4 Great Reasons Why You Should Eat Insects

While most people would be appalled at the idea of eating bugs, much less the vermin pest control hates so much, a lot of people across different countries still find them mouth-watering to say the least. Heck, even the Bible permits some insects to be eaten (we’ve mentioned this in an earlier article)!

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Some insects can be eaten. In fact, many of them are considered as rare delicacies in many countries, most notably in Asian and African ones. Not only are they good sources of nutritious elements, but they’re also very very tasty. So the question is, what’s stopping you?

In two previous articles, we’ve provided you with lists of edible bugs you can enjoy in meals, snack times, and other occasions. Now we’re here to convince you why you should eat ‘em. Read on below!


Insects are Very Nutritious

They’re basically the next super food! Aside from being the go-to survival food during tough survival situations, these edible bugs, as mentioned earlier, are also extremely nutritious. Most of them are particularly rich in protein, for instance. A lot of people from Asian and African countries rely on them for the protein they provide, as they have few other sources of it. And aside from protein, many insects can also be rich in fat, iron, zinc, and other vitamins and minerals, adding further to their nutritional value and importance.


Insects are Easy to Find

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One of the main reasons why people started relying on insects for food is because they’re so easy to find. They’re virtually everywhere, from anthills to trees. Some species, like the locusts, even migrate from one crop field to another, and they do so in hosts numbering by the hundreds (if not thousands). And even if these bugs don’t live or travel were you are, you can still buy them in markets that sell them. You might find to your delight that many people specialize in raising bugs and selling them as food, take our word on that!


Insects are (in fact) Tasty

Another reason why you should eat insects is because when cooked right, they can be really tasty. Deep-fried locusts, for instance, make really crunchy snacks, mildly salty and extremely satisfying to munch on. Many even use them as ingredients in various sweets, including chocolate bars, candies, and chocolate chip cookies!


And last but not least. . .


Insects can Decrease Global Hunger

insects as food

With human population growth rising exponentially and many of our food supplies decreasing, we should look at other sources of sustenance. And with insects outnumbering us at least a million to one, they provide one of the best solutions so far! As mentioned above, they’re extremely nutritious, they’re very tasty and they’re practically everywhere. Combine those with the fact that they can reproduce and multiply quickly and we got ourselves a food source that can last quite a long stretch.

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So now that we’re provided a few great reasons or you to eat insects, would you care trying out some now? If so, then check out our previous articles, and try a few of the bugs we’ve listed! If not, tough, and you want some of their kind out of your home, then you know who to call!