What’s Floating In My Soup??! 4 Pest Control Tips For Restaurants


TopBest Pest Control - 4 Pest Control Tips For Restaurants

Once a customer finds one pest, just one, in their favorite restaurant, we’re pretty sure they’ll never return to that particular branch ever again. Heck it might even put them off the entire franchise. More than that, they will of course share their experience with their family and friends, and if they manage to get photographic evidence, can even spread on social media.

See what sort of chaos you can prevent just by staying on top when it comes to pest control? That being said, here are four pest control tips we would like to share to restaurants to keep the little (and big) buggers away.

Clean as you go

No Hotel and Restaurant policy has ever been more vital and effective as these four simple words. Dirt and grime accumulates at an alarming rate, and once the staff decides they’re too busy to clean up even a small drop of liquid they just spilled, that’s when sanitation levels starts going downhill. Do not tolerate even the smallest of spills! The easiest and most convenient way to keep grime from accumulating is to clean up as soon as it occurs.


Store Food Supplies Properly

The number one thing that attracts pests in the first place is, like humans, the food. Unlike humans however, they don’t find a seat, scour through the menu, and politely request for their choice of dishes. They will simply go for whichever is already laid out or is easy to access. Store food in air-tight containers to maintain food quality and to keep pests out. Use ingredient bins and food storage boxes for better organization as well. Additionally, all food supplies must be kept at least six inches off the floor to avoid contact with dirt, water, and various creepy crawlies.

Manage Food Waste and Dispose of Garbage Properly

Never leave out food because even leftovers will entice uninvited visitors to pop by. Use separate bins for biodegradable and non-biodegradable trash, which must both be taken out regularly. Additionally, keeping track of the average food consumption and waste will not only minimize the risk of pests but will also save you money. Pay attention to which dishes on your menu tends to have plenty of leftovers and consider reducing portion size for that particular recipe. Also follow the first-in-first-out rule: use ingredients that have an earlier expiration date to prevent spoilage. Rotten food attracts flies and could become a breeding ground for maggots and other bacteria. If you need assistance with proper waste disposal, you can find reliable dumpster rental services at grissmandumpsters.com/neenah-dumpster-rentals.

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Constant Vigilance!

Just because your establishment is pest-free today doesn’t mean it will stay that way from now until forever. Always keep your eye out for any signs of pests; the earliest sign are most likely the tiny droppings they leave behind. If you do manage to discover a pest in the flesh, don’t just run away screaming. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, KILL THE LITTLE BUGGER.

If all else fails and you find your establishment at the mercy of infestations, call a reliable and accredited pest control service provider immediately. It is crucial to find one that uses environmental-friendly methods and materials, as your establishment is a place where food will be exposed and consumed by thousands.