How to Stop Pests from Reproducing


Dealing with pests is one of the most frustrating things. For one, these pesky insects and rodents just keep finding ways to enter and reside in your home. This is a bad thing, especially since they carry viruses that can be detrimental to you and your family’s health. Fortunately, it is quite easy to access information regarding pest control, and even dengue prevention, in the Philippines. Through the various seminars regarding them and the copious amounts of information that can be found on the internet, it becomes easier for people to find solutions that will help them deal with pest infestations in their property.

One of these solutions is preventing pests from reproducing. Don’t worry because this is entirely possible. All you have to do is take note of the tips below! 

Clean your Plants Regularly

Tidying your plants on a regular basis will prevent the increase of pest count in your home. Plants are usually where insects, most especially mosquitoes, lay their eggs. And by cleaning them every day, your plants will be a discouraging place for pests to stay.

garden growth


Also, don’t forget to empty the collection pans for each of your plants, too. Water accumulates on the pans every time you water your plants and they are often where insects lay their eggs in. So drain them at least thrice a week or more and clean them thoroughly. 


Avoid Filling Containers with Standing Water

Water is the most common place where insects dwell. Containers, pots, barrels, trash cans, and other vessels that may hold water should be cleaned and emptied to prevent pests from inhabiting these places. If you do need to stock water for emergency purposes, then make sure to cover their containers.

Your pool, porch, and other areas in your property might collect water during rainy days. To avoid pests from reproducing in these places, make sure to drain and clean them as well.

pool cleaning

Cleanliness is Key

A good housekeeping routine is the simplest way to avoid the infestation and reproduction of pests in your place. Make it to a point to clean your house regularly so that it will not be an appealing habitat for unwanted pests. More so, avoiding and cleaning clutter and garbage in the vicinity of your property will also be helpful in keeping pests away. 

Contact a Professional Pest Control Service Provider

If the population of pests in your home is already overwhelming and simple prevention methods are not effective anymore, then it’s time for you to call a professional pest control service provider. They can certainly help you eliminate these pests, and their larvae, completely.

Being knowledgeable about insect predators, their life cycle, and ecosystem is a great start to avoiding pests from entering and residing in your home. It also prevents you and your loved ones from being infected with diseases that these pests might carry.