BUG’GETS! 5 Types of Young Persons that Annoy Adults


We were all youngsters at one point. When you’re no longer one, you’ll suddenly realize that they are everywhere, as bountiful as oxygen in the air. You, for some reason, become very aware of these younger people, who vary from cute little children to angsty teenagers and confident young adults. Teenagers especially are quite hard to ignore. While we understand that their culture can be completely different from ours, sometimes we wonder if we could call pest control just to have a little peace and quiet every once in a while.

Listed here are 5 of the most common young person habits  that can get really annoying, and don’t get it wrong, the habits here listed are not listed only to teenagers in international schools here in the Philippines

Those whose noise ranges from their voices to their taste in music


Each and every one of us has our own definition and understanding of the word “noise”. But one thing’s for sure: young people can get REALLY noisy. They can’t keep their voices down and mouths close even for a minute or two in different places like public utility vehicles, malls, parks, movie houses, elevators, libraries, theatres, etc. They can’t stop sharing their stories to their friends. Even when they are alone, they blast music on their earphones or headphones which we can still hear even though we’re already a few inches away.

The young couples who walk too slowly  in crowded places


Why they choose to hold hands and walk slowly in places where everyone’s in a hurry or where there are a lot of people, we will never know.  It’s hard to believe that they are unaware of the traffic they’re causing in small hallways or crowded places, but when you’re experiencing puppy love then … nope. Still not an excuse.

Those who do not help in doing chores

lazy teen

In many cases, the adults work at least 8 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week, and often come home exhausted. The least that the younger residents can do (especially since they’re the ones with more time, more energy, and younger bodies) is to help out with the chores. If only they’d lend a hand even a little bit, then that would be a big help! Those who do not respect the elders

Those who do not respect the elders


This includes a lot of things like not following orders, and answering back.  Because we are are older and much more experienced, we often want to pass along the lessons we’ve learned.. We want them not to commit the same mistakes that we (or others) had committed in our younger days. Additionally, it’s just basic manners and a reflection of values to respect elders. Yes, even when we’re the annoying ones.

Those who act like they already know everything in this world


You are still young. You haven’t experienced a lot of things on this world.” We often say this or something similar to this. Not that we are always right (though we think we are), but because we just really want to help them choose the right things in life. In other cases, it’s their cockiness that annoy us.

Despite these annoying types of adolescents, we have to remember that their generation is different from ours.  It is natural for them to have habits or a completely different culture that we can’t understand. We should also remember that maybe we were like them when we were younger. All we can do as adults is to guide them so they’d choose the right decisions, but we should also know the limits in controlling their actions and decisions since we want them to be able to learn on their own.