How to Get Rid of Insects in Your Restroom

Cockroach under toilet

How do you get rid of insects in the restroom?

  1. Reduce moisture
  2. Identify and seal cracks and other access points
  3. Fix drain and plumbing issues
  4. Clean your restroom regularly


When it comes to pest control and dealing with pesky bugs that can be seen around your home, you have to understand that no room is safe. Insects in the restroom are not unheard of and when that kind of situation arises, it can be frustrating to deal with. From cockroaches to black bugs and sewer flies, you must be prepared to deal with potential restroom invasions whenever they may occur. Here’s how to do just that.


Reduce moisture

If you are not already aware, moisture attracts insects because they are cold-blooded. Just like humans, insects and other known pests also require a sufficient level of water vapor to properly regulate their body temperatures. This is precisely the reason why pests can be found in your home. It has the perfect level of moisture that can support the nature of these creatures.

That being said, one room in your house that has the potential to be the moistest is your restroom. This is more apparent after taking a long hot shower. Not reducing the moisture after taking a hot shower can potentially lead to insects creeping around.

One way to reduce the moisture buildup is by opening the air ceiling air vents while you’re showering and then keeping them on for a while after you’re done. If you do not have air vents installed in your restroom, then you can go with a simple, tried-and-tested way of cracking a window open. However, do remember that open windows are potential access points for insects like cockroaches and flies as well, so try to be mindful.

If you don’t want to risk letting in an insect thanks to an open window, then use technology to your advantage and invest in a dehumidifier.


Identify and seal cracks and other access points

As mentioned above, pests won’t be able to get into your house, let alone your restroom if there are no access points for them to enter through. The most obvious access points in terms of your restroom are the door and windows. If you leave them open, the chance of creatures getting in and potentially annoying you increases. Be mindful every time you use your restroom and never leave access points open.

There are also going to be instances wherein you still find insects coming in despite keeping everything closed. When that happens, inspect the door and windows closely. It could be possible that there are small cracks and crevices that enable insects to come in. You will do well to repair and seal them up at the soonest possible time.


Fix drain and plumbing issues

man plumber fixing pipes

While your drain is not necessarily an access point, it could still function as one if there are broken or leaky pipes that remain in your drainage system. Again, moisture and water are highly attractive to insects which is why when water is not passing through some pipes, they become potential breeding grounds for certain insects. At some point, they can eventually pass through the drain of your shower or sink and wreak havoc from there.

Avoid this by having a plumber like an indiana plumber inspect your pipes (if you cannot do it yourself).  Also, keep in touch with your emergency plumber if you need to fix your pipes immediately. So if you’re searching for a reputable professional, look what I found here.

If there happens to be plumbing issues, resolve them quickly. Putting a cover on the shower drain is also a great preventive measure for those insects that manage to find their way through.


Clean your restroom regularly

cleaning bathroom

Lastly, moisture is not the only thing that can attract unwanted guests to your restroom. Generally speaking, cockroaches and ants are attracted to garbage, filth, and a general lack of cleanliness. These things provide a great environment for said insects because they can potentially find food and shelter in messy areas. Along with its moist nature, everything they need can be present within your restroom.

Diligence when it comes to cleaning is needed so that you can guarantee your respective baths and restrooms are insect-free.


Key Takeaway

Now that you are aware of specific things you can do to help minimize the presence of insects in the restroom, it is best for you to apply what you’ve learned properly and consistently. If your efforts are to no avail and you still see a consistent presence of insects, try calling your preferred pest control services because what you’re dealing with could be a full-blown infestation. If that is the case, then it is better for you to leave it to the professionals.