4 Reasons Pest Control Should Be Left to the Experts

4 Reasons Pest Control Should Be Left to the Experts

Why should pest control be left to the experts?

  • DIY pest control poses many dangers.
  • Professionals are well-trained and well-equipped.
  • Products used by experts are more eco-friendly.
  • Hiring pest control is time- and cost-efficient.


Living in the tropics, we have a climate that attracts different kinds of insects, bugs, and pests. However, the thing is—these creatures can live practically everywhere and all-year around since this climate is also very friendly to them. It wouldn’t be such big deal if they kept to themselves in sewers, landfills, and marshlands where they can aid the world’s ecosystem, but we all know that’s not the case. They slowly find their way into our home, destroy the very structure of our houses, and infect us with diseases, which is why pest control is so important.

In all honesty, seeing them in our homes is a huge inconvenience but it’s something homeowners are used to. When they crawl past us while we’re sweeping the floor or watching TV, we don’t panic nor scream. Instead, we grab our store-bought or home-made pesticides and insecticides and spray until the bottle’s almost empty. We don’t seek help from experts; we tend to perform our own pest control routines.

While DIY pest control is easy, quick, and temporarily reassuring, it isn’t the most practical and smart choice. Professional pest control services exist for a reason and here are some that hopefully convinces you to leave the job to them.

 DIY Pest Control Poses Many Dangers

DIY Pest Control Poses Many Dangers

DIY pest control is extremely risky and poses many dangers especially to you and your family’s health. The chemicals used in these pest control treatments are poisonous and harmful. Improper use can lead to unfavorable health conditions – sometimes even death.

There have been accounts of people dying from mishandling products and performing DIY pest control. Although you can argue that numbers are few and cases are very select, you can’t deny the possibility of it happening.

So, instead of putting lives at risk, leave it to the experts to effectively rid your home of these creatures. They have much better knowledge on the subject anyway and are guaranteed to make the process safer for the whole family.


Professionals are Well-Trained and Well-Equipped

Pest control experts undergo extensive training and make use of the most advanced equipment to drive pests away from your home.

Their knowledge on pest habitats and habits, as in where each kind lives and how they move about, is vast and unparalleled. They use it solely for the benefit of their clients. As for the equipment they have, they’re not things that regular homeowners can purchase from hardware stores or markets. Each one also has specific uses and instructions for use that only they know about.

Experts have both the skill and knowledge on pest control, which is why you can guarantee that they can correctly identify whatever pest/s you’re dealing with, track down its/their nests, and deal with the root cause of the infestation/s.

 Products Used by Experts are More Eco-Friendly

Products Used by Experts are More Eco-Friendly

Aside from posing threats to you and your family’s health, the pest control products you use at home can also harm the environment. They are, without a doubt, filled with greenhouse gases that severe to the ever-declining health of our environment.

If you’re trying to lead a green life, which everyone should be, you’d be forced to leave these products and create your own pest control using natural ingredients. While this is definitely a better choice for the environment, it does little to nothing when it comes to solving your pest problem.

Pest control services, on the other hand, use products that are effective and eco-friendly. There are regulations that hold these services to these standards, so they have no choice but to oblige. They even have organic pest control options that use no chemicals hence eliminating the risk to our environment.


Hiring Pest Control Experts Is Time- and Cost-Efficient

DIY pest control always seems like the more time- and cost-efficient solution, but only if you aren’t looking at the big picture. If you think long-term, you’ll find that hiring experts beats DIY in both aspects.

Getting rid of an infestation is extremely time-consuming. You have to find out where these pests are coming from, look for a product that will get rid of them, and do something so they never return. Doing this alone without skills and knowledge can take weeks maybe even months. But you can have an expert deal with it in a matter of days or a week at most.

When it comes to cost, we only think we’re saving more by purchasing our own products because we don’t sum up all our pest-control expenses. If you add every cent you have spent on these ineffective products, we’re sure you’re going to end up with an amount that is enough to hire experts, maybe even more.


Key Takeaway

Pest control isn’t as simple as spraying bottles of pesticides and laying down traps. It requires a specific set of skills and knowledge that homeowners might not have. If you insist on doing it yourself, then it is more likely that infestations will just keep on coming back. You’ll also end up using more money than you originally thought while putting your family and the environment’s health at risk.

DIY is a good Band-Aid solution, but if you really want to get rid of the problem and never deal with it again, then it’s best to leave the job up to the experts!

5 Myths About Pest Control


Whatever pest it might be, from bugs, critters or creepy-crawlers, there’s no time to mess around with pest repellents or trap ideas that more often than not don’t even work. It’s time to put an end to the myths! When pests try to infest you know who to call? It’s not ghost-busters but your friendly pest control from the Philippines. But before that read on this list of pest solutions that are tried and tested by many but did not work or help them at all:


Bug Sprays are for Dawn and Dusk Alone

Many people in the suburbs would start spraying pest sprays in various parts of the house after 4PM. For some reason there is a notion that you only really need to apply bug spray as the sun is setting. In reality, mosquitoes and other pesky pests don’t choose which time to bite, so it’s better to be on defense all the time. Never think that there is a standard time to follow! What really matters is that you keep the house neat and clean to better protect your family from bugs and illnesses.

The Almighty Cheese Trap

Using a cheese trap is the favourite technique of Tom in the very famous cartoon show. But who is he kidding really? Jerry is smarter than that, and so are rats in real life. If you’ve watched the show a few times, you’ll know that Tom never actually managed to trap Jerry with this trick. This won’t work in real life either. Rats are actually are more attracted to high sugar foods like cookies, brownies, sugar cubes, cereals and all those sweet treats.

Bug Bombs Are the Best for Bedbugs

Having a bedbug infestation can be a nightmare. Much so that one of the options for solving it is using bug bombs. However, research has shown that bug bombs do nothing to rid of those horrible bedbugs because of the brief exposure time and the fact that the bomb can’t reach them in their deep burrows. If bedbug problems arise just call on pest control services to exterminate them immediately.




Bug Zappers Keep The Mosquitoes Away

Harsh reality though, bug zappers kill off more of the helpful (or at least harmless) insects instead of the antagonistic ones. And this is because of the fact that bug zappers attract the good ones leaving the mosquitoes to do their worst. Mosquitoes couldn’t care less about the bright light because they are much more attracted to you.

Ultrasonic Repellents Deter Spiders

Ultrasonic or electronic pest repellers are devices that claim to repel insects such as spiders and rodents. They can do so by using the very high pitched sound or ultrasonic that can produce an electromagnetic field which repels such pests. These are the devices that you plug in to outlets. Unfortunately, to set the record straight they are completely unfounded to do so and there are no scientific backings to the repellents. Therefore purchasing such devices are of no use.


Education is key and true enough with so much information that you can get online and offline it is quite tricky to discern between facts and opinions. Hopefully the debugging of these myths aforementioned can help you learn which is right and wrong with your pest control methods!