3 Effective Pest Control Strategies

3 Effective Pest Control Strategies

What are effective pest control strategies you could try?

  1. Baiting – put some food on the traps you laid out to lure pests to go to them.
  2. Pesticides – spray this on the infected areas.
  3. Biological Pest Control – this is the use of parasites, predators, and pathogens to get rid of pests.


Caring for your home is one of your daily responsibilities in life. Although many find satisfaction in keeping their household clean and pest-free, a few others are struggling with their pest control methods. As a result, they end up with unwanted insects living in the very home they live in.

Fortunately, there are a couple of cockroach prevention tips that will make your home life easier and cleaner. Of course, this would include ways on how you could make other pests leave your home for good.

To help you out, here are some pest control strategies that you could try:



In order to get rid of pests that infest your home, the first thing you’ll need to do is to get them out in plain sight. Only then will you truly be able to get rid of them completely.

Depending on the insect that infests your home, there are different baiting methods you could use. For example, you can mix sugar with some boric acid to draw out ants and cockroaches out in the open. Basically, the sugar baits them while the boric acid kills them. To get rid of rats and other pests of the sort, you could add bits of foods to the traps you’ve laid out in order to trick them into getting into them.



This type of pest control strategy is one of the most-used in the industry. Pesticides are chemically engineered to eliminate the pests that invade the sanctity of your home. Most of the time, these things are used in order to get rid of pests on a massive scale.

However, you must take note that using pesticides does not mean you have to spray your entire home in a haphazard manner. To use pesticides, all you have to do is simply spray it on the areas, where pests are usually seen. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep your valuables safe from any residue pesticides may leave behind. Also, make sure to wear masks as you spray because the smell of pesticides can be quite strong and toxic.

Biological Pest Control

Sources: Scientific India

Biological Pest Control

Before baits and pesticides were invented, the best pest control method people were using is the use of parasites, predators, and pathogens. They utilized these things in order to get rid of their infestation problems. This natural practice dates back to ancient times. If you are planning on doing this kind of technique, here are some of the things you should know:


These are being used on pests that are attracted to them. The pests will then acquire them, and eventually they will be killed because the parasites will have to use their hosts in order to feed.


The best example of this is having a cat get rid of the mice infestation in your home. However, if you are planning to use this tactic, you have to make sure that you trained your predator properly in order to ensure the safety of your family, especially young children (if you have one).


Pathogens can be purchased from numerous pharmaceuticals. Although you got to be careful in using them in your own household, this is because they could easily be misused, which will then lead to unwanted diseases in your family. When utilized properly, you could get rid of pests down to the molecular scale because they take care of all traces of DNA left by those unwanted critters.

While complicated to use, controlling the pest situation through biological methods can be an effective strategy to use. There will be little to no traces left of the pests that invade your household. You could be assured that they would have to try extra hard to infest your house again.


Key Takeaway

These strategies are some of the best methods for you and your family to try. Plus, you can be sure that it will keep your home clean, orderly, and free from any kind of pest infestation. Just be sure to do your research before you apply them to your house because, as mentioned above, they could be tricky and dangerous to use, especially if you don’t know how to use them properly. Once you know how to do so, you are guaranteed to have a home that you deserve!