How to Protect Your Baby from Mosquito Bites

How to Protect Your Baby from Mosquito Bites

What are the best ways to protect your baby from mosquito bites?

  1. Use screens and nets – Mosquito nets are effective in protecting your baby from being approached by mosquitoes.
  2. Use mosquito patches – These patches are safer alternatives to your regular insect repellents, and are safe to apply.
  3. Use mosquito traps – Electric zappers are effective in attracting and eliminating mosquitoes.
  4. Use insect-repellent flowers – Flowers release chemicals that repel insects, which make them a good alternative to traps.
  5. Dress your baby up in neutral colors and cover them up – Using colors like white, gray, and beige, would make them less of a target for mosquitoes.
  6. Refrain from using scented products – Mosquitoes are attracted to strong scents, which makes using natural scents a better alternative.


Mosquitoes are some of the most dangerous types of pests around, and their bites bring about a variety of diseases that can be fatal. A single mosquito bite can bring about diseases like dengue, malaria, yellow fever, Zika virus, West Nile virus, and Chikungunya. These diseases can prove to be fatal and can cause a number of complications if not treated immediately. With this in mind, protecting your home and your family from mosquitoes and mosquito bites through pest control should be a priority.

One of the most important members of the family that need to be protected is your baby. It is important to make sure that they are protected from mosquito bites, so that they would not get any of the diseases that mosquitoes may bring. In an effort to help you protect your baby from mosquito bites, we listed down some of the best ways to do so.

Use screens and nets

Use screens and nets

One of the simplest and most effective methods to protect your baby from mosquito bites is by setting up screens and nets in their sleeping and playing areas. Mosquitoes are usually able to fly into any area indoors, and crawl into small spaces.

But by simply installing a net in the said places will ensure sure that they would not be able to reach your baby when he/she is sleeping (or playing). In countries where mosquitoes are abundant, mosquito nets are used as a simple way of mosquito protection.

Use mosquito patches

Use mosquito patches

While mosquito repellents are an effective way to protect your baby’s skin from being bitten, some of these repellents may be too strong for your baby’s skin, and may cause irritation and rashes. The best alternative to use is mosquito patches. These things can be put into the skin like a bandage. The chemicals that are released by these patches help repel mosquitoes away from your baby’s skin.

Along with protecting your baby, mosquito patches come in bright and vibrant colors as well, with some even having drawings of popular cartoon characters that your baby might enjoy.

Use mosquito traps

Use mosquito traps

A great way to protect your baby from mosquitoes is by using traps. Some of the traps you can use are electric zapper traps, which are effective in attracting and eliminating mosquitoes in a room.

However, while these are effective devices to protect your baby, it is also important to keep them as far away as possible, as these can be risky when it comes into contact with your skin while they are plugged in.

Use insect-repellent flowers

Use insect-repellent flowers

A great alternative that you can use instead of electric zappers is by using flowers that give out chemicals that repel insects. Flowers, like the chrysanthemum, are a good kind of flower to put in a room. It will not only repel pests away, they can also add color to your baby’s room, making it much livelier than usual.

You must, however, watch out for any allergic reaction the flower(s) could elicit from your child. If you see any sign of allergy, then it would be best to remove the flower from the area as soon as possible.

Dress your baby up in neutral colors and cover them up

Dress your baby up in neutral colors and cover them up

Mosquitoes have poor eyesight, which means that they most likely target people, who are wearing dark and bright colors (floral prints included). Neutral colors like beige, khaki, olive, gray, and white would make your child less of a target for mosquitoes.

Furthermore, it is important to cover your baby up as much as possible when going outside. While mosquitoes can bite through knitted clothes, they have problems when it comes to woven fabrics. Socks and long-sleeved tops are clothes that can protect your child from those mosquito bites.

Refrain from using scented products

Refrain from using scented products

Other than being attracted to dark and bright colors, mosquitoes are also attracted to a variety of scents. Most of these scents come from soaps, perfumes, and different kinds of sprays. Strong kinds of scents attract mosquitoes, so it is best to make sure that your baby does not wear them. A good alternative is to use natural scents, which are the kinds of smells that do not attract mosquitoes.

Key Takeaway

Protecting your family, especially your youngest members, from pests like mosquitoes is important. Babies are very vulnerable to various insect bites, and looking for the best measures to protect them from being bitten would ensure that they are safe from any harm.

4 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away!


Do you know what is the most hated insect in the world? Out of all the venomous and nasty bugs littered around the globe, mosquitoes are probably the most hated. Sure, their bite is not as painful as that of a bullet ant and they do not look half as bad as a cockroach. In spite of this, plenty of people still despise mosquitoes – to the point that they will immediately call pest control companies upon seeing them – because although they do not have a stinging bite and they don’t look scary, they have the ability to obliterate millions of people through the diseases they carry.

Every year, plenty of people fall ill due to dengue, malaria, and Zika virus – illnesses that you can contract from mosquito bite. Do not let this pesky insect harm you your family. To be safe, follow these mosquito prevention tips.

Consistently Clean Your Home

The easiest and most common way to prevent attracting mosquitoes in your home is by consistently cleaning it. Mosquitoes are attracted to clutter and debris – such as buckets, cans, scrap metals, and tires – because these places can serve as breeding grounds for them. For example, if you leave a bucket of water in the garage for weeks, expect adult mosquitoes to lay their eggs on it. Avoid situations like this for a mosquito-free home by following these tips:


  1. Make sure that all of your doors and windows do not have any holes since they can serve as entry points for mosquitoes. If there are any, make sure to block them right away.
  2. Empty all of your water containers twice a week. Birdbaths, pet water bowls, and flowerpot saucers can attract mosquitoes too so make sure to drain them regularly.
  3. Turn over empty buckets and pails to avoid excess water from dripping inside the containers. If they cannot be emptied, make sure that they are at least covered.
  4. Check if the bottom of your garbage bin and other containers have holes. If there are any, make sure to cover them to prevent mosquitoes from entering these holes.
  5. Keep your gutters clean and unclogged.
  6. Make sure that your swimming pool is clean and chlorinated as well.
  7. Do you have a pond at home? Aerate ornamental ponds to keep its water from moving. Also, try placing a mosquito-eating fish in your pond to prevent mosquitoes from invading the area.
  8. Cover your trash can or dustbin when not in use.
  9. Mosquitoes are drawn to dark and damp places so trim the bushes on your property in a regular basis. This will not only make your garden beautiful but reduce the population of mosquito in your yard as well.

Wear Insect-repellent Clothing    

Wearing insect-repellent clothing is one of the best ways to prevent mosquitoes from biting you. Put on long-sleeved shirts and pants especially if you are going to sleep. Covering your skin with garments is also a must if you are venturing to areas where there are mosquito infestations.


Utilize Citronella Candles

Citronella is known as an effective repellent of mosquitoes. So place a few citronella candles in your living room, bedroom, and even garden in order to keep these pesky insects away. Aside from battling mosquitoes, these candles can also help beautify your place!

Plant Mosquito Repellent Plants

If you have a garden at home, try planting mosquito repellent plants. Some of them are basil, lavender, lemon balm, peppermint, and marigold. These plants can effectively drive mosquitoes away, preventing them from wreaking havoc on you and your family’s health.

Mosquitoes will not just leave your skin feeling itchy after they bite you. In some cases, their bite can also lead to numerous diseases such as malaria and dengue. To avoid contracting the several illnesses that mosquitoes carry, follow the four tips mentioned above! If they continue to pester you after trying everything, then maybe it’s time to avail pest control services. Contact a professional immediately to get rid of the mosquitoes in your home.