3 Beetles that Deserve to Have Pest Control Used on Them

Beetles are one of Earth’s most magnificent creatures. As the largest group of living organisms ever, they can be found in varied forms all over the world. Some of them – like the Hercules beetle or the Unicorn beetle – are completely harmless to humans. However, with a diversity and population that huge, it comes as no surprise that there are also “bad” varieties as well – the kinds that need a little bit of pest control to keep in check.

Beetles have over 300,000 species worldwide. They can be found in almost every environment, and as such, they’ve developed roles in the ecosystem that either hurt or help their current homes. While some are happy to encourage pollination, get rid of garbage, or snack on other dead organisms, there are also those who destroy crops or personal property. The ones who commit the latter actions are, of course, the ones that need to go.

In this article we’ll tackle some of the beetles that need regulation, so watch out if you happen to come across any of them!

carpet beetle

The Varied Carpet Beetle

Able to grow to a size of only 3 millimeters, this beetle is most commonly found in normal residential homes or – more disturbingly – museums. Their life cycle begins when the eggs are laid. This is usually done in dark, isolated places where they won’t be disturbed. Once they hatch and begin to pupate into adults, that’s when the problem begins. This is because this type of beetle is fond of eating organic materials such as furniture, clothing, carpets, or anything fiber-like; items that have been stored for long periods of time (including woodwind instruments or felts) are no exception.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to combat them. By keeping your items generally clean overall, the risk of finding them lodged into your stuff decreases significantly. Avoid stockpiling your things (for long periods of time) and vacuum them regularly. It also helps if you place naphthalene balls in your closets and remove other dirty items should you have any.

merchant grain beetle

The Merchant Grain Beetles

You can easily spot these beetles by their extremely flat body structure which allows them to squeeze through small spaces such as packaged foods or little containers which they need in order to successfully live and reproduce – and reproduce they definitely do! They’re not rare creatures; in fact, they can be found all over the world especially in cooler climates where it’s easier for them to thrive. Just look in food processing areas or warehouses and they’re bound to be there somewhere. They’re especially drawn to foods which are high in fat such as cakes, cookies, or chocolate, so keep them safe in air tight containers!

powder post beetle

The Powder Post Beetles

Similar to the Merchant Grain Beetles, they too have long, flat bodies that enable them to be mobile even in small spaces. Instead of feeding on packaged goods, though, Powder Post Beetles would rather feed on hard woods and the like. They live there too, using small niches in the wood as nests to lay their eggs in. They are fond of feeding and digging into wooden items such as floors, walls, and even furniture! Keeping them away is essential to keeping your home in shape, so make sure that you take preventive measures to keep them away. Try methods such as inspecting the wood in your home every now and then to make sure it hasn’t gone bad or painting and sealing any exposed raw wood. These beetles may seem harmless but they can really cause a lot of damage, so keep them far away!