How Pest Control Services Work During the Pandemic

How Pest Control Services Work During the Pandemic

How do pest control services work during the pandemic?

  1. Practicing Good Hygiene Practices
  2. Wearing Personal Protective Equipment
  3. Perimeter Pest Control
  4. Catering To A Wide Variety of Industries


All businesses are under great pressure because of the current pandemic situation. While the healthcare industry is at the front line battling COVID-19, all kinds of pests also pose a threat to public health. If you’re wondering about how pest control services work during the pandemic, we’re here to tell you all about it.

Pest control during the pandemic is considered essential. Rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other opportunistic pests, do not rest despite the ongoing crisis. In fact, the implementation of the quarantine made them more active these days.

Warehouses and office buildings are becoming perfect shelters and fertile pest breeding grounds. Thought your home would be a haven from infestations? The piling food and trash produced from the lockdown attract all kinds of pests. Here’s how pest control services continue their mission to protect people and properties from infestations.


Practicing Good Hygiene Practices

The pest control industry’s priority is the health and well-being of clients. Now more than ever our job remains of utmost importance.

Public health officials strictly advised that proper and frequent handwashing techniques must be followed. As we continue to be vigilant about coronavirus updates, our team is helping to help stop the spread of the virus by practicing good hygiene practices.

Every staff member must wash their hands before and after each service. Hand sanitizers will be provided too. Moreover, a close person to person contact must be avoided during operations. Limiting close contact between clients from at least 6 feet away is also essential.


Wearing Personal Protective Equipment

Wearing Personal Protective Equipment

The coronavirus is highly contagious and transmitted through respiratory droplets. This is why pest control services work during the pandemic by wearing the right gear. By doing so, there will be no risk of infections.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is not only for healthcare staff. Pest control teams have been wearing it to serve as protection from pesticides ever since. Depending on how strong the chemical composition is, pesticide sprays and fumes may pose health hazards to humans.

Full-length overalls with sleeves reaching the neck and wrists are worn during operations. A protective suit will cover the entire body. Aside from that, PVC boots, nitrile gloves, goggles, and respirator masks will also be used.

Rest assured that we will keep everyone’s safety in mind during pest control appointments.


Perimeter Pest Control

We understand that these are uncertain times and no effort is too much when it comes to health and safety. If you are seeking pest control services, you might be uneasy about the risks. This is why we offer clients the option for exterior pest services.

Perimeter pest control is an exterior plan to stop pests from entering your household in the first place. Since the treatment is performed outside, it is a safe method for avoiding pesticides. Let’s not forget the benefit of not risking COVID-19 infections.

Pests are minuscule, and they can squeeze their bodies to fit the tiniest holes. Improperly sealed doors can easily let pests in. Unmaintained yards can be breeding grounds for pests. Stagnant water is an invitation for mosquito infestations. Cracks in the house foundation can be their hiding spots too.

When pests get inside your household, it will require a meticulous inspection to seek their nesting places. Not only is this annoying, but also health threatening. With everything that’s been going on, a hospital trip because of pests is the last thing anyone will want to happen.

Start by stopping pests from entering your household in the first place. Contact your local pest control service provider for the most effective solutions.


Catering To A Wide Variety of Industries

Catering To A Wide Variety of Industries

Unfortunately, pests don’t take breaks even during the pandemic. Residential properties are not the only structures that are prone to pest infestations.

Despite dine-in options being put on hold, restaurants are still serving take-out and delivery requests. This means kitchens are still being filled with leftover food that is served as meals for pests. Healthcare facilities must meet the highest level of sanitation as they cannot risk the safety of patients even further.

This is why we cater to a wide variety of industries. Simply call us for all your pest concerns.


Key Takeaway

If you ever thought about how pest control services work during the pandemic, this simple guide provides great insight.

At Topbest, our team is equipped with the proper personal protective equipment to carry out services safely and effectively. We also practice health protocols and offer effective options for your pest infestations.
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