6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Mosquito Control

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Mosquito Control

What are the reasons why your business needs mosquito control?

  1. Mosquitos can put your business at risk
  2. Implement preventative programs to detect other issues
  3. Pest control services protect your business products
  4. Working with a mosquito control company reduces your task
  5. Preventing infestation before it happens
  6. Save time and money


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Establishing a business also requires maintaining a healthy environment for you, your employees, and your clients. It’s mandatory to have mosquito control solutions because first, it prevents nuisance biting. Second, it saves your company’s reputation by encouraging a healthy and clean environment.


Everyone also knows that mosquitoes are blood-feeding insects that have negative health impacts. Some of the most deadly diseases carried by mosquitoes include yellow fever, dengue, and malaria.


Want to know the top reasons why your business needs mosquito control? Continue reading on! 


Mosquitos can put your business at risk

Mosquitos can put your business at risk

Even a single mosquito can jeopardize your business. People are wary of mosquitos because they are aware of how dangerous they are to their health. Thanks to thanks to the rise of social media, customers can easily vent their frustrations to businesses that have mosquitoes or pests on their food As a business owner, you must implement a preventative program to ensure your customers’ safety.


Remember that a customer’s first negative experience with mosquitoes can ruin your business reputation if the problem spreads widely.

Implement preventative programs to detect other issues

Pest control services employ trained experts to suspicious activities and inspect for problems that could lead to mosquito pressure through preventative programs. In this regard, they may identify leaky pipes, development, or even employee behavior problems that may contribute to mosquito pests in your business.


When these issues are resolved, your company will run better as the infections are truly eliminated and the danger of dengue is significantly reduced. Your business can even be reviewed or recommended by your customers!

Pest control services protect your business products

Pest control services protect your business products

Mosquitoes can fly through your product packages or any water-containing equipment and breed, causing product damage and potentially losing your business revenue.


At Topbest, we have several effective mosquito prevention control solutions in the Philippines. We can ensure that your business establishment maintains a high level of cleanliness and quality maintenance to prevent mosquitoes from entering or breeding.


Working with a mosquito control company reduces your task

Pest management professionals are trained to effectively control pests such as mosquitoes in buildings. When you work with the best pest control company in the Philippines, you can reduce your pest control workload while also ensuring that your building is safe for your customers. 


DIY mosquito solutions are not always effective. It would be best to trust pest control experts. 


Preventing infestation before it happens

Choose the best mosquito control service. By doing so, you can take the initiative to avoid problems like an infestation that could harm your business. With the right pest control plan, you’ll be able to resolve the problem before it worsens, which could jeopardize your customers’ trust in your company. If you notice any signs of mosquitos in your place of business, contact a pest control company right away.


However, if you do not have a contract with a pest control company, now is the time to get one. Eliminating mosquitoes as soon as possible is the best way to avoid future infections that could harm your business’s production.


Save time and money

Pest control services can help business owners save money. Our mosquito control service can alleviate your concerns about mosquito infections that are costing you more money. 


Pests are harmful to one’s health. Many pests spread disease and pathogens that can be carried onto food and food surfaces. Even if your business is not in the food industry, there are still health risks to consider, and you must proceed with caution right away.


Key Takeaway

Now that you know the reasons why your business needs mosquito control, protect your business by partnering with us! As a reputable pest control service provider in the Philippines, our team at Topbest is your partner by eliminating mosquito breeding grounds from your business place. Mosquito prevention and control are the keys to avoiding mosquito-related diseases. 


You can book a free pest inspection with us here! With years of expertise providing pest control services to our clients, you can rely on us to keep your business place safe from mosquitoes!

How A Pest Control Company Can Help with Dengue Prevention

Man itching and scratching on hand from allergy skin rash cause

How can a pest control company help with dengue prevention?

  1. Inspects your property thoroughly 
  2. Understands the most effective mosquito treatments
  3. Prevents mosquito breeding
  4. Follows up with mosquito control 


Dengue virus is an infection transmitted to humans through an infected mosquito bite. It is transmitted mainly by the species Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. These are the same mosquitoes that transmit the chikungunya, Zika virus, and yellow fever. 1 in 20 people with dengue will develop severe dengue, which has a risk of shock, internal bleeding, and worse, death. What’s more concerning is that up to 400 million contract dengue disease each year. 


