


Rodents cannot enter your home if you seal all the entrances that they can use. Find and identify gaps or cracks that rodents may use as entry points. Seal them as soon as possible even if you don’t see the signs of a rodent invasion in your home just yet. This will take you one step closer to preventing further damage caused by these pests. In the Philippines, pest control can easily be done in a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) manner. It all boils down to how attentive you are to the safety of your home from pests.


Store Food in Sealed Containers

Store Food in Sealed Containers

The primary thing rodents are attracted to is food, which is why you should do your best to keep them away. Store food properly in containers that are not within the rodents’ reach. Eliminate possible food sources for rodents so you won’t risk contamination and exposure to dangerous diseases. Avoid the rise in numbers of the rodent population by keeping sources of food away from them. Always remember that you have to keep your pantry, kitchen, dining area, or any other place that you store food in as tidy as they can be. This is one of the surefire ways to eliminate rodents in your home as soon as possible.


Observe Proper Sanitation

Observe Proper Sanitation

Related to the previous point, proper sanitation is the way to go. Rodents thrive in a disheveled environment — the primary reason why they carry so many dangerous diseases. The sensible way to prevent rodents from attacking your home is to keep it clean. Not only is this a great way to perform pest control, it also fulfills the basic standards for hygiene. Do not limit sanitation to food storage either. You should also properly dispose of garbage bags and clean out the insides of trash containers to eliminate rodents in your home.


Pay Attention To Specific Items in the House


Aside from the probable areas in the house where rodents can be found, you should also inspect specific items in your home to make sure that rats are not lurking around in there. If you have items such as boxes or other packages that you have recently brought into your home, make sure that rodents have not used this as their hiding spot. In addition, you may want to check drawers or bags that rodents are attracted to munch on. If you suspect a probable rodent infestation, be mindful of these items so you will know where to look to identify these pests.


You should also look into the roof area of your home and search for loose mortars or strippings around the windows. If you find signs of wear and tear in sites such as broken pipes or clogged drains,  eliminate moisture in these areas immediately because these are the best breeding sites not only for rodents, but for other pests as well.


Invest in Traps

Invest in Traps

There are effective traps that you can use in your home like snap traps or mouse glue traps. Investing in traps is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to get rid of rodents in your home. If you don’t feel like being near them, you should purchase poison baits so there is no escape for these annoying pests. Check these traps regularly because if you leave dead rats lying around, there is a certain odor of decay that can last for several days.


Contact a Licensed Pest Control Team


If your rodent problem has gotten out of control, it is advisable that you call a pest control company to deal with them. Do not hesitate to ask help from experts because they know all about the nitty-gritty of pest control. In the Philippines, rat control can easily be done if you identify the problem firsthand. However, pest control services are the best people to deal with these occurrences because of their extensive knowledge and expertise on the matter. Contact an efficient team near you if you suspect that rodents have invaded your home.


Key Takeaway


As what is commonly said, “Prevention is better than cure.” Home protection against rodents should be done without question in order to promote safety in your house and against dangerous diseases as well. Identifying rodents is the key to eliminating them completely.

Things to Consider in Selecting Pest Control Services for your Establishment

Things to Consider in Selecting Pest Control Services for your Establishment

What are the things you need to consider in selecting pest control services for your establishment?

  • Research about the company
  • Check out previous clients’ testimonials for their service
  • Choose a company with reliable customer service
  • Choose a pest control service that uses safe products


Selecting the best team for your pest control services will be easy if you know that they can deliver the best results for your needs like rodent control or termite control. Whether you are a homeowner, renter, or landlord, you need to control your household pests through preventive measures and you can ask for the services of a pest control company to give you further knowledge on this. In the event of extensive pest infestation, they can do the job for you.

You should choose the pest control services that will not operate on promises but on results. Costs should not be the primary reason for choosing the company to help you because there are affordable pest control services that are incompetent. Instead, choose the company that will not be a huge burden on your finances but will help you control your problems with pests.

Look for quality and value in your prospective pest control company. A competent company knows their way around the pest infestations. Ensure that they will use insecticides and other measures in a safe and effective way—one that does not endanger your health and property.

Before calling a pest control company, consider the following reason for selecting pest control companies for their services:

Research about the Company

Research about the Company

Encountering a pest problem requires instant results. You should put the pest control companies to the test by reading on testimonials from their previous clients. Check if they can be competent enough to handle it as quickly as possible. However, if the problem is not that persistent, it is best that you wait a few days to select a competent, reasonably priced company.

Most companies provide a free quotation for their services so you should have a mini survey on which is the most affordable for their services.

