Topbest Cares: Saving homes and Uplifting Lives with BATA Foundation

Topbest Cares Saving Homes And Uplifting Lives With Bata Foundation

In the Philippines, pest control is necessary because situations such as bed bug infestation is a big deal. Thousands of homes are destroyed by these subterranean pests. What’s alarming is that these home ravagers don’t pick which houses to discreetly terrorize, they simply invade houses whenever they want. That’s why Topbest is there to help out communities in the country.

Topbest sees to it that their team supports communities and people around the Philippines to ensure that their homes are safe and pest-free. Topbest is known to actively support the BATA Foundation and ensure that their orphanages are free from pests, which further improves the quality of their homes.


BATA Foundation: Giving Children More than Just Homes

Bata Foundation Giving Children More Than Just Homes

The BATA Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps serve children and families in need. They operate in Las Vegas, Nevada, and here in the Philippines, specifically in Marikina. Their work involves providing houses and education for orphaned children. BATA Foundation also works as a disaster relief assistance.

Their mission is to serve the young people in the Philippines by providing a roof above their heads, necessities, and most importantly offer them an education. Their future is paramount, and that’s what BATA Foundation wants to help them with.

The BATA Foundation provides kids with various programs and services; all of which help give the children at their orphanage a greater chance at life. A shelter is provided to them where all their basic needs are in check. These shelters are a safe-haven that nurture their growth and maturity in order to unlock their full potential as great people. In these shelters, their God-given abilities are solidified with discipline, self-responsibility, education, and love.

The BATA Foundation encourages the youth of the community to constantly pray and strengthen their spiritual development. They constantly guide the children in prayer and teach them about God’s works, pearls of wisdom, and stories.

The foundation aims to provide all forms of educational assistance for children. They would attend a school, assisted by tutors, houseparents, and educational volunteers. The organization encourages them to finish college and accomplish their chosen course.

In line with their mission, they want to improve the quality of life for the children in their care. Raising them to be independent, and empowered young adults. BATA Foundation aims to strengthen these young people with a strong moral code, education, and literacy. Preparing them for life’s challenges with determination, faith, and gratitude is all a part of their vision.


Topbest and their Commitment for Pest-Free Communities

Topbest And Their Commitment For Pest Free Communities

Topbest will always be there for the people of BATA Foundation, taking measures to ensure that they will always have a home that is free of pests and any pest-related nuances that may potentially destroy their homes. We wouldn’t want them to worry about their homes being invaded by bed bugs or other pests running about decreasing their quality of life. We at Topbest are ecstatic to keep their homes pest-free. This is the reason why we have performed a General Pest Control (GPC) program for the foundation, specifically for bed bugs

Pest inspection and population control is essential for maintaining the structural rigidity of a home. It is a part of and a necessity of homeownership. . Because of this, Topbest wants to make sure that BATA Foundation, together with many other Philippine homes, would receive the best service for pest eradication. Here are a few benefits of pest control services:


Healthier Home

Pest control ensures the quality of the structure of your home. Millions of pesos’ worth of damage and destruction to houses come from pests. In the Philippines, the impact of the damage caused by these critters has led to many people to reap dangerous effects of infestation. It is our pleasure to help BATA Foundation maintain their homes and keep it free from unnecessary pest invasions like a bed bug infestation.

A house that is free of pests is one that can last for decades or even centuries which can be passed on from generation to generation. Pest control services will always use the most effective treatment to keep your houses safe.

Comfortable Living Conditions

We at Topbest ensure that our treatments improve the overall living conditions in homes. This is important as pests may enter your home without a trace. Our team guarantees that we eliminate these pests at a rapid pace. This way, the kids at BATA Foundation can have their good night’s rest  without being exposed to the threat of pests.


Effective Pest Control with a Heart

Our pest control service is known to be one of the best in the country, effectively eliminating any existing pests that could terrorize your home. Our services are not just a one-time thing. We will make sure to check up on your home to ensure that no bed bugs or any other pests make it to the walls of your home.

For the BATA Foundation, we are happy to serve their houses for free and constantly check on their homes to guarantee that any signs of pest infestation will be taken care of. This is a mission that we will commit to for a long time.