Family-Friendly FilmFest: 5 Movies That Kids can Enjoy

We have previously we talked about films about spiders and scorpions. But while these flicks are notable for its thrilling plots and featuring a legion of mutated deadly arachnids that can prove challenging for any pest or termite control to deal with, it’s not exactly something you will have your kids watch, no?

Better opt for these family-friendly flicks about bugs and rodents made specifically for kids and the kids at heart! This way, no one needs to be excluded and everyone can have fun altogether.

For those Sunday nights when you want to huddle up with your family, here are a few film suggestions!

A Bug’s Life

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Produced by Pixar and distributed by Disney, this film is somewhat based on the fable The Ant and the Grasshopper. The protagonist Flik lives in an ant colony that is terrorized by a gang of grasshoppers who demand a portion of their food every year. Individualistic and inventive, Flik often causes trouble for the colony, and when he proposes asking help from “warrior bugs” to help defeat the grasshoppers, the ant council decided to give him the task in order to keep him busy. It’s a great film to watch, filled with funny characters as well as dramatic scenes that will warm your hearts.

The Great Mouse Detective

the Great Mouse Detective

If you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes and detective films, then you’re going to love this flick. Here you’ll meet Basil, the titular mouse detective who’s living underneath Holmes’ apartment in baker Street. He can’t play violin well unlike Holmes, but he does know his notes when it comes to his flute. Together with his trusted sidekick Dr. Dawson, they’ll uncover a plot cooked up by his arch-nemesis Professor Ratigan to dethrone the mouse Queen of England, solving their way through obstacles much like our buddy Sherlock would.

Stuart Little

Stuart Little

Though technically not a cartoon, this family comedy is both funny and heart-warming to say the least. Stuart is a humanoid mouse who was adopted by the human Little family, much to the initial chagrin of George Little who doesn’t want a mouse for a brother and the family cat Snowbell who doesn’t want a mouse as his master. Both changed their attitudes as they learn to accept Stuart into the family, with Snowbell even saving the mouse from a mafia-like group of cats.



Much like A Bug’s Life, this film is about ants, but aimed more for adults. This time around, the enemy is from within: the colony’s General Mandible wants to rule, plotting to overthrow the Queen by sending off all the soldiers loyal to her on suicide battles against termites. The only ant standing in his way is Z (short for Z-4195), a worker ant who, though a series of events, uncovers mandible’s schemes and helps change the ant colony for the better.

The Amazing Spider-man


This 2012 reboot of the superhero franchise did away with all the drama and corniness exhibited in Sam Raimi’s trilogy. Here Peter Parker (played by Andrew Garfield) is a typical geeky high-school student, coping with the loss of his parents, facing bullies like Flash, and getting his crush Gwen Stacy (played by Emma Stone) to notice him. While trying to solve the mystery of his absentee mom and dad, Peter gets bitten by a genetically-altered spider, transforming him into a superhuman with spider-like abilities.

A few bits of advice before you start your movie marathon: get lots of snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy. Just make sure you guys don’t leave a mess that’ll attract bugs and rodents afterwards!