When most people discover a pest problem, they want the problem eliminated immediately.  However, most problems can wait a few days so you have time to select a competent, reasonably priced company.  It is wise to obtain several estimates from prospective companies.  Most of them will provide free estimates.


Check Out Previous Clients’ Testimonials for Their Service

You will be employing the help of a pest control service company and, of course, you would want to ensure that you will be receiving good service. In order to be assured of this, look out for good reviews from other customers, industry experts, and the community.

It would be even better if the company has a website. With it, you can easily search for reviews from previous customers. However, if they do not have one, you can talk to your family or neighbors. Good chance if they have heard about the pest control company, they can give you positive or negative feedback on their services. A good company will always have their reputation precede them so you wouldn’t need too much time doing research.

Choose a Company with Reliable Customer Service

Choose a Company with Reliable Customer Service

When a Pest Control Company has good customer service, it means that they care about customer satisfaction and they are most likely to give you quality service. Red flags should be raised if the company you are calling seems rude, unwelcoming, unreachable or unprofessional. If their customer service sounds like this, it will reflect on their staff and the management will be a total turn off for those who want to avail their services.

Expect treatment with the same quality if you encounter these negative behaviors.


Choose a Pest Control Service that Uses Safe Products

Pest control, if not done right, can pose serious health risks to you and people that go in and out of your establishment. Let’s say you have an event place that has high traffic of people. You would want to have a pest control company that is meticulous and guarantees safety above all. Proper implementation of rodent control, mosquito control, or termite control will go a long way in terms of health and safety. There should be a high regard for safety as much as there is for eliminating pests.

Talk with pest control technicians about the types of treatment options available and what chemicals they may contain. If the technician is persistent in denying any harmful effects of their product, you might want to think twice.


Key Takeaway

These are just a few things you have to consider when selecting a pest control service for your establishment. Avoid scams from companies who claim to be the saving grace for your pest control problem because most often than not, they are not the solution. Instead, choose the pest control that is reliable, knowledgeable, approachable, and best of all, committed to eliminating the pests in your establishment.

The Dark Knight: How Bats Function as Natural Pests Controllers

The Dark Knight: How Bats Function as Natural Pests Controllers

How do bats function as natural pest controllers?

  1. Bats are insect predators.
  2. They extinguish garden pest feasting on your crops.
  3. These mammals can act as insect repellants.


There are numerous ways on how to conduct pest control in your home; methods like traps, sprays, and planting various herbs to repel the pesky insects are some of them. Of course, there are other alternatives that you could also try out, such as a more natural means of pest control. For instance, bats (a creature of the night) could often deter pests.

In general, bats may appear to be ominous at times due to their color and nocturnal lifestyle. In addition to that, these mammals have been related to dark folklore beings, specifically vampires like Count Dracula.

In contrast to popular belief, these flying creatures of the night should not be driven away and should just be left alone. This is due to their helpful skills that can surely be beneficial to the community. The next time that you see bats in your area, don’t call for rodent control just yet and let the bats provide you with their free and natural method of pest control.

If you want to know more about how bats provide pest control service, then read on, because this article contains everything that you need to know regarding these night fliers.

 They Prey on Insects

They Prey on Insects

The common belief for bats is that they are tiny flying bloodsuckers and that their diet consists of fresh warm blood. But that’s not really the case for these misunderstood mammals.

Most bat species are actually insect predators and devour flying insects that are medium in size. The most common pest that bats consume are moths, house flies, and beetles. However, among all of the various flying insects that bats eat, mosquitoes are the flying critters that are necessary to get rid of. It is essential that these dark knights lessen the population of mosquitoes in a community due to the various deadly diseases that they carry.

In an hour, these flying mammals are capable of feasting on 1,200-5,000 mosquitos, which could be almost half of a bat’s entire body weight.

Makes Insect Avoid an Area

Helps Ward off Garden Pests

Flying insects are not the only critters these flying mammals devour, but they also feed on garden pests that feasts on the fruits and vegetables planted in your garden.

Common garden pests that bats consume are worms, beetles, and earthworms—all of which are known to damage and cause havoc to various crops.





Makes Insect Avoid an Area

Flying insects can actually hear the presence of bats in a particular area. That is why they tend to avoid an area where they sense bats reside in.

Bats are able to provide pest control not only by extinguishing or devouring those flying bugs present within the area, but also by driving away any possible incoming insects.


How to Attract These Natural Pest Controllers?

Unfortunately, the natural habitats of bats such as caves and thick forests are destroyed by human activities. Furthermore, the various chemicals that humans use are highly dangerous for these airborne mammals. But there is no need to worry because attracting bats to roost in your backyard is fairly easy.

