5 Cool Pieces of Furniture Made of Wood

There are many ways to deal with termites. The quickest involves calling the best termite control in your area, among other things. You can also use unconventional means like infesting the termite colony with ants and watch them slug it out (although replacing one pest with another might not be such a good idea) or get exotic animals to do the job for you (which is actually illegal and a horrible thing to do). In any case, it’s very important to protect anything wooden in your home from these vermin.

Aside from areas in your house that have wooden parts, you should also watch out for your wooden furniture and other pieces. Some of these are probably antique and might be hard to replace, if not totally impossible. Additionally, some really neat stuff may catch your eye when going shopping; better make sure your house has no termites if you buy anything that comes from trees. Here are some awesome wooden furniture that you’d definitely want to protect from pest attacks:

Wooden Goddess Lakshmi 18-Inch Statue

Wooden Goddess Lakshmi 18-Inch Statue

This wooden sculpture is hand carved from high-quality mango tree wood that’s imported from Tamil Nadu, India. It is 18 inches high, with a base width of 10 inches, a base depth of 4 inches, and a net weight of 7 pounds. As you can see, the goddess holds a pair of lotus flowers, one in each hand, to symbolize fertility, prosperity, and beauty. By the way, Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth; having a statue of her in your home is believed to invite prosperity and abundance to your house and family. Wooden sculptures of other Hindu deity are also available.

Louisa Corbels Dining Table

Louisa Corbels Dining Table

86 inches wide and 31 inches high, this traditional-style wooden dining table is made from eco-friendly materials such as repurposed and recycled wood. It is constructed at a family-owned factory in Peru, using techniques passed on from generation to generation. The effort it took to make it gives it an elegant finish and coloring. These facts coupled with a tag price of USD 3,650 makes this dining table one furniture you can’t afford to leave to the mercy of the termites.

Rustic Wood Bed Bunks

Rustic Wood Bed Bunks

This unique set of beds is made from medium and large tree branches, cut accordingly, put together to create the bed frame, and painted with varnish to give it luster while maintaining its wooden elegance. Sleeping on it is extremely comfortable, and it makes you feel like you’re in a remote and cozy wooden cabin in the mountains. It’s the very furniture you want to protect from termites; heck, you and your bunkmate probably don’t want to share your bedroom with anyone else if this is your bed!

Philippine Narra Sofa Set

Philippine Narra Sofa Set

Narra is the national tree of the Philippines. A purple and fragrant timber wood, it is ideal for making furniture and its durability is such that it can be passed on by its current owners to their heirs. Narra wood furniture is prevalent in the Philippines and nearby countries, and it is coveted by many others. This living room showcase comes with a pair of side arm chairs as well as a small but wide coffee table. It’s hand-crafted to perfection, and painted with varnish for extra protection and elegance. It has natural resistance to termites, but you should still protect it from pests.

Wooden Cabinet with Oak-Blocks Front

Wooden Cabinet with Oak-Blocks Front

Good for keeping skeletons of your life (Just kidding!). Seriously, though, this cabinet is made from high-quality wood, and its doors are decorated with square and rectangle rustic oak planks to give it its unique look. It can easy give the room where it’s placed a unique statement.

If you own these and other cool wooden furniture, better keep them away from termites – fast! Make sure that the best termite control in town is at hand in any case.

Vintage Lover? Be Careful of Termite Infestation in Your Antiques


Antique furniture is popular because its value has and will continue to increase over time. Imagine possessing something that dates back to when Magellan first set foot on the Philippines! Vintage items hold a lot of history and memories in them, having witnessed many generations pass before finding it’s way in your home. If only antiques could actually relay these stories!

Aside from being historical artifacts, antiques are known for their durability — that is, until termites manage to find their way in them. Your antique may not appear infested at first, only to discover a bunch of termites have already invaded your home and are happily gnawing on your precious antiques. You can do an immediate termite control action for infestations, but remember that the best thing to do is to leave it to professionals.

The easiest way to protect termites from your antique is, as always, prevention.

Check It Out!

Before purchasing your new piece, inspect if for small exit holes where termites and other pests may have been. This is a necessary for all new vintage (how contradicting) items that will enter your home, as once termites get in, all your other furniture and even your whole house will be in clear and present danger.

If one day you discover a particular item to be infested, let it air out in the sunlight. Keeping it in the sunlight for a maximum period of 4 hours may help to get rid of the termite problem. Inspect the rest of your furniture while you’re at it.

Be Careful Where You Place Your Item

Why bother purchasing an antique item if you plan to keep it in the attic or in the stock room? You’re certainly not helping yourself avoid termites if you put your precious things there!

Termites love damp and moist places. Never place your vintage furniture in an area that is so obviously attractive to termites. One more thing, do not expose your antiques to the soil and (duh) termite-infested wood.

Use Non-chemical Products!

You’re a vintage lover, right? So I’m sure you wouldn’t want your antiques to be damaged while getting rid of the termites. Use only non-chemical product for termite control as much as possible, as natural products would pose less of a threat to your vintage piece than dangerous chemicals. You’ll be able to keep the actual grain or wood finish of your piece even after the fumigation.

Some natural termite repellents are garlic and neem. Or just go to your kitchen and grab some salt. Mix it with water, making sure you will have a salt solution saltier than the Pacific ocean. Sprinkle it on the termite holes.

Termites hate salt – including salty soil – so the saltier, the better. This is because salt dehydrates termites and eventually kills them.

Don’t hide it!

Display it! You have all the bragging rights to do so. After all, it’s vintage. Who doesn’t love vintage? Hiding your antiques will do it no good, and you will only be giving the termites an opportunity to infest it. Have your antiques out in the open, where it’s exposed to fresh air and bright sunshine. This is much better for your items, and will keep the bugs away.


Vintage items are precious. Imagine how many generations took care of those antiques before the items find its way to you. So don’t take them for granted. They may be old, but they are gold.