5 Fun and Crazy Ways to Get Rid of Pests


There are few things more grating than finding pests in your own home. While getting them to leave is almost always guaranteed to be somewhat of a challenge, which is why pest control should often really be left to the professionals instead, there exist a few ways that make this mundane chore a bit more fun, if not entertaining.

Consider the following items should you ever want to get rid of pests in a more enjoyable manner:


Backyard Safari Bug Net Gun

Backyard Safari Bug Net Gun

For only $20, enjoy shooting a net at bugs every time they come up to annoy you!


Build a Bat House

bat house

This option is one that’s unpopular for rather obvious reasons – introducing the pests’ natural predators (bats) into your environment may bring in a whole set of new problems on its own. However, doing this will leave the job of getting rid of any nearby pests successfully delegated to those with more experience – therefore, there will be a higher chance of success. Importing bats into your local ecosystem also has the positive effect of the complete eradication of any near mosquito population. Bats are capable of eating up to 3,000 mosquitoes per night; so do consider hiring them to do the dirty work. Should you be interested, there are DIY instructions here on how to make one.


Electronic Venus Fly Trap

Electronic Venus Fly Trap

Real Venus Fly trap plants are infamous for their strange, jaw-like shape. It functions similarly to a mouth; these carnivorous plants feast on insects and flies. This man-made version is no different – the electronic Venus Flytrap is designed to snap shut whenever its sensor is activated. After its victim is killed, the jaws reopen and emit a burping sound. You can find more about it here; they retail for about $40.


Plant herbs


While growing plants in your garden may seem like a wholly different thing altogether, there’s actually a connection between that and the local pest population. Growing strong, scented herbs such as Citronella, Catnip, or even Basil has a large effect as they’re known to be natural repellents. Other plants that may regulate pest population include: Marigolds, Lavender, Peppermint, and even Garlic. All these can be planted both indoors and outdoors; it’s a sure-fire way to keep your environment green and gorgeous.


Make a DIY Electric Roach Motel

roach motel

For those who prefer a more personal touch to their pest control methods, perhaps consider building a “roach motel” – one they can check into, but never come out of. This is because once roaches make contact with the flat, charged surface, they get shocked (and ultimately fried) by pulses of electricity that can come up to 400 volts. Although this is a fairly good method of getting rid of any creepy crawlies, it’s not ideal for places with potentially vulnerable inhabitants – for example, carelessly leaving it on the floor of one’s home may lead to kids, dogs, and even unaware adults to get shocked.


The aforementioned methods of pest control are certainly unique, and while they’re entertaining and fun, truly the best way to deal with any infestation is to call the professionals instead.