First, don’t remove the old hollow tree in your backyard since this could be a natural habitat for bats. A less ominous trick you could do instead is to plant herbs like lavender, spearmint, sage, and thyme, which are rich in aroma.

If you use pesticides for your home, lessening the use of such chemical would make your home more inviting for bats. Mercury vapor lamps or lights are great options for the garden since this kind of lighting fixture attracts flying insects like moth and mosquitoes. Consequentially, a party of flying bugs will definitely attract insect predators like bats.

Lastly, build or buy a bat house similar to that of a birdhouse. But, a bat house is essentially bigger and taller than a birdhouse in order to cater to the size and number of bats. Doing so will not only attract bats, but also provide a space for them to roost; thus, ensuring that they will stay within the area.

Observe Caution

Observe Caution

Even though bats are helping you with your bug problems, it does not mean that they can be tamed.

They can still be considered dangerous, especially when defending their own territory. Also, they may carry rabies.

Never try to disturb the bats, more importantly, those that are roosting, because they may have an aggressive response and bite you.


Key Takeaway

There is a very well-known phrase that states “Do not judge a book by its cover.”

Well, the same goes for these nocturnal fliers.

Sure, the natural pigment of their skin is black and they are very fond of the dark, but that does not immediately mean that bats should be driven away.

Remember, these night fliers provide an effective and natural method of pest control.

The next time you see some bats flying around at night, don’t disturb it or try to drive it away. You’ll never know how much service these dark knights are doing for you and your neighborhood.

4 Most Commonly Found Cockroaches in the Philippines

4 Most Commonly Found Cockroaches in the Philippines

What are the most commonly found cockroaches in the Philippines?

  1. German Cockroach – it has two dark vertical stripes running the length of its head shield.
  2. American Cockroach – an adult American cockroach is reddish brown in color.
  3. Brown Banded Cockroach – it has light bands across its abdomen.
  4. Oriental Cockroach – it is darker than most cockroaches.


If you live in the Philippines, then you’re no stranger when it comes to cockroaches. More than that, you probably harbor a fervent aversion towards them, and that the very idea of cockroaches already makes you shudder in disgust. Plus, when they start flapping their wings and blindly soar through the air? That will certainly have anyone screaming.

Cockroaches top the list of pests that need to be controlled. Aside from the multitudes of measures that you need to take—such as rodent control—managing cockroaches can be a nerve-wracking yet satisfying venture. Nothing feels more gratifying than finally seeing your beloved home devoid of this pest.

However, contrary to what you might think, cockroaches don’t look alike, and there isn’t just a single type of cockroach prowling out there. There are, in fact, thousands of species out there. But this post will only tackle the 4 most commonly found cockroaches in the Philippines. Read on to know more about them!

 German Cockroach

Source: Wikipedia

German Cockroach

Its scientific name is Blatella germanica. This particular species is the reason why cockroaches have such a dreadful reputation.

The German cockroach is spread all over the globe, and they can’t subsist in areas that have no human activity. Their survival is also hampered by cold temperature, which is the primary reason why they’re so drawn to the Philippines and its scorching heat. This makes pest control—especially cockroach control—even more crucial.

An adult German cockroach is 10 to 15 millimeters in length. Its distinct characteristic is the two dark vertical stripes running the length of its pronotum (or head shield).

In order to distinguish the males from the females, there are features that you need to look out for. Males have a thin and slender body, and its back is not covered by tegmina (or is leathery outer wings). The male is also rendered in a light yellowish brown color.

On the other hand, a female German cockroach has a plump body, and its back is covered by tegmina.

A female generates 4-9 oothecae (egg case). Each ootheca contains 37-44 eggs. Lastly, the adult life cycle spans for more than 100 days.


American Cockroach

Its scientific name is Periplaneta americana. The American cockroach is the largest of the most common cockroaches, with an average of 4 cm in length.

An adult American cockroach is reddish brown in color, with a light brown or yellowish band around the rim of the pronotum. Males are much more substantial than females because their wings can extend from 4 to 8 mm beyond the abdomen.

A female produces one oothecae every 10 months, with around 16 eggs per ootheca. The adult life cycle lasts from 100 days to 3 years.

 Brown Banded Cockroach


Brown Banded Cockroach

Its scientific name is Supella longipalpa. This is a domestic cockroach, which means that its whole life is spent indoors. Yes, aside from rodents that you need to control, there’s also this particular cockroach that has a penchant for hiding in your home.

An adult brown banded cockroach resembles the German cockroach a bit, especially with their tiny size and body shape. But the two can be set apart by the absence of dark stripes on a brown banded cockroach. Instead, they have light bands across their abdomen.

