4 Halloween Pranks That You Will Make You Want to Call Pest Control

4 Halloween Pranks That You Will Make You Want to Call Pest Control

What are some of the most awesome pranks you can do this Halloween?

  1. Paste cutouts of spiders or other pests on the inside of lamp shades.
  2. Place a beetroot in an open snack packaging to make it look like a rat.
  3. Dress up as an exterminator and “accidentally” spray “toxic pesticides” on people.
  4. Drop scary spider props in front of people.


Pest control should be prioritized all year around – no matter what the occasion – especially with Halloween right around the corner. After all, you wouldn’t want to get confused with a fake insect decoration (spiders, cockroaches, millipedes, etc.) with real ones.

Admittedly, during this time of the year, people are not that adverse from seeing these creepy crawlers. They even use fake ones to decorate their themed Halloween parties to up their scary factor.

For those who aren’t planning on hosting or attending a party this year, you could avoid missing out on Halloween this year by playing pranks to the people around you, making the whole occasion fun and amusing instead. To help you out, here are some ideas you could consider:

Spider/Cockroach Lampshade

Spider/Cockroach Lampshade

This one is really simple and you can do it to any friend you visit; as long as their home has lampshade. Just cut out some spider, cockroaches or any creepy crawly on a black piece of paper (better to have a lot for a wider prank volume). Try to shape them a little bit bigger than normal so your friends will really freak out.

Then, pack these cutouts up in your bag in a way that they will not bend, along with a glue stick. After that, it’s just a matter of visiting your friend, waiting until they leave you alone in the room, and gluing the cutout on the inside of the lampshade. The light will create a creepy silhouette. Once that’s done, you just need to wait for your friend to see it!

Pro tip: For a maximum scare, glue many cutouts to all the lampshades your friend has in the house. He/she might panic and call a pest exterminator in the Philippines to deal with the problem!

Mouse in a Snack

Here’s a prank that you can do when you and your friends are munching on some food.

Just get some beetroots; preferably the brown ones. Then, just clean up the ends a bit and you’ve got what looks like the behind of huge rat! This will definitely get your friends out of their seats while you’re enjoying a few snacks around a table. Just ask for the last crumbs from a snack, then sneak in a beet root inside the packaging. Make sure that the “tail” and “butt” is visibly peeking out of it. Then, return the snack subtly to the table. The moment someone notices there will be chaos and screams for sure!

Dress Up as a Philippine Exterminator

Dress Up as a Philippine Exterminator

Here’s a particularly cruel prank that you may need to run away for. Simply dress up as an exterminator in the Philippines, complete with a spray! Fill up the spray with water and some yellow food coloring.

Next, you’re going to want to act like a legitimate exterminator. Try using the harmless spray on an empty lot and act like you’re killing some pests. Then, “accidentally” spray some people walking by the street and act panicked, telling them that they need to wash the liquid off right away. The legitimate fear will cause them to search for water in fear for their lives. Although, you might want to immediately apologize and tell them that it’s only a prank.

Take note: This prank is not intended for the elderly or anyone you know that may have a heart problem or anxiety.

Falling Spiders

It doesn’t matter how many spider decorations there are during Halloween; no one will ever be ready for a big spider that will randomly drop in front of them.

For this prank, just find the creepiest spider prop you can and secure a fishing line to it. Then, find a balcony or a similar perch to drop it from; best if you can drop the spider on a busy sidewalk (although, you might want to avoid places where you could cause an accident).

Next, just wait for a random passerby or a group of passersby. At the right moment, drop it right in front of them. Make sure you hide once you drop it, so they don’t see who the perpetrator is (insert devious laugh here).


Key Takeaway

Halloween is not all about costume parties; you can still have fun through these awesome pranks. Just be sure that you practice caution when doing them so that no one gets hurt and no friendships get ruined. Happy pranking!