Worried about mosquitoes in your home? Keep on reading to learn exactly how pest control can help with dengue prevention! 


Inspects your Property Thoroughly 

Inspects your Property Thoroughly 

As mentioned above, mosquitoes can transmit the dengue virus. So, once you have a mosquito infestation on your property, it’s crucial to be proactive and seek a pest control professional. 


When you ask for help from a pest control company they will first send pest control experts for inspection. Effective pest control treatments start with an inspection. 


Pest control professionals will look for places where mosquitoes are likely to appear, identify potential breeding grounds, and seek out the root cause of your pest problem. Sometimes, a thorough mosquito control inspection will also uncover other pest infestations that you are not aware of. For example, during the inspection, a growing termite or rat infestation might be discovered. 


Understands the Most Effective Mosquito Treatments

Understands the Most Effective Mosquito Treatments

Once your property has been thoroughly inspected, pest control experts will know how to treat the root cause of the mosquito infestation. 


Proper treatment is needed to remove the risk of the dengue virus on your property. But, keep in mind that every mosquito infestation case is unique and the treatments will need to be customized. There are over 3,000 mosquito species, and 2 of those are dengue-disease carriers (Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus). In addition, every mosquito species goes through distinct life cycles, which can require different pest control methods. 


Mosquito control and treatment options can include management of larvae and adult mosquitoes, residual spraying, misting and fogging, and more. 


One of the most effective ways to control mosquito populations is to implement the treatment when the mosquitoes are immobile and concentrated. This is when the mosquitoes are still in their immature life cycle stages, like the egg, larva, and pupa stage. This approach ensures the effectiveness of pesticides and also lessens the need for widespread pesticide application.


To combat the outbreak of dengue, it’s also important to control the population of adult mosquitoes, as these are the ones who can bite and transmit the virus to humans. 


Prevents Mosquito Breeding

Prevents Mosquito Breeding

Habitat modifications might also be recommended to prevent the breeding of dengue-causing mosquitoes. The main goal is to keep these pests from finding a spot where they could lay their eggs. Pest control experts will work with you to address areas where mosquitoes can breed.


It only takes a few days for mosquito eggs to hatch, then develop into adult mosquitoes that transmit the dengue virus. Stopping the eggs from hatching is crucial for controlling the pest problem on your property. 


Remember that mosquitoes will only need an inch of water to lay eggs. Overall, the life cycle of a mosquito from egg to an adult will only take approximately 8-10 days.


Once adult mosquitoes develop, the male ones will feed on nectar from flowers while the females will feed on humans and animals. Aedes aegypti, the species that can transmit the dengue virus, prefer to bite humans. After feeding, they will look for water sources where they can lay their eggs. 


Follows Up with Mosquito Control 

When you hire a pest control company, a follow-up appointment will be recommended to make sure that the mosquito treatments are effective. Further treatments will be done if needed. 


Hiring a pest control company can ensure that your mosquito problems are truly eliminated and that the danger of dengue is significantly reduced.


Key Takeaway

Mosquitoes, especially the species of Aedes aegypti, are vectors of dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, and Zika virus. While most people affected by dengue will recover after a week, 1 in 20 people can develop severe dengue and die. To remove or significantly reduce the risk of dengue virus on your property, it’s a good idea to consider pest control. 


Now that you know how pest control can help with dengue prevention, protect your loved ones’ health from this growing endemic! As a reputable pest control service provider in the Philippines, our team at Topbest is here to tell you that the most important thing to do to prevent dengue is by eliminating mosquito breeding grounds from your home in the first place. Mosquito prevention and control is the key to avoiding dengue. 


Don’t hesitate to book a free pest inspection with us here at Topbest! With years of experience providing pest control services in the Philippines, you can rely on us to solve your mosquito problems. Rest assured that our specialists and exterminators will provide you with protection from mosquitoes, effectively reducing the risk of dengue!