The adult males are 13-14.5 mm in length, while adult females are 10-12 mm. Another distinct trait is that males fly when they are perturbed, while the females can’t fly. Lastly, a female brown banded cockroach has a considerably bigger abdomen than a male.

A female generates up to 13 oothecae, which comprises of around 16 eggs. An adult typically lives 90 to 115 days.


Oriental Cockroach

Its scientific name is Blatta orientalis. It’s approximately 1 inch long, and is darker than most cockroaches. Some of them, in fact, already veer to black.

Males have wings that envelope almost ¾ of their body. On the other hand, females have extremely short wings. Despite this, both of them cannot fly.

The life span of oriental cockroaches ranges from 1 to 6 months.


Key Takeaway

Aside from rodent control, you should also concern yourself with cockroaches; they definitely top the list of pests that you need to control.

There are thousands of species of cockroaches available in the Philippines, although these four are the most common. Regardless of the species, however, it’s your duty to ensure that your home or establishment is completely devoid of this horrifying pest.

How to Deal with Ants in Your Home before Calling Pest Control Services

How to Deal with Ants in Your Home before Calling Pest Control Services

How do you deal with ants in your home before calling pest control services?

  • Find that queen
  • Observe their trail
  • Use ant baits
  • Postpone your cleaning
  • Spray at the most opportune time
  • Keep your home clean
  • Bar the ants from entering your home
  • Destroy their nests outside


Ants are virtually everywhere. Just when you think you’ve already gotten rid of them, you’ll see hundreds—or thousands—scurrying away in another corner of your home. Just when you think you can finally focus on rodent control, apparently there are still some pesky pests you need to control.

The thing about ants is, aside from appearing practically anytime, anywhere, they’re social insects. This means you’re not just going to deal with a handful of ants, but a whole colony of them.

This makes it essential for you to bar their entrance into your home as well as you can. If they still manage to find their way in, then you have no choice but to learn how to get rid of them. If worse comes to worst and you can’t handle them on your own, then you better seek a professional’s help.

But before that, here’s how to deal with ants in your home prior to calling pest control services:

Find that queen

Find that queen

It’s essential that you have a basic grasp of how this whole ant business works. Aside from the colony (or the ants you see traipsing freely around your home), there’s the queen.

The queen is most probably hidden from view. When the other ants are toiling hard to scavenge for food, she’ll remain cloistered in her nest, continuously laying eggs.

So no matter how many times you get rid of the ants you do see, they’ll keep on coming back unless you eliminate the source—that is, the queen.


Observe their trail

Dealing with ants is pretty much like preparing for a military attack. You can’t just plunge into their territory there and then. You need to calculate your movements first.

In this case, it’s advisable that you observe where the worker ants are coming from and headed to. This will give you an idea of where their nest it.


Use ant baits

Don’t just impulsively eliminate every worker ant you see. Aside from observing and following them, you might also want to consider setting up ant baits.

Once the worker ants see the bait, they’ll immediately take it and carry it back to the queen.

Eating this, of course, will be the death of the queen.

Postpone your cleaning

Postpone your cleaning

Sure, it might be extremely tempting to sweep your ants. But you don’t want that—after all, doing so will eradicate the ants’ odor trail, which is basically what the other ants will follow.

If you’ve already placed the baits, then this odor trail will lure in the ants to your trap.


Spray at the most opportune time

It’s important for you to know when to spray and when to wield your pest control prowess—that is, when the worker ants have finally led you to the queen and their nest.


Keep your home clean

It starts with cleanliness. Just like with rodent control, your house should be constantly kept tidy and sanitized, if you want to keep your home devoid of pests.

That is, don’t make it easy for the ants to discover food and water! Make sure that there no crumbs scattered on the floor. Wipe the spills in your countertops. And never leave unwashed dishes in the sink!


Bar the ants from entering your home

Because ants are so tiny, they can easily slip in between the most constricted of cracks and crevices.

To curb this, be sure to seal the gaps around windows, doors, sockets, pipes, and all other plausible access points.

It’s also a good idea to spray an insecticide near these entrances.

Destroy their nests outside

Destroy their nests outside

Unfortunately, ants won’t just plague you inside your home. This means that they can still reside outside. You might still want to get rid of them. After all, it won’t be long before they choose to invade your home as well.


Key Takeaway

Ants can be extremely bothersome. They’re pests that you need to control.

Unfortunately, aside from devoting your efforts to rodent control, you also have to deal with these tiny insects.

In some instances, luckily, you can deal with ants on your own; there are just some things that you need to do. Once these pests go beyond your control, however, make sure to consult the professionals.