Pest Control Services to Ward Off Active Pests During the Rainy Season

Pest Control Services to Ward Off Active Pests During the Rainy Season

What are the pest control services to ward off active pests during the rainy season?

  1. Clear out stagnant water
  2. Use window nets
  3. Keep your bathroom clean and dry
  4. Invest in plants
  5. Do away with clutter
  6. Aroma of natural oils
  7. Keep wooden items dry
  8. Secure entrances and outdoors


It is that time of the year again when the rain becomes a common part of your day. Unfortunately, pests love this season and sometimes, their presence gets too unbearable that you would need the help of pest control services. You should be aware that the humid climate aids the growth of the population of pests and insects. This is attributed to the high moisture levels in the air and stagnant water can become a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pesky pests that you should prevent from entering your home.

In order to alleviate and prevent active pests from visiting you during the rainy season, make your home bug-proof with these pest control tips.

Clear out stagnant water

Clear out stagnant water

Get rid of any stagnant water in your home because it can provide a place for dangerous pests to give birth—and this could result in many diseases that could inflict your family.

Stagnant is a common breeding ground especially for disease-carrying mosquitoes that could carry both dengue and malaria. Always be on the lookout for stagnant water near your house and garden, and get rid of it immediately before it attracts more pests.


Use window nets

Having window nets are not just useful during the rainy or storm season; it is also essential during other seasons. The nets will always be there to help you keep out bugs and pest.

You can easily buy this in hardware shops. But you might want to measure your windows first. After all, you need this to fit them properly. If you want to further ensure that pests do not visit you, you can also use a bed net around your bed before you sleep at night so that you can prevent being attacked by pests as you slumber.

 Keep your bathroom clean and dry

Keep your bathroom clean and dry

The outdoor area of your home is not just the area that is vulnerable to pests. In fact, your bathroom is also an attractive place for pests to go to. You should know that a damp bathroom can attract earthworms and other creepy crawlies. Although these pests are not harmful, you should always keep your bathroom neat, dry, and hygienic. Keep worms away so that you do not have any unusual surprises during your morning shower.


Invest in plants

There are plants that have insect-repellent properties that work either indoors or outdoors. You could choose from a wide range of plant selection that includes the following species: Basil, Lavender, Aloe Vera, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Catnip, and Citronella. Maintain them well and they will reward you with pest preventing qualities.


Do away with clutter

A cluttered house will look very attractive for insects and pests. Knowing this, you should discard unwanted items around your house as soon as possible. Get rid of cardboard boxes and newspapers you no longer use.

Totally reorganize your house, particularly the kitchen area and keep your food items in sealed containers. Make sure that your garbage cans are closed at all times and dispose of the waste regularly. You should also take care of your pets by giving them a regular bath and do not forget to clean their wastes immediately.

Aroma of natural oils

Aroma of natural oils

Aside from plants, oils can give the same natural benefits in getting rid of pests. The insects detest the aroma of the oils and sprinkling it in all corners of the house is an effective way to ward off pests from your home.

Natural oils, such as lavender or eucalyptus oil, are the best and most effective natural insect repellents. The strong odor draws insects away when they are sprayed in the room. You can also improvise by mixing it with white vinegar and water then apply it around doorways and windowsills.


Keep wooden items dry

As you may know, wood is an essential food for many termites.

Damp wood could attract a lot of termites so you have to make sure that they are dry. Apply the necessary termiticides and other chemical liquids that can effectively keep them away. You should also consider calling a pest control company if the infestation goes too out of control.


Secure entrances and outdoors

The very obvious reason to keep pests out is to secure entrances. Do this by shutting off any cracks in exterior walls or any tiny gaps which can exist around doors, windows, and pipelines. This is the easiest way to stop the mosquitoes and fleas from entering your home and you can enjoy your time indoors without any interruption. Ensure that you have a tight-fitting entrance as well as properly seal the windows, vents, pipes, and roof shingles.


Key Takeaway

The rainy season will require you to make drastic and quick measures to protect you and your home from pests. Always remember that doing so will ensure your utmost convenience. The pest control tips listed above are your guide in preventing insects from sharing a home with you.