Importance of Proper Pest Identification

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What is the importance of proper pest identification?

  1. Facilitate pest control management
  2. Use the right treatment plan
  3. Save money
  4. Reduce environmental risks


The first phase in any pest control service is proper pest identification. This is because expert pest control professionals rely on accurately identifying the type of pests that are currently affecting your home or building. This knowledge influences their decisions when it comes to choosing a treatment plan to remove pests from your home, as well as the right tools and materials needed for extermination.

In the absence of accurate pest identification, a number of issues can occur. For one, your pest control provider might be able to optimize their pest treatment plan for your needs. Another reason is that they may end up unnecessarily destroying different structures during pest removal, which could cost both time and fortune to repair.

Keeping all of these in mind, both you and your expert pest control professional are responsible for practicing proper pest identification. This helps them facilitate pest control management, use the correct treatment method, reduce the risk to the environment, as well as allow you to save money in the long run. Read on to learn more.


Facilitate Pest Control Management

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Pest identification is crucial before, during, and after pest management because it allows your service provider to facilitate proper pest control management. Before you address any pest-related issue in your building, you’ll usually start by contacting the pest control company. After that, they will conduct a thorough inspection of the structure and then provide you a quotation that states all the work they will undertake in order to remove the pests.

After this process, your exterminator will schedule an appointment to conduct the extermination process. This will differ, depending on the kind of pests that are affecting your current building. For example, termite removal is made possible through different techniques such as fumigation, bait systems, or foam/liquid sprays. Other pests, such as vermin, for example, may require exclusion — your pest management expert will make sure that they seal off all entry points in your building to prevent invasion.

Knowing the kind of pests affecting your structure allows the pest control company to accurately assess the gravity of the situation and gather all the resources they need to remove these pests. None of these would’ve been possible if your provider didn’t conduct a thorough assessment of your building.


Use The Right Treatment Plan

In line with pest management, pest identification also helps you or your company to use the correct treatment plan for the situation. In many cases, your exterminator will also collaborate with you on their methods. For example, if you prefer a chemical-free way of eliminating rodents, then you can consult with the pest control company to look into other available treatment plans that are just as effective.

Through identification, the pest control provider can perform treatment plans that are in line with your pest requirements as well as your preferences. This guarantees that pest presence will be comprehensively controlled in your building. Another advantage is that you can remain consistent with your provider — you won’t have to go through the arduous process of requesting another quote because of failure to address the pest issue in the first place.


Save Money

Calculating Domestic Budget

Depending on the scale of the problem and the size of the infestation, pest control services typically cost from Php 2,500 to Php 4,500 during a single visit. This expense doesn’t yet take into consideration succeeding visits that you might require, especially in the absence of pest identification.

Fortunately, your pest services provider has been trained to avoid any such issues, which allows you to save up more money and get the best value out of their service. You don’t have to continually spend your money on the wrong type of service because your pest company will have learned to conduct inspections, assessments, and identifications properly.


Reduce Environmental Risks

Finally, the other hidden benefit of effectively identifying pests early on is that it can greatly help in reducing environmental risks. As mentioned before, the kind of treatment plan that your provider will prescribe to you will differ on your building’s pest situation — it won’t be the same for termites, ants, cockroaches, rodents, mosquitos, and so on.

Having said this, some fumigation techniques have drastic impacts on the environment. Pesticide, for example, contains different chemicals that can be toxic or even cause biodegradation for crops. When consumed, these may have undesirable outcomes for health, especially on a much wider scale.

Although integrated pest management does not eliminate the need for pesticides, pest control services make sure that their customers are provided alternatives. Some extermination techniques are environmentally-friendly. A prime example would be diatomaceous earth — an organic and all-natural compound used for the removal of cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, silverfish, and many more.

Using the right pest elimination methods in the first place reduces your impact in such a way that you won’t have to keep contacting your provider to provide work on your property or building.


Key Takeaway

Proper pest identification is the key to better pest control management, conducting the right treatment plans, saving money, and reducing ecological risks. Before you choose a pest control company, make sure that they are well-trained to identify pests — only then can you maximize their service and get cost-effective solutions.

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