5 Renovation Tips to Prevent Pests

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What are some renovation tips to prevent pests?

  1. Consult with a pest control team
  2. Have your building treated for pests
  3. Inspect materials before using
  4. Seal pipes, holes, crevices, and cracks
  5. Clean-up clutter and moisture


Are you planning to remodel your building anytime soon? Aside from hiring an architect, engineer, and builder, you may want to consider getting help from a professional pest service. There are design strategies that they can suggest to eliminate and prevent pests in the long run. After all, a pest infestation, whether it is from a termite, rodent, or roach can be very costly because of the damages. To get you started, here are some renovation tips from home remodel Houston to prevent pests.


Consult with A Pest Control Team

The first thing you should do is hire a pest control team. Compared to the costs of renovating a building, pest services can be affordable. Before starting rebuilding your home or establishment, make sure to have it inspected first for existing pest activity. This is a good opportunity to do so because parts of your house will be removed which may disturb rodents, cockroaches, and other pests.

Set a meeting with your builders and architects to talk about plans on mitigating pests during the renovation. Include the pest control team so they can make suggestions on what materials to use and designs to avoid. They can also help you make a pest control plan for the long run.


Have Your Building Treated for Pests

Have Your Building Treated for Pests

Now that your building has been inspected by pest control professionals, it is a good idea to have it treated for any pest activity. This way you’ll have a clean slate to renovate. The experts from pest control ft wayne can help get rid of the pests and prevent them in the future as well.

For example, you may not know that your walls are already infested with termites. They like to eat and burrow wood from the inside so it looks normal on the outside. The last thing you know; you have hollow walls that can break at any time.

A pest control team will have several treatment plans for termites before and after a renovation. One method is lateral soil movement, where an odorless solution is mixed with the soil to create a barrier between it and the home. Termites can’t detect it, and they either die on the spot or bring the poison to their nests.


Inspect Materials Before Using

One way you can bring pests into your home is by using infested materials from a supply shop. Have the pest control team inspect all the materials, especially if you’re using wood. This way, you can prevent any problems in the future.

Some examples of pest-resistant materials you may want to use are heartwood, treated lumber, and composite lumber. You may also opt for concrete, bricks, and other solid materials.

It is also important to inspect materials not just when receiving them from delivery, but also before using them. Whenever people leave your site, pests could infest these materials while no one is around. A good solution is to install pest baits all around your building.


Seal Pipes, Holes, Crevices, And Cracks

Do you want to know where pests live? You may not see it, but they prefer hiding in dark places where no one can find them. Cockroaches can flatten themselves to fit even the smallest cracks and crevices. Aside from being their home (for window repair and other services, people can check it out here) , holes could also serve as their pathways all around the building. If you have unused sewage pipes, rats could also use this as their nest.

Whenever doing a renovation project, a good tip is to seal old pipes that will not be used. You can use steel wool, but the best way is to apply cement. Inspect for any cracks and crevices on corners, walls, and hard to reach areas and apply a filling mixture. Take note to also put screens in any entry points, and make sure that your door and window frames are fitted tightly.


Clean Up Clutter and Moisture

Implement the clean as you go rule when doing the renovations. Rats and cockroaches love to hide in clutter, especially cardboard, newspapers, and foams. Get rid of any leftover foods and have designated garbage disposal outside. Remember to empty it regularly and put a lid on it to prevent giving pests a free food source.

If you have leaking pipes, it is also a good idea to have them fixed within the day. Aside from food, moisture will also attract pests to live on your property.


Key Takeaway

Before starting the remodeling, take some time to consider applying these renovation tips to prevent pests. This way, you can get rid of existing infestations in your building and eliminate problems early on.

Renovating your home is the perfect opportunity to hire a professional pest control team like Topbest. You will remove furniture, break walls, and check the plumbing, giving you the perfect view to inspect pest activity you may not usually see. Treating it before remodeling is the best way to prevent problems in the long run.

If you’re interested in a professional pest service from Topbest, you may click here for a free inspection.