Don’t Let Cockroaches Live in Your Car with These Pest Control Tips

Don't Let Cockroaches Live in Your Car with These Tips

What are the best pest control tips to prevent cockroaches from living in your car?

  • Don’t eat in your car.
  • Clean your car regularly.
  • Avoid parking close to drains, sewers, and garbage bins.
  • Set up traps or spray insecticide inside your car.


Have you ever thought about just how powerful cockroaches are? How they can break the calmness and serenity of an otherwise quiet room by performing some aerial antics? And how they can scare the daylight of a person that’s behind the wheel and cause said person’s car to crash – yes, this has happened, and in multiple occasions, which is why you definitely have to up your pest control game.

Cockroaches wander off into cars for the same reason they enter a home which is to find shelter, food, and a place to lay eggs and build a colony. The worst part about cockroaches in your car is that they aren’t just harmless bugs like ants and spiders. They transmit more than 30 types of bacteria, which have serious health consequences.

Aside from this, if you’re scared or easily startled, they can cause you to lose control of your vehicle as they climb up your legs or fly by your face. In a sense, it’s actually more dangerous if they settled in your car than in your home – but, of course, you wouldn’t want either.

So, if you want to save yourself and your passengers from any surprises in the form of a flying cockroach, follow these effective tips that are guaranteed to keep them out of your vehicle for good!

 Don’t Eat in Your Car


Don’t Eat in Your Car

No matter how careful you are with eating in your car, small crumbs are bound to fall onto the floor and there is nothing in the world that attracts cockroaches more than food. They are food-lovers and seek it out naturally, so of course, they will crawl into your car if it is filled with food.

Admittedly, it’s tough to follow this tip because a lot of people eat in their car. Most do it on the way to work, some let their kids have snacks, while others just enjoy a drive through every now and then.

If it’s impossible to not eat in your car due to your busy schedule, then at the very least bring a box or container to eat in and catch all the crumbs and immediately throw trash away.


Clean Your Car Regularly

Another good tip for those who like to eat in their car is to clean it regularly. By clean, we mean run a vacuum through every nook and cranny including the carpets and the space between the seats and the sides of the door. And by regularly, we mean at least once or twice a week.

It’s not just food sources you have to remove, you also have to throw away boxes, cups, containers, and other items that have no business being in your car. Cockroaches treat these storage containers as shelter, so unless you want to provide them with free lodging, it is best that you discard them.

If you need to store items in the trunk of your car, then we suggest you keep them in a hard plastic container that has a tight lid so the little bugs won’t be able to go inside.

 Avoid Parking by Drains, Sewers, and Garbage Bins

Avoid Parking by Drains, Sewers, and Garbage Bins

Avoid parking in these areas where cockroaches thrive. Leaving your car by these places is like an open invitation to these creatures. The minute they take interest in your car, they can easily climb in through the air conditioning vents or undercarriage.

Once they’re in, it won’t take long for them to find shelter and lay eggs. Before you know it, your car will be home to more than a dozen cockroaches.


Set Up Traps or Spray Insecticide Inside Your Car

If you suspect that cockroaches are already in your car or just want to be extra cautious, then there’s no harm in setting up traps and spraying insecticide inside your car.

The traps you can simply place underneath the seats or in the truck and leave overnight. The insecticide, however, must be used on a day that you won’t be using your car or at least a couple of hours prior. It’s not safe to do it right when you’re about to head out because even though inhaling a full bottle won’t kill you, it is still poisonous to the body.


Key Takeaway

Cockroaches are simultaneously scary, amazing, and utterly irritating. Even though you can easily call pest control when you find them inside your home, the situation isn’t that simple when they’re in your car. They may cause you to crash before you even notice they’re there and nobody wants that.

Truly, the best way to prevent jump scares and accidents caused by these flying creatures is to keep them out of your car with the tips given above. If there was an unfortunate accident that involved another car because of this pest, then the victims can talk to a criminal lawyer in orlando, fl.

Granted, some of them aren’t ideal like completely forgoing eating in your car, but the others are easily doable, so try to stick with them. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!